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Do You Want to Conceive? Then Prepare with a Fertility Cleanse

Updated on May 13, 2011

When you are preparing your body for conception, it's a good idea to begin with a fertility cleanse so that you can renew your uterus, body and blood. Specific herbs can help you cleanse your liver and get rid of excess hormonal output as well as toxins. Nutrients and herbs can also help cleanse your uterus to provide a fresh area for the baby to nest.

Before you conceive, it's a good idea to cleanse so that you can be rid of toxins that your baby could absorb in utero.

One caution is that once pregnant, you should not cleanse. This releases toxins that could harm your baby and be dangerous. You should also not cleanse while you are breast-feeding your baby.

Why Should You Fertility Cleanse?

Many toxins can accumulate in your liver, as well as in your fat tissues and uterus over the years. Some toxins may include:

  • Alcohol
  • Old fecal matter
  • Excess hormones
  • Blood left over from previous menstrual periods
  • Pesticides
  • Smoke
  • Birth control medications or chemicals
  • Other medications
  • Mercury

If you have been experiencing heavy periods, dark blood or blood clots, or cramping during your period, it's wise to do a fertility cleanse. This will help you cleanse your uterus and liver specifically.

Watch Fertility Cleanse Video

What Is a Fertility Cleanse?

A fertility cleanse is a special type of cleanse that use a specific techniques, foods and herbs that will help you detoxify your body and uterus prior to your becoming pregnant. This type of cleanse is unique and is the only one like it.

The cleanse detoxifies you with minerals, vitamins and herbs in the following ways:

It cleanses the liver:

The liver is your body's filter, cleansing toxins from the body. When properly maintained, it can also cleanse excess hormonal output from the body, such as estrogen. This, in turn, can help make you more fertile.

It cleanses the uterus:

In some cases, your uterus might not be able to rid itself entirely of the menstrual lining every cycle. Some symptoms of this may include bleeding less than four days per cycle, longer cycles than usual, absence of menstruation entirely, polycystic ovarian syndrome, endometriosis, blood clots during menstruation, Brown, darker purple blood during menstruation, endometriosis, cramping, or PMS.

If you uterus does not completely cleanse itself at every cycle, you can retain old uterine matter and blood. This may be detrimental to the embryo.

Uterine contents may not be released every month for the following reasons:

· Misplaced uterus

· Unhealthy diet

· Excessive hormones

· Low circulation

How can you increase circulation to the uterus?

You increase circulation to the uterus by maintaining proper health. Thus, the uterus needs proper circulation. This allows the uterus and ovaries to function smoothly and "communicate" with each other for optimal fertility. This is necessary if you want proper hormonal balance.

Are You in Need of a Cleanse?

If you have the following difficulties, you might need a cleanse:

-You have fatigue or depression for no apparent reason.

-You've been taking medication or antibiotics for longer than a week.

-You eat nonorganic dairy and meats.

-You have dark blood, blood clots or cramps during your periods.

-You feel "congested."

-You have acne.

-You have fewer than two or three bowel movements a day.

-You have itchy skin or liver spots on your skin.

-You have PMS every month, possibly with shakes or nausea.

-You have dark circles under your eyes.

-You have frequent "minor" illnesses, such as colds or flu.

-Your stomach is distended.

The Fertility Cleanse is meant to:

Increase circulation to your reproductive system, for optimal health.

Provide your eggs nourishment, to provide an optimal environment for conception and ovulation.

Dissolve adhesions or cysts that might be blocking conception.

Cleanse the uterus of old clots, blood, and hormonal excess

Cleanse the liver of toxins and excess hormones.

This cleanse incorporates scientifically proven techniques and utilizes proven remedies, self-care treatments, and ancient therapies.

In this cleanse, you will be using teas, caster oil packs, proper nutrition, and herbs.

You will be focusing on healing your body, mind and spirit.

You will be working with your menstrual cycle, and will be concentrating on different organs at different times to properly cleans and nourish them.

How Do You Do a Fertility Cleanse?

Part One:

First, you begin your Fertility Cleanse by cleansing your liver. You begin to cleanse right after you've ended your period.

Because your liver is constantly working to eliminate heavy metals, bacteria, toxins and other impurities, it's always active. In addition, it also cleanses excess hormones from your body and excretes them. You'll be getting rid of excess hormones and toxins, and will also be getting rid of other impurities. Keeping your liver healthy is necessary to proper hormonal balance.

The herbs also help nourish the liver during this part of the cleanse as it expels excess hormones and toxins from the body.

Part Two:

This next part of the cleanse focuses on your uterus and ovaries. This will last from the 17th day to the beginning of your period, and is about clearing congestion and tonifying.

When you want to conceive, your ovaries and uterus need fresh oxygen through a free flow of blood, which is constantly moving through. In some cases, this blood can become congested and stagnant. This portion of the program is meant to clear your uterus of olde blood, clears out old debris and tissue, and tones the tissues of the ovaries and uterus.

Some signs that your uterus may be stagnant or congested include a feeling of "congestion" in your lower abdomen, having dark blood during menstruation, having cramps during your period, having clots during your period, having endometriosis, or having polycystic ovarian syndrome.

Your next cycle after the cleanse may indeed have more clots or be darker in color than usual, which means that your body is cleansing itself.

Do you want to begin to prepare yourself for a healthy conception?

If so, in 23 days, you could be feeling better and clearer, and could be on your way to increased fertility, naturally, and a healthy pregnancy.

The fertility cleanse will give you a gentle cleansing experience that will fit into your lifestyle, effortlessly.

You can purchase the Fertility Cleanse at:

What Next?

I hope you found this article helpful. If you end up having any questions I would suggest for you to join the Natural Fertility Community and post them there. Not only will you have access to natural fertility speciallists, but you can also get feedback and support from women who are going through the same experience as you.

I wish you the best on your journey and look forward to hearing about your BFP!

All the best,
Hethir Rodriguez


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