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Factors That Enable You To Keep Going Towards Achieving Your Goal

Updated on February 8, 2014

There are many factors that can keep you in action to make you achieve your goals. Action is motion and motion means inertia.

Walking is one perfect example. In reality, it is an action of constantly falling forward. By putting one foot in front of the other, the motion is continued straight forward, instead of falling to the ground. Once you are in motion, it will cost more energy to stop, than to continue walking.

Similarly, once you’ve got a train in full swing, it is virtually unstoppable. The activity carries an energy that feeds itself, and gives the fuel to carry on. Once the train is in motion, it costs more energy to stop it than to keep it going.

My mentor Paul Martinelli used to say: ‘Do the thing and you’ll get energy to do the thing!’

It reminds me of my stepfather, Alf. We used to live in this house in Järved which had an old bathroom we had become very tired of. We wanted to remodel it, but on the other hand, it was still working. One day Alf said loudly, ‘Now is the time to start!’ He took a hammer and went into the bathroom and smashed a tile on the bathtub. Then he turned to us and said, ‘Now there is no turning back!’ At this point, the train was already in motion, for sure.

So, what enabling factors, do you think, can help you get going with your actions towards achieving your goals? The thing is, we often get caught up in one way of doing things that we do not see all the alternatives available.

The factors we discuss here are, by no means exhaustive, but you can look at it as a good start to verify whether you have used all ideas to get the most effective solution to your action.

When we talk about enabling resources and factors to fulfill a goal, it may include resources such as working people or material. It may also be any of the points I will enumerate here. Look at it as an input to what you might consider to be of help to you in your goal activities. Perhaps you will, by just reading this list, come to think of enabling factors you never thought about and that could really propel you forward or compensate for a lack of other factors. It could be tools that you need, including :

1. Knowledge - such as signing up for a course or read books or asking people for information

2. Experience - may be to get one type of a job first before applying to others or do an on-the-job training

3. Qualifications

4. Reputation

5. Contacts - what are you doing to increase your contacts in the right direction on a regular basis

6. Style - what do you wear, how do you talk, what is your appearance

7. Skills

8. Decisions and Commitments

9. Re-direction, re-allocation and prioritization means putting factors we already know of higher up on the list

10. Attitude and outlook

11. Encouragement and support - includes avoiding the energy thief

12. Time and space

13. Maturity and wisdom

14. Energy and enthusiasm

15. Determination and persistence

16. Money and other assets

17. Mistakes and disasters

Where you already possess an identified enabling factor, then re-direct and prioritize it 'upwards'. This can even apply for factors like money and time, where such enablers are often possessed but are currently misdirected or wasted. The decision and commitment to re-direct and prioritize becomes the enabling factor.

A more common case is, that you do not possess an enabling factor that is an absolute must to secure the goal and there are no means of how you can secure it easily: then you need to identify what will cause it to happen, and update your action plan.

Use your logic - identify the causative enabling factors that can keep you going towards achieving your goals, and, update your action plan.

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