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Two easy workouts for quick fat loss in 1 week

Updated on April 24, 2011

Are you so fat that you can’t look down to see your feet? That’s really a pathetic situation to be faced by any person in this world. We as humans have tried to lead life more comfortably and have invented more gadgets to do our work and intend collect all the fat that should have gone out. That of course is true right? What goes in should come out. If you still keep that extra bit of fat it always is bad for your health. Let’s see what we can do about it to lose it quickly and safely.

Let’s first basically understand how our body’s metabolism works:

We take in food as a fuel and that runs down our digestive system to be broken up into several energy products that supplement our day to day requirements of energy. This is eligible for even a car, where it takes the necessary gasoline to run for some distance. But when we have excess food intake or compromise our work. The Requirement for energy is merely low are absent in many cases and the food gets converted as fat inside our body. This is again the same with your car. When you fuel excess it clogs your inline valves with all the sticky gooey thing right?

The apt way how our body should work is, eat the right quantity of food for the right energy and nutritional requirement, because what you fuel in must be burned out in the form of energy and waste.

Ok, so you went out of track somewhere during work and you put those unappealing extra pounds. Thinking about how to get rid of it?

Out of my personal experience I’ll give you give of the tips that really helped me lose weight quickly and at the same time safely.

1. Take a paper and not down whenever you eat. Make a note of what you eat and what made you eat it(This is apart from your regular meals)

2. Now that you have the list ready, these are your rivals for your weight. Plan ways to avoid grudging on this extra food that made you heavier. Bring your mind to a state that you are happy with 3 meals a day.

3. Practice on this diet for a week until you get comfortable.(It took me 8 days roughly)

4. Now that you’ve found the culprit and cut him down, it’s now time for you to get rid of all the extra junky pounds nested in your body. Invest in 2 things

  • A good jump rope(skipping rope)
  • A pair of good running shoes

5. Once you’ve got these two things it’s time for you to say bye to early morning, because you’re gonna wake up as early as 6 in the morning and do 100 jumps on the rope 6 times that’s a total of 600 skips, give a 2 min break in-between . Have as much water as you want. You might ask why water? The reason is simple; water crunches thirst as well as help your metabolism to work so good because it’s the best know roughage ever.

6. Ok, your rope session is over, time to take rest? NOPE. You need to sprint for 500 meters as fast as you can. You can take 2 min break in-between every 100m sprint. Now say WOW and get a bath and sit for some time. You’ll feel like god. I promise you, because I felt so.

7. Repeat this workout for the rest of your life, and you will never find a extra gram of fat on your body. Be sure you check your weight from time to time.

Some key tips

1. Don’t get too serious about your workout, if you feel uncomfortable try adjusting with the numbers that suits. In the end it is your body and you should choose what’s good for you

2. Determine how much you want to lose and prepare a report sheet to track results

3. If nothing is working out, seriously you’ve got some other problems. Meet your family doctor as soon as possible

4. Finally, if this article really helped you in your fat loss session, be humble to come back and say thanks to me ;) and maybe share it with your friends. Good luck guys on your journey to fitness..


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