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Treat your depression naturally

Updated on April 8, 2015

Depression can make you feel helpless and all alone against the world. You can get help from medication, even the herbal kind, which can be very beneficial, but it always makes sense to develop a will to fight back the depression yourself in the best way that you can.

Start Your Fight Back

Setting a routine to follow can be a very effective way of fighting back depression. When most people get into a depression, they do not feel like doing anything and allow events to overtake them. Set yourself a daily schedule that you scrupulously follow and this in itself can help you to get back to leading life normally.

You may not feel like doing anything, but set yourself some small tasks, even if it is something as simple as getting you a cup of coffee, or darning some clothes, cleaning the bookshelf, or mowing the lawn. Just doing something can bring a sense of self-worth and accomplishment that can lift the veil of depression.

See that exercise is a part of any routine that you set, as this can help your body to manufacture feel good chemicals that can act to lift your depression. The brain gets rewired, when you exercise regularly. At the same time make sure that you are always eating healthy and never go in for any binge eating, that depression can bring on. Get enough rest and set regular hours for this rest.

Challenge Your Negativity

You will do a lot of good to your moods if you set yourself some responsibilities, even when you are feeling depressed. This can be even more effective if this includes helping out others, as that simple interaction with other normal people can go a long way in combatting depression. Make sure that you try to think positively, even though this is a thing that depressed people find it very difficult to do. Try to join social groups that are into a lot of activity, even if your depression keeps you at the fringes. The very fact that you are surrounded by people who are active, happy and satisfied may leave you wondering what you have to be so depressed about. Just make sure that you do not transmit your own depression to that group.

Depression is something that most of us do experience whenever we are confronted with certain situations. It is up to us, to see that this does not affect our normal daily life, and that we are able to handle the bouts of depression on our own.



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    • Dr Billy Kidd profile image

      Dr Billy Kidd 2 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      You got that right--set a routine and challenge your negativity by socializing (even if you've got to force it upon yourself) and thinking positive thoughts!

      Good advice!