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Favorite Meditation Videos

Updated on May 22, 2013

Realize Your Goal of Meditative Peace

Serenity is a quality of life that is long sought after in our mad-dash contemporary world, yet most often it is missing. It can be attainable through meditation.

Years ago my Naturopath gave me the opportunity to wire up for an evaluation process to estimate the value of my learning meditation.

She began by reading the measurements, and showing me the wave readings. Then she guided me in a meditation experience, and finally she took final readings, and showed me the results. She could pinpoint the special place where my stress level plummeted, during a visualization.

I told her I had visualized swimming at an old favorite lake, where I regularly swam a loop around the perimeter, in a deep state of peaceful relaxation. Sometimes I even feared that I would fall asleep while swimming.

The temperature was in the 90s and I swam only sidestroke, and very slowly at that. My purpose was to cool off from a build-up of heat in the afternoons.

Like the rest of us, I want, and get, immediate access to everything from emails to tiny or massive stock trades, always seeming to carry an electric load of stressful interactions and information around with me.

In the midst of our financial, housing and health struggles, we can get preoccupied with the troubles and forget to smooth out the bedsheets of our being, each day.


copyright 2012 Leslie Sinclair

Luckily, we are capable of segmenting our attention. We needn't let our hierarchy of problem-solving tromp on our quiet core. Once we reinforce that center of our being each day, during our little set-aside times for meditation, it becomes easier to access the grace of our true being.

Here Are My Own Tips for Successful Meditation

Prepare Yourself to Begin Meditation

1. Set up a place for meditation

2. Arrange a poster, photograph, small rug, plant, or window scene in front of your chair

3. Wear comfortable shoes, slippers, socks, or use essential oil on your bare feet

4. With open eyes, take in the scene before you, your focal point, and resolve to find your peaceful center

5. As you close your eyes, notice the after-image (your last view of your #2 object), and let your world awareness go, as it fades

I like to focus on a single element of beauty as I prepare for meditation. Framed, as if protected, by the natural serenity of plants at the lakeshore, I like to think of this duck as readying herself to sit quietly on her nest, showing a beautiful countenance.

These fine videos can guide and inform you to locate the place of inner quiet that sustains your daily light.

Time-out in the Blissful Natural World

The Genesis of Meditative Practices

their connection with today's meditative means

In Ancient Times it was quite natural for our ancestors to suffer mental overload - what with a preoccupation on hunting for their next meal and avoiding being the prey for predator animals, not to mention surviving in hostile climate environments.

Hunting and fishing require superior skills in concentration, memory and tracking. Most of our contemporary sports game seeking activities are endeavors of pleasure, with the resulting foodstuffs being a secondary benefit.

Ask a sportsman or woman why they spend so much time and money on their activity of choice. The likely response will match my husband's answer: I do it for the way I feel when I'm hunting, because of the peace I experience being out there in the wilderness, enjoying the quiet and captive concentration on tracking the prey.

In the days of antiquity, humans could became as mesmerized by moments of prolonged gazing at moving and falling water, at soaring and weaving high-flying birds of prey, and at the flames of an open fire. In those ways they could find the same degree of mental relief and rejuvenation that we might feel today, when engaged in similar activities.

At some point our ancestors such strong positive benefits from habitual meditative practices that they developed their own styles, and eventually taught their methods to others. Tribes then supported the guides and teachers, and devised individual lines of secular and religious meditation.

Simply finding stress relief was not enough for the great majority of practitioners. Ancient masters sought connection with the Energy Force, the Creation Origin, the Holy One, the God. And so, religious meditation spread through many spiritual-based religions, worldwide.

Today one can immerse oneself in meditation through virtual group practice, or by becoming a member of a religion that provides real-life group meditation that includes ritual religious language and attitudes in a group setting. Whichever form you choose, meditation can add a component of peace into your daily existence.

Even modern Allopaths (western medical practitioners) commonly recommend meditation to their patients, to help regular blood pressure, stabilize moods, and enhance allover wellbeing.

Meditation is Powerful

Commit Yourself to Five Days

Practical Meditation Guidance

Be the Meditating Shadow Bird

Be the Meditating Shadow Bird
Be the Meditating Shadow Bird

Meditation Visualization is a Favorite For Me

Do you like to visualize a particular place when you meditate?

Gently Focus on Beautiful Plants

Gently Focus on Beautiful Plants
Gently Focus on Beautiful Plants

Satori's Music Conducive to Meditation

Satori: Music for Yoga and Meditation
Satori: Music for Yoga and Meditation

A calming sound sets the meditative mood.


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    • lesliesinclair profile image

      lesliesinclair 4 years ago

      @smine27: Oh my mind still wanders too, but less and less often until things are really stressful.

    • smine27 profile image

      Shinichi Mine 4 years ago from Tokyo, Japan

      Thank you. I have always been get into meditation. Although I do it now and then, I don't feel I am doing it properly as my mind tends to wander too much so the info here has been very helpful for me.

    • profile image

      JoshK47 5 years ago

      Very relaxing - thanks for sharing.