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Facial Products Are Not Just For Women - Men Needs Skin Care Too

Updated on December 12, 2013

Men Are Also Looking for the Best Skin Care Tools

Depending on your skin quality, the need to preserve your skin can start early in life. In fact, many primary care doctors recommend that men and women take their Skin Care Routine seriously and as soon as possible because of the known effects of skin cancer.

Skin care is not just about cosmetics. It's also for hygiene and health. However, men can easily feel left out of the loop. After all, just like a woman, your skin can feel the brunt of work or play. If you are a man with fair skin and you spend a lot of time in the sun, your doctor will be nipping at your heels to start a skin care routine.

There is only one skin care product that everyone needs that will never need to change. That item is sunscreen. Otherwise, there are a variety of skin care products that are needed for a range of issues that men and women suffer from.

Men Need Facial Care At Any Age

Facial Machine Can Help The Following Skin Issues:

· a fair complexion

· sun exposure or sun damage

· acne scars

· deep lines and cracks in the skin that become infected

· discoloration of the skin from scarring

· ingrown hairs (especially in the beard area)

· razor burn

· hypoallergenic skin care needs

· scars and burns

· eczema/psoriasis

· skin related issues from medications like steroids

· cuts, bruises and face injuries that heal differently than other parts of the body

fyola facial machine
fyola facial machine

Facial Products Are Not Just For Women Anymore

Men Need Skin Care for a Variety of Reasons

You don't have to be older or female to want to start taking care of your skin. Unfortunately, skin care for men is an under-developed area in the modern world. Most things that you want to buy that really work are not male looking. You have to conceal those girly looking products and tell others that they are your wife or girlfriend's products.

Creams and lotions help improve your skin in the ways a man needs. But what about avoiding the obnoxious packaging on those creams and lotions? After all, the packaging on a lot of facial products that actually work are embarrassing for men because they specifically market toward women. Even things that should be more neutral, like acne systems, are almost always some pastel color with cursive writing.

The colors of the packaging and the way the boxes and tubes are designed make it seem like men and their skin care don't exist at all. This is extremely frustrating considering most men don't have options to cover up skin problems (for example, makeup!). It makes you not want to use these female targeted facial products at all. However, what if you could use one machine that helps you avoid that whole world?

What about using a machine that helps you to take care of your skin for health reasons? That's what's nice about devices like the Fyola Facial Machine in particular. It looks and is designed like a hygienic medical tool instead of something specifically for women. Plus, it takes care of most of the problems men have with their skin.

Facial Machines Men Can Use For Their Skin - Avoid Lotions and Creams and Upgrade to Something Better

Fyola Christmas Sale
Fyola Christmas Sale

Women seem to love having a skin care routine that they do everyday. However, most men know that they would die if their life depended on a daily skin care routine. Most men have a hard time remembering to do something like that. They also hate taking the time to do it.

So what if you were able to buy one machine that helps you maintain what you need for your skin's health, but without the pressure of having to remember to do it everyday? That is the idea behind these home spa or facial machines.

Home facial machines or facial massagers have a lot of electronic options that help you achieve certain goals with you skin. When you are doing this once or twice a week, you are avoiding a lot of hassle that comes with extra creams and lotions.

Plus, if you leave a lotion open on the counter, it can spoil over time and become less effective. This is due to bacteria that can grow in lotion and cause other skin problems. In general, lotions are unhygienic long term and usually carry a short expiration date from opening.

There are a few machines that have all of the features you need and a level of electronic durability that you can believe in. In particular, check out the galvanic treatment with facial machine and ultrasound treatments.

- The ultrasound is particularly well known for healing those nasty razor bumps.

- The galvanic treatment with facial machine has applications for men who have flaky skin, eczema and psoriasis.

More information about Ultrasound Skin Therapy or Galvanic Facial Treatment

Man Skin Care
Man Skin Care

Men's Sensitive Skin and the Problems with Trying a New Facial Product or Facial Machine

How to Not Try Something and Wind up Looking Like a Lobster

Buying new facial care products can cause two different problems. The first problem is the price versus the effect. The other problem is whether or not the new facial product or facial machine will cause a NEW skin care problem that requires yet another facial product to be bought or found.

Guys don't usually wear makeup. If they do, it's usually theatrical. Even though there's nothing wrong with it, most men feel uncomfortable with wearing foundation. That's the makeup that matches your skin and covers bumps and irregular skin tones.

If your skin is red, inflamed, or generally full of marks, everyone is going to see it!

There are lots of reasons a guy doesn't want to have distracting skin. Mainly, it's a business oriented need. Plus, no one can deny that unhappy skin is painful skin.

Buying facial care products can cause you issues with your budget pretty quickly if you don't use caution. While machines like the facial massager or facial machine are extremely effective, you should try using them on a place that is NOT your face first.

A good place to start is your forearm. If the bottom of your forearm seems okay with the treatment from a galvanic treatment with facial machine after 48 hours, you are probably good to go with trying that on your face.

Be sure to read all the directions, be careful, and don't over-do it!

Modern Facial Machines and Facial Massagers Offer Techie Features Guys Love

If You Are a Guy That Likes Gadgets, Get Prepared to Love Facial Massagers and Facial Machines

Gadgets, computers, and all things technology oriented are usually a favorite amongst men. As you start to use a facial machine or massager, don’t be surprised if you want to start finding more information about them. Most men are fascinated with the science the device uses affects the body. Don’t tell the women, but almost 1/2 of the gadgets women use are made by men!

For example, the Galvanic Treatment with Facial Machine is a device that has ultrasound, infrared, and micro-currents. Those are some pretty sci-fi and comforting words. As you fill in the gaps of your own education, you start to have more confidence in the product. After all, you are getting so many benefits from it that you feel naturally inclined to get to know it better.

Getting a handle on skin care knowledge is not just for you. It’s also for keeping friends and family healthy. As you start to see the results of your bi-weekly or weekly Galvanic Treatment with Facial Machine, you will want to buy one for everybody! This is especially true if many of your family members have inherited the same skin problems as you.

YouTube - Fyola Facial Massager

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