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what does laser/lasix eye surgery entail

Updated on November 27, 2011

Lasik Laser Eye Surgery

The latest in Laser eye surgery - takes only about 4 minutes to perform the procedure

Most vision impaired people would be grateful to have their sight restored if it was found to be less painful than the traditional types of eye operations as experienced in the past.

There is still a common misconception as to how easy modern technology has made the laser eye surgery procedure.

What you will read here is not a buttered up version of the procedure and I am going to tell you that it is indeed a frightening experience to undertake of ones own free will. The human eye is a miracle of modern nature in that there is no other living organism on the planet that is able to interpret the kind of information it receives and portray it with such amounts of accuracy and retain the levels of consistency that it does. Think about that for a moment. Can you imagine giving someone the gift of sight.

What Lasik Laser Eye surgery entails

The procedure is unfortunately performed on an open eye ball with precision and accuracy and as such should not be feared. The results speak for themselves.

With age, it is often found that cateracts form on the cornea of the eye and spread towards the tear ducts. This can be uncomfortable and also in the same token correctable with laser eye surgery.

The corneal marks and cateracts are usually identified by injecting trace amount of dye into the blood stream circulating the eye in order to pronounce the areas for removal.

The next step is probably the most integral in preparation for the laser eye surgery to commence. A specialised optometry tool called a micro-keratome is used to ensure a perfect incision is made to remove a layer of the eye surface area which in effect looks almost like a contact lens once created. The removal of this primary layer enables the corrective laser eye surgery to be performed to the damaged areas whilst creating a natural repair remedy by the human body to occur during the healing process after the laser eye surgery is completed.

The shortest part of the laser eye surgery is now ready to commence once the eye has been surgically cleaned. The laser is activated and utilised to repair the cornea and re-establish the vision to its original standard. The whole procedure takes only a matter of minutes and is not at all to uncomfortable.

To see a real life video of the laser eye procedure, please watch below. I must however remind you that the video is a little graphic in nature and should not be viewed by those sensitive to this type of medical procedure.

Watch a Lasik Laser eye surgery performed

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