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How to achieve good vitality & stay young, active, healthy! 7 best ways!

Updated on June 3, 2010
Beautiful NP Krka, Krka River in Croatia
Beautiful NP Krka, Krka River in Croatia
  2. TO FALL IN LOVE WITH SOMEBODY ELSE (good sex-life is included)

For having strong vital force a lot of things is very important. Vitality, good health, strong immune system and anti-aging is most connected with our heart-chakra, thymus gland, with fire in our hearts... with LOVE. Open heart activates the other glands, especially pineal gland and pituarity gland, as well as the all others, so they start to produce hormones which expand our vitality and bring us joy.

I also use Radionics/Homeopathy remedies, which I prepare for myself and my clients, sometimes vitamins & minerals. And now, with almost 42, feel younger and stronger than I was with sweet 16 or 20, or 25...

About EXTRAORDINARY SUCCESSFUL and harmless Homeopathy/Radionics remedies, you can read in my hub: Homeopathic treatmant/Radionics treatmant: The most successful way of healing.


I have learned on my life and spiritual way is that is necessary to fall in love with myself. Do not take me wrong, but I adore myself every day more and more (I need even more and I am trying very hard). By feeling that, I adore Divinity in myself, and my uniqueness in this world .I can more easily forgive myself some past "mistakes" (actually there is no mistake from Divine level, only lessons to be learned), I can be very happy in my own company, and never get bored, my creativity is expanding, I do not care for other peoples opinionś if they are not correct, I trust in myself, and my inner leadership, I laugh on myself, ... and I love each of you much more...because I can love the others only if I love myself. There is no other way.

Comparing to the majority of other people (my age and younger), I am full of energy, optimism, joy and active (Libra, Asc. and Moon in Aries). OK, I have my dark moments, but.... using the positive affirmations, my mood change very quickly. I was not like that before, I learned how to concentrate on my best, so that best started to express itself every day more and more.

My immunity system works great: My thymus/hearth chakra is open, because I am all the time in love with myself, nature around me, other people, when I see blue sky or lovely sunset, or listen seagulls or sea waves, I feel so content because God has given me the biggest treasure in this world: ability to be deeply touched by Divine miracles every day. I am aware that I am rich and wealthy rewarded, that I can feel only deep gratitude.

First necessary rule is: LOVE YOURSELF WITH ALL YOUR HEARTH!!! by doing that, we show respect to Divine energy within us (do not forget that Kingdom of God is within us, as well as around us, God light and power is everywhere.) Love is love, when we are in love, we are healthy,active, we can sing, dance, be happy and positive, Love is the strongest alchemy in the world. When we love ourselves, we easily love the other people, because we project that love to the other people, to the nature, to the animals, to the plants, to our Mother Earth, to the Sun, Moon, stars, whole Universe... OUR ALL LIFE IS JUST PROJECTION OF OUR ENERGIES INSIDE US TO THE OUTSIDE WORLD. The quality of our life and all happenings are depending of quality of our feelings, thoughts and visions... If our energies are ruled by Divine love, we live in the Garden of Eden, if not, they are ruled by that case we project / create obstacles and suffering.

Mountain Velebit, NP Paklenica
Mountain Velebit, NP Paklenica


If someone is not fully dedicated in asceticism (1% of people only is able to stay in celibacy), and I am not (I have tried), being in love with someone is beautiful experience for attaining physical/emotional well being. When we are in love, we fly, our hormones are on higher level, we are full of energy, get younger and merrier...

The biggest part of human brain is naturally busy with questions of love and sex. Our sexual force is the primary and the strongest one in our lives...and supports our life force with the most powerful impulses.When we are in love, we produce more sexual hormones which build our tissues and organs as well, so we get younger on physical and mental level.

A lot of people need to learn how to attain permanently harmonious sexual relationship, how to explore their sexuality, not to be ashamed of it, or feel guilty and express it in pure enjoyment (responsibility is necessary, of course). Passion starts in our mind, with imagining ideal lovemaking, we can manifest that experience in everyday life. And enjoy it...and get younger.

