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Dealing with Aging

Updated on January 7, 2017
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Articles that I have written with social work in mind, to educate others, in hopes to lead better lives.

My grandfather at 89 in this photo, and he's still kicking, now, at 93
My grandfather at 89 in this photo, and he's still kicking, now, at 93 | Source
WOW...19 | Source
WOW....19 | Source
44. Just taken a few days ago, strutting my new t-shirt. (If it looks familiar, that is because it was supposedly worn by Danielle on American Pickers. NIFTY, EH?
44. Just taken a few days ago, strutting my new t-shirt. (If it looks familiar, that is because it was supposedly worn by Danielle on American Pickers. NIFTY, EH? | Source

Living in a retirement community in my parents' neighborhood, I am finding out that everything on our bodies age. Eyes, teeth, ears etc. (Everything pertaining to our five senses.) Our metabolisms are not as they used to be, which is why I say, "If you got it now, you best flaunt it, cuz you will not always have it." (For this reason, do not base your relationships on looks. They don't last. Do not base your relationships on what is in the southern region either. You will get bored quickly.)

Two of my four grandparents are deceased. One died of a stroke, the other of stomach cancer. Two are still kicking in their 90s, but they are losing their memories, and now they both can no longer walk. They do not remember how old they are. One is having issues with taking, and re-taking medications, and has just been put in a nursing home because she can no longer cook for herself. As you get older, you learn to spend more and more time alone. I'm just starting mine sooner than most.

I see my young niece growing every day. Today, we just found out that she is my clone. HA! My poor brother!! I kind of figured she would be my clone. Except for the dark hair and eyes, she looks more like her father than she does her mother. Even the family in the Philippines say so. She has the bone structure of her Daddy. She now walks everywhere. She likes to be outside. She likes dogs. Her little personality is just shining through now.

Dogs, unfortunately, also age. Dakota died way before his time, and he was a purebred. However, mutts do tend to live longer lives than purebred animals. My dog, apparently, is not aging as quickly as Dakota. I asked the vet if I should put Angel on food for older dogs, and the vet said no. People are surprised that Angel is 8 years old. Most strangers who come into contact with her are surprised she is that old. She still acts like a puppy. However, my parents dog had to be put down, due to Kidney Failure, which is the reason why Dakota had to be put down, at the very same ages. Sandy was another purebred. Dachshund.

Aging can be scary, when your laying on the floor from taking too much of your medication. When you look at the family history, and just count down the days until the same will most likely happen to you. (I know that I will have a tendency to stomach cancer myself. The DNA/Genealogy test that I took a couple years ago shows that I may die the same way my maternal grandmother did. Now that I have my father's tendency to acid reflux, there, apparently, will be more puking in my future.) I also now have symptoms of "pain behind my ears and stiff neck," which brings up awful teenage memories of my bout with scoliosis in my neck. This could lead me back to the wonderful aura of tension headaches. (I am hoping that this pain is just simply "pain behind my ears and stiff neck" and NOT because of my last fall during an epileptic episode. THIS WOULD NOT BE GOOD.)

Just recently a co-worker of mine lost her brother. Both she and her brother have had kidney issues, apparently. Ailments tend to make their way through families, whether people want to believe it or not. For this reason, I just want to live a simple life, and to hell with those high maintenance people. The ones who make you highly strung out, due to stress. Some people are really good at that. I am finding that the less people a person has in life, the less there is a reason to be under stress. I can see it benefitting living longer, not shorter. Don't put all your apples in one basket. I have regretted doing just that.

Another co-worker (Job Developer) at my firm, just lost their husband, who had been on disability for awhile. I have had to step in and make phone calls on her behalf, due to certain client's situations. This person has been my very favorite person in the office. My very first client was in Montgomery City, and we rode together. She's cooler than cool. She, actually, was a Director of one place that I had an interview. (Funny) We kind of bonded over our social work/counseling degrees. (Another reason why I got into social work, is the fact that it is something that I can continue to do in old age. A career that does not matter how old I am.) She would also be considered elderly. She is a very cool individual. Lately, she's never in the office when I pop in to do paperwork, so I have really missed her lately. However, she is very respected in our organization. When the boss is out of the office, this woman is left in charge. She is the type of person that would give someone the shirt off her back, but would also give someone a piece of her mind if they disrespected any of her clients. I LIKE THAT!!! That is how I want to be, HOPEFULLY, still working, at her age. That none of my ailments will conquer me. She is my "bestie."

Father gets hearing aids

Well, I come home from work to find my father sitting on the porch. (At this time, I had forgotten that he had an appointment to get a hearing aid today.) I told my father about the car I saw on my way home. Someone had taken shoe polish and wrote: "Trump is a pussy," on their car. Of course, my father being the dork that he is pretended he couldn't hear me. When my sister-in-law came to get the baby, is when my father said that he had hearing aids. He told us how much they were ($6000), which I already knew, because I worked with a client who is going deaf, and his mother told me that they could not afford to get him hearing aids. My father says that health insurance does not cover for hearing aids either. (Someone should fix that.) He has 30 days to decide if he wants to keep them or bring them back. Apparently, my father has decided that the gift of sound is not worth $6000. Therefore, he is trying a cheaper option. We will see how this works?! If it doesn't work, we will have to go back to the cheaper option of yelling at him. UGH!!!

The world of technology!!

Death & Dying

I was just informed today that someone that I recently met died of cancer. I know the family that is watching over her dog. However, I do not think this dog will be living with this family until the dog's dying day. I really hope that the family is able to find this dog a good home. She shouldn't have to be put to sleep. She still has quite a few good years ahead of her. R.I.P. Jo. You are in no pain now.


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    • PAINTDRIPS profile image

      Denise McGill 22 months ago from Fresno CA

      While I have to agree people can be a source of stress and living like a hermit is desirable, it isn't very practical. In the end we do need people, so don't cut all ties and move to the mountains just yet. LOL. I think the balance is finding just a few (one or two) choice friends who are worth your time and effort to keep. Stay well!

    • GARH608 profile image

      Pathways thru life 22 months ago from Mid West

      I used to believe that. Believe me, I did! However, now I believe:

      1.) I spent most of my life taking care of other people's baggage, and as soon as I started getting baggage that's when people just started walking out of my life. Therefore, the treat others as others treat you has kicked in.

      Remaining single means that I deal with my baggage and no one else's.

      2.) I do have "a friend" that I spend time with, 1 - 4 days a month, but soon, I will prefer my tv.

      3.) The only things left to love is my dog, my job and the new season's of my tv shows.

      There is nothing else left. Don't worry, I have goals, but can't really make this goal happen until I have $$$.

      P.S. My parents had to put their dog to sleep today. Therefore, I am not a happy camper.

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