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phentermine-Facts and Information

Updated on March 6, 2015


phentermine | Source

Phentermine is used as an anti diet pill which is accompanied with regular exercises to help reduce the level of fats that are accumulated in the body in people with high blood pressure and cholesterol level. The pill is designed for short term use and helps effectively to lose weight.

Facts about the pill

It works on the hypothalamus part of the brain to stimulate the adrenal glands to release Norepinephrine. Norepinephrine is a chemical messenger or neurotransmitter which signals for response of reducing hunger. Phentermine usually works outside the brain and stimulates the release of adrenaline, which is essential in aiding the breakdown of the stored fats in the body.

Benefits of Phentermine

It has an advantage over drugs used to reduce weight since it is a short term drug for the management of obesity. The drug does not require long term therapy; therefore patients find it easier to undergo a weight loss program. These pills have very strong antioxidants such as catechin polyphenols which work with other compounds to increase the level of oxidizing fats in the body. They help the body to reduce the accumulation of fats.

Phentermine pills are essential also plays a very important role in increasing the metabolic rates in a safe manner Phentermine stimulates the neurotransmitters which are essential in regulating the level of food consumption in the body thus helps in suppressing of appetite. Therefore, people consume fewer calories, thus decreasing the production of unwanted fats, which are stored in the human body. Basically, the fats, which are stored in the body, will be utilized as a source of energy.

Phentermine acts as a great addiction in the arsenal against obesity. It fully supports the diet changes and exercises for a reduction of body fats. It is also easier for those who don’t exercise to lose weight successfully without posing a serious health threat.

Warnings and precautions for Phentermine

Phentermine can at some point increase the heart rate and the level of blood pressure. This usually causes problems to patients, especially those who already have heart problems and high blood pressure.

The pills should only be used for short periods. When abused or overdosed for long lengths of time can lead to dependence. There are prescribed instruction on the pill which should be strictly followed. Generally, overdosing can be dangerous. It should not suitable for alcoholic people

It is generally essential to confirm through a medical doctor that the obesity is not caused by a medical problem before taking these pills.

It is not safe for pregnant women because it has no role to play during pregnancy.

It may affect the ability of a person to perform tasks that require complete concentration, such as operating machinery, driving and piloting an airplane. This usually occurs during the few weeks of treatment.

It is recommendable to be cautious about the pill until you get to know how it affects you. A combination of fenfluramine and Phentermine can cause dangerous side effects such as problems with the heart and valves, and primary pulmonary hypertension.

Review on Phentermine by Estefany C


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