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Finding Free Meditation and Yoga Resources Online

Updated on December 27, 2015

Spread of Yoga Resources Online

For some people, the internet has been the most reliable place to go to if you have no other means of finding the information you want. And when you do, you will almost always find the information you want or need. The same goes with yoga and finding helpful yoga resources.

However, finding free yoga resources online is a lot trickier, so you really need a lot of patience and the right method to gain more success in your search.

How To: Find Free Resources Online

There are several free online yoga and meditation resources these days. But the bigger question is, how can you find them? Most yoga instructors that post yoga materials and instructions online charge fees or require an individual to purchase those yoga resources before they can be accessed. However, if you were to perform an extensive amount of research, you will find that there really is no need to make those expensive purchases as there are lots of free materials online.

This will now make it more convenient for you to perform yoga at home and at your own scheduled using materials that you have gathered on the internet. The key to finding free yoga and meditation resources online is going to the right directories. There are a lot of websites that offer free information on where you can find these free resources, if not directly provided the information you need for free.

Yoga Books on Amazon

Looking at the Right Places

Here is a list of websites that make great resources for free information and tools on yoga and meditation:

*Yoga Today: If you want quality but free yoga online instruction, then this website is one of the most reliable sources of information you need. It was established by world class yoga instructors instead of some websites claiming to be run by experts, so you can be assured that all information available are legitimate. Among the professional yoga instructors sharing their knowledge a few hours each day to those who want to perform yoga in their own home are Adi Amar, Sarah Kline, and Neesha Zollinger. The best thing about this particular website is that the workouts vary daily so you can always learn new techniques and stay motivated.

*Anmol Mehta's website: Another qualified yoga professional that offers free access to the latest yoga techniques and tools in his website is Anmol Mehta. This is an ideal website to find an extensive list of yoga information through guided instructions, comprehensive e-books, and other source of information for yoga and meditation.

*Yoga Journal: This used to be a audio-only podcast that offer free tips and information on yoga. However, the website has now gone more extensive with videos that offer free yoga techniques and tips for you to download and watch at anytime of your convenience.

*The Yoga Learning Center: In this website, experienced yoga instructors showcase audio and video streaming of exercise materials that you can use at home. There are about 50 online audio and video lessons that you can avail for free. Although this is generally a paid site, you can join in on a free week long trial membership to see if the resources are any useful.

What You Need

As soon as you have found the free yoga resources you need online, it should be easy to proceed onto the next set of activities and into the actual yoga performance. The materials and requirements to performing yoga at home using online tools are easy.

*Computer and internet connection – This is obviously the basic requirement to enable you to gain access to online yoga resources. A speedy internet connection is also helpful given that the kind of resources available vary from guides, ebook, video, or audio materials.

*Yoga mat – Performing yoga at home through online instruction works the same way as any form of yoga session, with the only difference being that you are able to do it at the comfort of your own home. Still, you will need a yoga mat for your own safety and convenience when executing exercises.

*Space or room – In order to properly execute specific yoga poses and exercises, you need to allow yourself as much space as required. This will provide you with enough opportunity to fully stretch out and enhance flexibility in various areas of the body without restriction.

*Determination – Aside from the physical object you need, determination is important since you are only relying on the materials you have and your own ability to learn from the materials available to you.

Videos on Yoga

Choosing Yoga Resources Online

Probably half of the contents you find online are real, while the other half are spams or those who offer no real information. Therefore, you need to save yourself time from dealing with the latter, especially when you want to practice yoga safely and effectively using online resources. Here are important factors for you to consider.

Qualification of Instructor

Is the website being run by an experienced yoga practitioner? What is their skill level? This will ensure that you are following safe and effective yoga methods.

Type of Resources Available

Is the resource lopsided by focusing only on one aspect of yoga practice? Then, you might want to consider some other resources that provide comprehensive instructions in yoga that include breathing or meditation for better effectiveness.

Developing Program

Since there are different levels of yoga intended for different skill levels, you need to find a developing program that enhances along with your skill. This will help ensure that you are continually improving in your practice of yoga.

Presence of Support Community

This could be in the form of forums or email where you can contact the website administrator for additional information or clarification on specific queries. This will ensure that you have a support system that could ensure your safety during practice of yoga at home and the ability to gain professional guidance despite the absence of a physical instructor to guide you during your yoga sessions.

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