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Finding a Healthy Diet For Kids

Updated on March 6, 2014

Healthy Diet For Kids

I think in order for it to be possible in finding a healthy diet for kids we need to start over and get to the basic what is good nutrition and how do we get it. You need to learn about carbohydrates, proteins and fats and the effect they have on our kids bodies.

I believe that my kids and myself will benefit the most by a well balanced diet of chicken, fish, pork, vegetables, fruits nuts and some read meat as much organic or natural food as possible along with drinking plenty of spring water or distilled water to help keep us healthy.

I discovered a book on nutrition that fits most of these needs and yes it recommends taking vitamins, minerals, herbs, and following a good nutrition plan and explains about different diets for each stage of your childs and your life it is very through and easy to follow.

It has taught me how to make a balanced diet plan that the kids and I both like and can follow. It is not the great weight loss plan but a large part of it and it can help you develop a plan not only to lose weight but how to keep the weight off and be healthy.

This book seams to cover about everything it offers a ton of information on living a healthy life and being able to enjoy your life. The price seamed high at first but after reading it and applying the teaching it has turned out to be one of the best investment we have made in a long time.

Healthy Diet Plan For Kids

Healthy Habits for Kids

You may think that it is difficult finding a diet plan that kids like and is healthy at the same time. As a parent you are under pressure to get your kids to eat healthy how in the world do you balance between a good diet and not making them become over obsessed with eating the right food and becoming over concerned with there weight. We are going to try to help you with a good healthy diet for kids.

Do not use food as a reward When a kid finds out you are going to reward them with food for good behavior it can turn out to be a lifetime habit for them. The best way is to explain that food is a fuel for there body and not a reward If they start to feel that they can get a sweet treat for eating their main meal soon they will want sweets or other binge foods for just being good.

The lower amount of sugar in the diet the better As sugar has proved to cause bad teeth and add to weight when taken in large quantity. I know it is hard even for me but it is better to let them eat more of the main course than to let them eat the sweet desserts. If they still want something after eating the main course give them some fruit this is much better than a sweet treat.

This is up to you but some kids need a snack between meals for energy try to use this if it is needed not as a habit. Good food to use as snacks is nuts and fruit for energy

Stay Healthy With Nutrition - Guide to Diet and Nutrition Medicine

This is the best book I have ever read on healthy living

How can you help your child lose weight - Losing weight

This is a great video on helping you understand how to help your child lose weight

Physical Fitness Activities for Kids

Physical Fitness ActivitiesKids

In this old planet earth today most kids are focused on playing video games, texting on the phone are watching television and do not have any time left for exercise. It seams to be a fact that this has caused an increase in obesity among our kids Playing fitness games can help keep them in shape and it has shown that it keeps their mind active

You want to make sure that your kids have enough time to exercise Depending on the age of your child as to witch game you get them to like and have a good time doing

If they are the right age rope skipping is always fun and boy will it burn the calories. Most kid's are hyperactive and love jumping around when they are having fun even playing alone in the playground can be fun for them take part and watch and encourage them.

Remember the old game hokey pokey? Put one leg in and shake it all about then your arm and so on then you shake the whole body this seams stupid to me now but it was fun when I was a Kid get them to try it. They can get a lot out of it and lose some weight with out knowing it is exercise.

Riding a bike is a great way to help your child stay active and healthy. Most kids love to ride a bike and you can join in and have a wonderful time. This lets them get plenty of exercise and burn a lot of energy you may even sleep better This is a good time to teach them about road safety and how to avoid accidents. You can also take this time to see that they learn to wary a helmet and protect them selves.

Physical Fitness Activities for Kids with Good Eating Habits

Fitness Activity for Kids

We sometimes thank that our kid's will just naturally get fit due to all the playing around in the play grounds and then they run around a lot out side this should burn a lot of calories. Maybe this was true in the past but now days there a lot of kid's are becoming obese when they are very young so this is not working anymore. What can we do to help them?

Well there are a few ways we can help them get healthier and in better shape with out a major lifestyle change. If you can afford it there are a lot of clubs that can help them get in shape. There are many things from basketball to dance classes that will be of interest to them.

If they are not into social actives get them to do things with the family Take a walk in the park each day this is always fun and as they get older they will be able to go on there own Work with them on going outside when it is not to cold and meet other kid's they can learn to play with. Try and talk the whole family into getting in better shape and doing some exercise at home

Any thing will help

Eating better is not a difficult change There are many changes you can implement to your diet that can make a big difference in your child's health Start to cut down on the between meals snacks Kid's will eat sweet and salty snack's that are unhealthy for them and then they will not want to eat at meal times.

Try to cut down on the processed foods as these most of the time are full of salt and sugar and a lot of bad fat more than you would use when you cook from scratch. Let the kid's help you cook this will help them to try more new things and drive you a little crazy but it helps.

Kid's should not diet the same way adults do as they need more fats and a great amount of protein, carbohydrates, fruit and vegetables to help with there growth. In order to help them lose weight or just to stop them from gaining any more do not cut their amount of food eaten to much.

Just reduce the food in there main meal slightly and cut out the sweets or at least cut them down Eat plenty of fresh vegetables as many as they will eat raw serve them with a starch like potatoes, rice or pasta and plenty of protein. These come from meat, beans, nuts and dairy products. You will be better off if you mix these proteins instead of meat all the time

Healthy Eating Video - A fun way for Kids to learn healthy eating

This is a real cute video and can be very engaging

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