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Gifts for Travelers: Filtered Water Bottles

Updated on November 5, 2021
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Giovanna is passionate about adventure travel and leaving no footprint. She is hopeful, but a few years seems too short to save our planet!

Why Drink Water?

Glasses of water
Glasses of water | Source

A Water Bottle with Filter for When You're on the Move

Can any of us bear what's happening to our oceans and precious sea creatures because of plastic? Then lets all vow to ditch the plastic!

Greenpeace, tells us that we should take much more care about what bottles we buy. I am appalled by what I have learned about the way we dispense of plastic and about the chemicals that leak into our water and oceans.

Below are a couple of videos about the Gyre that was a real eye opener - it is shocking!! There is also an interesting video about how precious our water really is.

Here, among other water related topics, I talk about types of bottles that filter water and that are reusable, and made without harmful chemicals.

I have never trusted bottled water and I am not happy about buying it from the shops. I am concerned about bpa, in fact, I am a complete fanatic about this and will only buy bpa free water bottles. Without a doubt! (If you're not sure what bpa is scroll down).

Can you recommend other makes of bottle that I can add to this page? Please leave a comment.

Thanks very much for your visit.

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Basic Facts About Water

  • Water is vital to our health and many people do not drink the recommended daily requirements.
  • We lose a great deal of water form our bodies each day, mainly in the form of sweat and urine, and this must be replaced by drinking enough fresh water every day, through eating fresh unprocessed foods, and drinking other liquids such as tea and coffee for example.
  • To replenish our daily water intake we don't have drink huge amounts.
  • Plastic bottles leak dangerous chemicals into the water. Never drink the water if you've left the plastic bottle in the car and it has become warm.
  • Water can help to control your weight and if you are taking regular exercise you should drink plenty of water. When I go for a walk I always take a litre bottle of water with a freshly squeezed lemon in it - this is a cleanser and it makes the water easier to drink.
  • There is absolutely no need to drink power drinks to keep strong or non-caloric drinks to keep thin. Drink water - it does the same job and has no calories at all. Some people lose a lot of weight just by changing what they drink.
  • Water cleanses you from the inside by keeping your bowl function normal. When you don't keep your fluids up the water is taken from the stools and so this causes constipation.
  • Water really makes a difference to your skin - so if you want to look fresh and youthful - then here's your answer!
  • Water will make you feel more energetic because it works on your muscles. If you don't keep hydrated your muscles will shrink. It doesn't sound very scientific, but it is true!

I drink at least a couple of glasses of water with every meal and I make sure my family does this. I always have a nice jug of iced water on the table with a few slices of lemon or any fruit in it to make it as enticing as I can. I drink green tea and green juice - all this adds to my fluid intake.

Our River

We are so fortunate because every summer we get to swim in a beautiful cool flowing river. It is our therapy, rest, exhilaration, exercise, and our sheer joy!

We go to Italy and stay in the foot hills, which nestle above the Ligurian coast. It's where my mum used to live, so as soon as school is over, off we go.

It gets very hot there in August, and we don't really like the heat, so we wait till the mid day sun has vanished, and then we go to 'our' river. We call it ours because we're usually the only ones there!

Italians love the seaside and they're happier down there at the coast all crammed up on the beaches. Here we may meet a few German tourist who stumble upon our secret river - and a few local kids, who don't really appreciate the true magic of the place. But other than that we are usually alone.


Our river is amazing. It flows clean and strong, there are deep green pools and huge rocks that we can dive from. There are fish too, tiny ones that come a nibble our toes, and huge ones that lurk at the bottom of the deeper pools. There are cranes and other birds that come to drink. It really is like paradise.

Our aim is to visit the river every single day, even if we can only manage 30 minutes. Sometimes we go twice a day. It's become our friend over the years.

Last year however things were different. The weather was unusually hot. Even the Italians, who thrive in the heat, were suffering. Everyone prayed for rain, but we were particularly desperate because our beautiful river was drying up!

