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Fabulous Farmer's Markets

Updated on January 28, 2010

The Best Things About Farmers Markets

Fabulous Farmers Markets


There’s a buzz in the air, accompanied by the aromas of delicious delicacies and the customary colours of fresh fruits and vegetables. “Farm – fresh blueberries,” Magnificent mangoes” cries a farmer flaunting his wares. Yes, there’s even entertainment on offer at the Farmers Markets! Strolling along at a leisurely pace, sampling the many mouth-watering morsels on offer, one can easily enjoy life’s simplest pleasures here. Besides the scrumptious selection of fresh farm produce, organic and ordinary, there is often a trove of treasures, both culinary and common to be discovered at farmers markets. Inexpensive apparel, costume jewellery and arts and crafts are regularly on offer at farmers markets, and one can merely browse or expertly indulge their shopping inclinations.


These arcades of enjoyment are found in most cities and towns nowadays, a simple search on your Google homepage will direct you to your closest one. An hour or two wandering around a farmers market can be extremely therapeutic while great bargains are there to be had. One can even make a day of travelling to different locations in their area, snacking on the tasty treats and wondering at the marvellous mixture of people. Farmers markets appear in many different sizes, from the humongous Union Square Greenmarket in Manhattan which offers more than 1,000 varieties of fruits and vegetables, and serves around 250,000 customers weekly, to the tiny village type of only four or five stalls.


For many people the farmers market provides a meeting place, somewhere to gather with friends and catch up on the latest while sipping a coffee, while for others it has replaced the community grocer as their major shopping locale. Visiting a farmers market also affords one the opportunity to just get out and get some fresh air, stretch the legs and enjoy the sunshine.


There truly are some great things about farmers markets, so make it a point to visit one close to you. Who knows, you may happen upon an idea for a stall of your own!



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    • Bail Up ! profile image

      Bail Up ! 8 years ago

      When I visit my sister in NY her mother in law always treats us to a tray of fresh veggies from the nearby farmers market. I'm always amazed at the size and beauty of the radishes. Wish I had an outdoor market close by.