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Overcome your Fear of Driving a Car?

Updated on November 1, 2009

Does this image frighten you?

Learn How to Overcome Your Fear of Driving.

How do I get over my fear or driving a car is a common question asked by those suffering driving fear and the anxiety they experience makes them feel scared, uneasy and possibly depressed. Perhaps you have had a panic attack when thinking about driving or nervous tension that makes you too frightened to take the driving test, or you may have failed the driving test altogether.

You could possibly think it is just something you will have to learn to live with and that it can’t be helped or have to steer clear of completely and when you have a fear to do with something that many other people appear to perform so easily, I know its easy to feel unusual and alone. Well the fact of the matter, it just isn’t true, it’s not impossible, your fear or anxiety about driving a car can be defeated and you’re nowhere near being alone.

You can train yourself to avoid the fear of driving.

Your subconscious mind recalls past events and how you handled those events, and should those experience be bad ones, the result is what is known as driving fear. The fear of driving is a conditioned response resulting from what happened the last time you were involved with driving and it will find it simple to remember as it created a psychological impact on you. Your subconscious wrongly relates reaction of anxiety with driving and makes the notion that it has to be a danger and hazardous, then instigates the flight or flight reaction.

Each time you drive and you experience the fear of driving, a more intense and quick phobia reaction is the result as you support your brain's wrong belief and produce more neural pathways, essentially conditioning yourself to be fearful.

This learning happens by the creation of neural pathways in the brain.

This is the manner in which we learn a variety of lessons, such as riding a bicycle. You have to dedicate yourself to knowing how to ride, to see that the brain causes the correct balance and skill needed which creates the neural pathways. These neural pathways will get stronger as you repeat the process, and you'll soon perform many adjustments during your ride without considering them. Everything becomes involuntary, so now when you are riding you don't have to really think about it, you automatically do it and the incredible part is that your subconscious knows how. Likewise, when people get anxious at the thought of driving, the neural pathways formed, produce a reaction that keeps you from doing so, without even thinking about it.

The conditioning of the brain is subconscious and therefore, the secret to get over my fear of driving a car is to instead lay new neural pathways of calm and assurance to counteract the old ones of anxiety. This happens at a subconscious level and the reason a lot of programs and therapies are not successful is because they never try to resolve a subconscious issue on a conscious plane, which fails to work.

Are you looking for a program that makes yourself to overcome the fear while driving a car? If you answered yes, then please visit the fear of driving to find out more about the driving fear program that is used by professionals and gives you realistic and trusted results guaranteed, or your money back.


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