Every day we could see that the water level was dropping and it became more and more green filling up with algae. In the end we couldn't swim in it any more because it was stagnating.

That was one of the most incredible experiences my son had every had! He was only 12 years old and he took our river for granted, after all it had always been there, he learned to swim here.

Not this year, 2012, this year it was dying. We really suffered in the heat. We tried the beach a couple of times, but it was an hours drive to get there, and then where do you park? It was absolutely packed out. Everyone was looking for relief from the heat, so the beaches were jammed with people. But even worse the sea itself was hot and very, very salty.

At home the water in the taps was low and we were showering under a dribble! Whew - unbearable heat.

But two days before we were due to come home the skies filled with dark clouds, so we dashed to the river and sat on the bank, in the shade of the sweet chestnut trees. Then sure enough it started to rain. At first the drops were small, but they soon turned huge and they fell fast and they dropped down hard on us. We stood up and started dancing and laughing and thanking the heavens for sending such amazing relief.

We were drenched, and then ran for it because it started to thunder. It rained and thundered hard all night. The next day our river was an absolute torrent. The water was the highest we'd ever seen, and in some places it had broken its banks and flooded the villages!

We were completely shocked because our river had vanished under gallons of brown soaring water. The sound was deafening, and the smell was delicious! My son now knows what water really is.

Where Does All the Plastic Go?

Tons of it goes straight into the ocean, usually via rivers and ships.

The truth is that plastic waste and can even be found on the beaches of Antarctica, and desert islands are no longer as pristine as they once were!

The ocean has enormous areas of plastic waste - they are a swirling vortex of plastic pollution, which we call Gyres.

The water degrades the plastics and in turn they are swallowed up in the great vibrant eco system that is our ocean. Fish and other sea creatures are being poisoned by our unwanted plastic.

Watch the short videos for more information.

Here is the video link of the full 2 hour long documentary made by Scott Elliott

Water Splashing
Water Splashing | Source

Scott Elliott - The Gyre

LET'S MAKE A CHANGE: Congratulations Concord!

Well done San Fransisco!!

Fly | Source

Here's a Blue Bottle to Avoid!

So Much Has Changed

I remember years ago when I was away traveling with my water bottle in my bag and not daring to drink too much water out of it because it tasted of sickening water purifying tablets!

It had such a terrible taste of concentrated chlorine because it was impossible to accurately measure or even judge how much water I had for 1 tablet, so I always put in a whole tablet - just in case!

That was one of the worse things I had to deal with when I was in Bangladesh. I remember thinking that I was safe drinking 'Fanta' from what I thought were original glass bottles, until one day I found a huge fly (we call them Blue Bottles in the UK, not sure about the states?) floating, belly up, in an unopened bottle I had just bought! Ahhhhh!

I'd never travel without a filtered water bottle now! It takes a while to really trust that they work. But they do!

How Much Do you Know?

Let's See who We're Dealing With


Solar Water Disinfection

This is a very interesting article in Wikipedia about Solar Water Disinfection. It shows how to purify water by leaving it in the sun for a certain amount of time in plastic bottles.Wikipedia gives a complete explanation of how it is done. Make sure you read the information carefully if you plan to try it yourself because it is an exact science.

Click on the image for an article: Solar water disinfection WIKI

BPA stands for BISPHENOL A

BPA is an industrial chemical that has been used to make certain plastics and resins last longer since the 1960s.BPA is found in polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins in particular.

Please vote before you go

The point here is to gather experiences from people who use filtered water bottles and find out which ones work best.

Please take a minute to tell us which one of these is your favorite filtered water bottle. I'd love to see which one comes out on top. What do you think is the best one?

If you can recommend another one, please put it in the Leave a Comment module and I'll add it to the poll. Thanks.

Which is your favorite filter water bottle?

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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2013 Giovanna


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