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Facebook the new addiction

Updated on November 3, 2011


The definition of addiction is "habitual psychological and physiological dependence on a substance or practice beyond one's voluntary control".

Do you check your facebook or other social networking site more than 7 days a week?

Do you have the app on your phone?

Do you believe that everything said on that site should be taken as truth?

Then you may be addicted to your social networking site. I think that this is the newest addiction out there and I think that the creator is genius. I have heard of facebook ruining relationships and friendships. Now these sites are not all bad. I have found people that I have not been able to talk to in years and have been able to keep in touch with people that I normally wouldn't due to inconvenience in time. Some people add others just so that they can play games such as farmville and cityville. Some others even pay real money to play some of these games.

I think that it is ridiculous that in High School I was very unpopular. Those girls that used to start rumors about me and make fun of me are now adding me on facebook and want to be my friend. Now is that because they have become more mature or is it because they want to make it look like they have more friends. Also I hate when friends of friends add you just because you know that common friend... it's not that they know you they know the middle person.

The last thing that I absolutely love is when you delete someone off your facebook they think that it is the end of your friendship. They act like what is on facebook is the truth. I once put my status as in a relationship just to see how many would comment, when I told them that I really wasnt and that it was a joke they told me that I was lying and that if I really wasnt in a relationship then why did it say that on facebook. I also had a friend (we will call her friend 1) that put on a mutual friends wall (we will call her friend 2) that friend 2 was pregnant, you could obviously tell that they were joking but friend 2 got told that she really shouldnt lie on facebook because then people would start not believing her.

Facebook is taken too seriously and too many people are addicted.


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