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Favorite Workout

Updated on January 11, 2012

This time of year a lot of people like to make resolutions of working out more so they can lose some weight. Most people will go to the gym, some will workout at home, some will even walk or jog around the park or neighborhood.
I, myself, prefer to workout at home for the most part because I like to use DVDs to workout. By the time I get off of work I don't usually feel like going to the gym because I am tired and just want to go home. There are some cardio movements I like to do but for the most part I really enjoy doing dancing workouts. That is what makes me really want to workout. I like to do Zumba, it has really given me the energy to workout more and I look forward to it everyday that I do it. What motivates me to workout is the fact that I am bettering myself both physically and healthwise.
What kind of workout do you like to do? Most importantly what motivates you to workout?


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