Mountain Medvednica, Zagreb, Croatia
Mountain Medvednica, Zagreb, Croatia

3. TO ADORE THE JOB WE WORK AND EARN MORE THEN ENOUGH MONEY (to become rich, whatever does it mean for one individual).

Free lessons and extraordinary affilliate program, from Teachers of Secret is higly recommendable:

I am amazed with this lessons, teaching and program because it is so refreshing when someone teaches you that you have RIGHT TO BE RICH, IN ORDER TO INFLUENCE THIS WORLD MORE EFFECTIVE. We are innovative, talented, creative, extra-ordinary people, we deserve to be rich.

It is true, that we Have to DESIRE WEALTH, in order to get it. Whatever I achieved in my life, it was because of my strong, passionate desire wich attracted that situation in material reality.

When I want something, I want it with same passion like sex, like women wants the child, like dirsty man needs water. My heart opens, and very soon it just starts to materialize. As simple as that.

I adore my job, it gives me higher purpose and fulfill me with joy. Never get tired of any part of it. It is perfect to be self-employed. I wish that happiness in work to everybody.

Money tree
Money tree

4. GOOD RELATIONSHIP WITH PEOPLE, positive attitude towards people in general, AND GOOD RELATIONSHIP WITH ANIMALS AND WHOLE NATURE...Love for all

I attain good relationships by sending light , love and gratitude. from my heart and through my thoughts.

This simple meditation is pure magick. It changed my life completely. It is giving me more respect and higher level of understanding for others. It is possible to learn, how to change personal point of few, and look the world through eyes of somebody else... On that way we can stop judging and start to understand.

I become vegetarian, 10 years ago, because I love animals, I did not want to eat someone I love, who never did anything wrong to me. Good reason, is`n it?

Mountain Velebit, Rujno, CROATIA
Mountain Velebit, Rujno, CROATIA
View from island Ugljan,n near Zadar, Croatia
View from island Ugljan,n near Zadar, Croatia


Creativity is the most important for good vitality. Whatever talent we have, writing, singing, dancing, painting, gardening, teaching, music, art, cooking, must be expressed. It gives our life deeper meaning, higher purpose...and feel us with joy.

Creativity connects us with our Divinity.

Creative people, like we Hubbers are, represent bleessing for this world.

My 100y old wekend mud house renewed&decorated, in Moslavina
My 100y old wekend mud house renewed&decorated, in Moslavina


Nature is our Mother, we should love her and respect her, God created su many miracles in every living creature, in every part of nature. Pure magick, which gives us joy, fulfillment, build our self-esteem. We become wiser and stonger. And fulfilled with eternal love towards all.

I like hiking, and adore adrenalin in my blood when I decide to go to the mountains. Every part of me feels free, joyfull and competely fullfilled...there is nothing like deep connection with forces of nature....( By the way, sex is amazing experience in the nature! As well as meditations.)

Mountain Velebit, NP Paklenica, river Big Paklenica
Mountain Velebit, NP Paklenica, river Big Paklenica


when someone realizes that this life is illusion, because we can re-shape it whenever we want it , joy becomes natural. LIFE IS THE MOST INTERESTING GAME TO BE PLAYED!!! I do not have time to watch TV, my life is too interesting.


When we meditate, contemplate, use our IMAGINATION, our brain uses different brain waves then usual (Alpha, Theta) and very easy creates new positive reality. People who meditate (or use imagination) have better concentration, focus, and are much more relaxed. On that way, it is much more easier to achieve life-goals, stay young and healthy, become self-confident, and trust to Divine light within us.It is possible to create miracles every day, every moment. Meditation /positive imagination brings a lot of goods in the life of other people too, and have tremendous healing impact on whole planet. I use my meditation abilities and singing for healing the others as well. While doing that, I can feel good angels everywhere...

Mountain Velebit, goat path on the way to Rujno
Mountain Velebit, goat path on the way to Rujno




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