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Are women with six packs sexy?

Updated on November 27, 2013

Many men strive for a solid six pack but what about women? Is it more of a macho thing to have a six pack for a man? The average women doesn't real desire a six pack similar to that of a man's. Most women are happy simply having a flat stomach whether the underlying abdomen muscles show or not, and even this is hard to achieve for the average woman However there are many women who do have defined abdomen muscles from a number of reasons. The question is, do men find it attractive? Is this what a man wants to feel next him in bed?

How women get six packs

Many female athletes who do track and field will probably obtain light muscle definition without even having to work directly on the abdomen area. For any type of running your stomach will need to twist to support the opposing motion of the arm and leg movement. This will naturally work the abdomen while burning fat at the same time. Not just athletics but there are many other sports which require high impact body movement which will develop stomach muscles e.g. cycling, fighting sports, soccer, volleyball etc..

The most impressive six packs on women would definitely come from working out in the gym mainly body building. Women don't have the same capacity of men when it comes to building muscle which is why many women who are seriously into bodybuilding take supplements to increase the amount of testosterone in their bodies. Women also have less fat breaking enzymes in their bodies so without the testosterone supplements, any muscle will not be clearly defined due to the thin layer of fat covering it.

You will notice that skinny women normally dont have defined six packs as opposed to men due to the lack of general muscle mass. For a man, any one with less then around 10% fat should have visable abdominal muscles without even working out.

Getting close

For many men, the thought of being physically close or touching a woman with a solid body may seem repulsive as they would say its similar to a man. However other men may prefer this than your typical softer touch of the average woman's body. Certain people even have a fetish for a women with a muscular body, more muscular than their own. In some cases womens voices also changes due to the hormone imbalance.

For women who want that look

The path to a flat stomach always starts in the kitchen, so no matter how many sit ups you do, your abdomen muscles will never show unless your fat percentage gets down to at least 12-15%. Bigger stronger muscles will simply push any existing fat outwards and can actually make you look even fatter. Avoid high carb lunches especially when if you have an office job, sitting down will have all those carbs turn to fat and the stomach is the first place it will go. Moderate exercise is needed at least 4-5 times a week, whether it be brisk walking, swimming or jogging. Try and keep the breakfasts large with smaller lunch and dinners.

Foods to avoid

Broccoli, onion, garlic and raw cauliflower. Although these foods have excellent health properties, it is also true that eaten raw can cause due to gases from delayed indigestion.

Fried foods. Unfortunately we include almost every day in our diets. In addition to being oily, they are high in saturated fat, two factors that can cause indigestion and inflammation.

Mashed potatoes. The mixture of carbohydrates of the potato starch and the milk fat is difficult to digest for the stomach. The result is often inflammation .

Fruit Juice. Even though it seems healthy, there is far too much sugar in most packs e.g. 500ml. The amount of fruit packed in a juice form is way over the daily limit. If you really like fruit juice, buy smaller cartons or limit to one glass a day. Never drink fruit juice in order to quench your thirst.

What kind of stomach do you prefer on a women

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    • Hezekiah profile image

      Hezekiah 5 years ago from Japan

      Tmbridgland - I understand lol.

    • tmbridgeland profile image

      tmbridgeland 5 years ago from Small Town, Illinois

      Could not answer your poll. All are sexy.