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5 Fat Burning HIIT Treadmill Workout

Updated on March 3, 2017

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training; the reasoning behind HIIT is doing a workout that includes a number of exercises that are balanced to incorporate both low and high intensity workouts. If you are planning to get ripped fast HIIT is a must.

You should start doing HIIT soon, as this is really going to give you the jump start that you need in your sedentary life. The ‘feel good’ hormones released during every HIIT session makes it challenging and entertaining at the same time. Once you start doing HIIT, you will say goodbye to all the boring exercises. Here are the top 5 fat burning HIIT workouts that can be done by any person.

HIIT Treadmill workout to enhance fat Burning:

You can successfully combine aerobic exercises with HIIT by following this short and powerful cardio workout:

  • Do two rounds of rope jumping or high knees jumping for a period of 20 seconds. Thereafter, you can rest for 5 to 8 seconds.
  • Do walking for 10 seconds followed by sprinting which should be done for another 20 seconds. This has to be done on a treadmill or on a racing track. Keep doing this for another 8 rounds.
  • Dance with the help of various types of dance DVDs and choose rhythmic and strenuous dance forms and numbers that charge you up from inside. Dancing can relieve you from stress and encourage better pumping of your heart. You can repeat the sequence about 2 times.

Muscle building exercises using HIIT

These exercises can burn more fats and one can try doing them one by one or in sets. Some of these are: Triangle jump, pushups, squats, dead lifts, burpees and hanging leg raises. These exercises need to be done for at least 20 seconds and have to be done in rounds of 8 to 10. You can take a break for 10 seconds. Repeating these 7 times is a good way to burn extra lard.

HIIT Time Challenges

Doing these time challenges builds your stamina and challenge you to perform even more strenuous exercise the second time. Under these, you have to perform sets of exercises like pushups, Burpees, squats and knee raises with set timing. You need to keep a track of your record to perform better when you start with your next HIIT time challenge workout. These exercises need you to do each of the mentioned exercises at least 20 times each, repeating it about 4 times.

HIIT Pyramid Workout Routines

These exercises include Burpees, Squats, Lunges and Reverse pushups that are quite strenuous and are the best to burn lots of fats. When you do the pyramid workout, you need to perform at least 5 rounds of which, the first 3 rounds have to consist of increased reps while the last 2 can have decreased reps. Suppose you do 5 rounds of lunges, start with 10 repetitions, going up to 15 and then to 20 repetitions. Now for the 4th round, reduce your repetitions by 5, i.e., 15 reps, going down to 10 reps, for the last and the 5th round. One can select any type of exercise and follow according to the HIIT pyramid workout routine.

HIIT Pyramid Double Bonus workout routine for Fat Burning

This requires you to perform exercises like Burpees, Ninja jumps, L sits and Row and Clean. In addition to the pyramid style HIIT workout exercises, you can double up, with performing these to maximize your weight loss. Doing these exercises helps you increase your chances to fat burning as these are quite high intensity workouts and need you to sweat yourself out.


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