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Finding Happiness within Yourself

Updated on May 24, 2019

As we have discussed previously in our blog about happiness. You might remember that we had covered multiple aspects of being happy and successful as well. This time, our main topic of discussion is about finding happiness within yourself. This is something which is often overlooked by many people. They end up complaining that they are not happy anymore. They are depressed, stressed or tensed. They further say that it has become nearly impossible for them to find happiness at all. Let me break the ice for you, the key to happiness is something we all have since the very beginning of our lives, but we don’t usually realize it.

Before we dive deeper into that statement, I would like to first clarify that there are actually two different types of happiness. The first one is temporary happiness and the second one is, of course, true happiness. We will break down both categories to make it easier for you to understand the difference and anticipate what you are trying to achieve in your life

Temporary Happiness

The term temporary happiness refers to the emotions we get upon achieving something quite easily, without much dedication or efforts. For instance, you have been thinking about upgrading your laptop for over a week or two. After looking at available options and your preferences, you save up for a while and soon, trade your old laptop for a new one. There, you have achieved something you have been wanting to for a while now. This achievement will end up giving you temporary happiness. Meaning, you will feel happy and have great emotions as soon as you accomplish this task, but it won’t even last that long.

It will be a matter of merely a couple of days before you get used to that emotion and it will blend in with your mood. You won’t be as happy or excited as you were when you first bought the new laptop. The same case can take place if you were to plan a road trip for a while or a reunion with your high school friends. These temporary emotions don’t last that long and they can be easily achieved without putting in many efforts.

Our goal here should be to attain actual true happiness. It tends to last for a much longer period of time. The emotions are a lot different than temporary happiness. Before we discuss the key to happiness and finding happiness within yourself, let’s take a brief look into true happiness.

True Happiness

This term refers to the emotions we feel after achieving something we have been anticipating for a longer period of time. For instance, it can be a major purchase. A brand new car or an apartment which you have been dreaming out for a couple of years now. Consider these as your long-term goals which took a lot more than usual time to achieve.

Remember long-term and short-term goals? We discussed them in one of our previous blogs. Let’s take a quick look at them. Long-term goals are referred to the ones which are not easy to achieve. They take a lot of effort and they help us progress further in our lives. Whereas, short-term goals are much easier to achieve. They do not require many efforts either and they are a part of the plan to achieve the long-term goals you have set up. Just like temporary and true happiness, short-term goals lead to temporary happiness which lasts for a couple of days and then, the dust settles down again. Upon achieving, you are most likely to experience true happiness. The emotions felt after being truly happy are of no comparison. They are unique and can’t be achieved without putting a lot of efforts into it.

Moving back to true happiness. Needless to say, almost all of us run after true happiness. The problem that surfaces is that we are not always able to differentiate between temporary happiness. We fool ourselves into thinking that if we make a slightly major purchase like a new car or a big television set, we will be really happy. Or, in some cases, we think that marrying the love of our life will be the key to eternal happiness. This is where it gets harsh.

All of these concepts are incorrect. Happiness has nothing to do with materialistic things or bonds. The true and actual happiness lies within the person themselves. They need to realize that only they have control of their emotions. Of course, the surroundings can sometimes really temper those emotions and have an impact on the mood, but just like temporary happiness, even that doesn’t last for long. It is exactly like the quote “One bad chapter doesn’t mean the end of the story.” If you are having difficulty understanding the reference, let me make it clearer to you. If you are having a bad mood for a day, don’t worry, it won’t last even two days. It will be over before you know it and you will be back to normal. Things will get better, relax.

I believe it is safe to say that the key to happiness is through meditation. Some people might highly disagree on this concept, but we’ll get there, don’t worry. Finding true happiness or within yourself is not as difficult as it seems. All you need is empty your mind, let go of anything which has a negative impact on you. Soon, your default emotion will be happiness. One of the main contributing factors that keep us from being happy is worry or stress. When we are worried about something, our main remains constantly focused on that one certain thing. Our brain does not relax, it keeps itself engaged, preventing us from calming down and being at peace.

In my opinion, one of the easiest ways to be happy or at least calm the mind down to be at peace and be happy is through organizing everything. If you are punctual or capable of keeping everything organized rather than panicking and ending up making a mess, you will be relaxed at the end of the day after all. You will worry a little less and there won’t be any panic attack either.

Another one of the many ways to be happy is doing what you love. If you are one of the hard-working employees who really don’t like what they are doing. Someone who is just doing their job for the sake of it, the chances of being happy with it are quite minimal. It is best recommended to only go after what you really like doing. You would surely need to consult some people making any major decision and you would also have to conduct small research to see if that will turn out to be beneficial for you or not. The main idea is doing the things that you love. It will feel less like a task that you need to complete than a task you are willing to do with all of your heart. This will play a major role in keeping you happy and calm at the same time. The career will be of your choice which will reduce the chances of being worried or stressed about it.

So, finding true happiness isn’t that hard. You just need to take care of a few things and you will be happier than before. Don’t be like those people who consider finding true happiness as a mission impossible task. No, it doesn’t work like that.

Bonus Tip: You can also start by sticking to your values and things that are important to you. Don’t let those be any materialistic objects. Be optimistic, optimism helps in reducing negativity significantly.

Listen to your heart. Give it time and listen to what it is saying. What it wants you to do. Don’t bluntly go out there and end up doing ridiculous things. Take your time, understand what your heart wants, evaluate to see if it is feasible for you or not and then, act upon it. It will grant you more happiness than anything else. Why? Because you will be accomplishing something your heart wanted you to accomplish.


In the end, I would like to address that you follow the process of finding actual happiness closely. Don’t mix things up. Don’t consider temporary happiness as true happiness. There is a major difference, remember that. Besides, it is not that hard to achieve that state of mind at all. Be at peace, keep everything organized and don’t rush anything. You will only end up creating havoc for yourself. You will get panic attacks and next thing you know, everything will be a big mess for you. Be wise and do the right thing. Don’t wait for happiness to come knocking on your front door, make efforts for it. Also, while you’re at it, look after yourself. This is how you will find happiness within yourself. Make it your routine and soon you will experience drastic changes in your life.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 james


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    • jameschris70 profile imageAUTHOR


      13 months ago from USA

      Chitrangada Sharan thanks for the appreciation

    • ChitrangadaSharan profile image

      Chitrangada Sharan 

      13 months ago from New Delhi, India

      Nice article with helpful suggestions. I agree with you that, we can seek for happiness, within our own selves.

      In other words, we can choose to be happy.

      Thanks for sharing.


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