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How To Detect The First Signs Of Alcoholism

Updated on July 4, 2011


27 Signs Of Alcoholism To Watch Out For

Because alcohol is so widely accessible and viewed as being socially acceptable, alcoholism has become one of the severe difficulties faced by the masses today. Being able to recognize the symptoms of alcohol addiction might not provide a quick solution, doing so does help to become aware of the problem. 

Because you can see that you have a problem you are more than likely to take action. This may take a while though, it took me over 25 years to recognize that I had a problem and to mature  enough to take action.  If you're reading this article I'm sure that there's a good chance that you recognize you have a drinking problem and part of you knows that you want to do something about it.  It does not have to be right now , tomorrow, or next week (depending on how serious your dependence on alcohol is, of course.) , but at least you're considering doing something and that is commendable.

For the majority of people frequent social drinking does not cause a problem and result in long-term addiction and dependence.  Alas however, there are millions of people around the globe who either are dependent upon (or have an addiction to) alcohol.  These Individuals will drink regardless of the consequences in their jobs, health and their relationships.  This on its own is a typical trait of alcohol addiction.

Those who abuse alcohol but aren't suffering from addiction may drink excessively but will not show the typical traits of alcoholism.  Alcohol abusers are usually in control of their drinking whereas those who are dependent on alcohol display many of the traits of alcoholism and will have a physical dependence.

Why does a person become an alcoholic?  Alcoholism affects people from all walks of life, it could be that alcohol addiction is a family problem has been a problem in the family, it could be the result of child abuse or neglect, loss of a family member, stress at work etc, or caused by a several other reasons. Alcoholism might not be instantly obvious to the individual with the drinking problem, but knowing the traits and symptoms of alcohol addiction is the first step that needs to be taken to combat the problem.

The First Signs of Alcoholism

There are many ways to recognize that whether someone has a problem with alcohol and they are easy to spot and I have listed some typical traits:

Have you ever thought that you drink too much and that you need to cut down on your alcohol intake?

Does your drinking cause you guilt?

Do you have a drink when you get up?

You know that you drink too much.

You drink every day.

You drink to make yourself feel better.

Once you start drinking you have to have more.

Your tolerance to alcohol has increased

If someone confronts you about your alcoholism you say you don't have a problem

You always drink before going to any social occasion if you know that alcohol was not going to be available.

You always drink your first drinks far too quickly.

You try to hide the amount that you are drinking

Do you crave alcohol and regularly think about drinking throughout the day

Are you unable to stop yourself from buying alcohol in a social situation?

Do you suffer from withdrawal symptoms when you don't drink and get anxious or irritable, feel sick and get the shakes?

Do you need to drink large amounts to get the same results that used to when you first started drinking

Do you do things completely out of character when drinking

Do you take dangerous risks when drinking for example, driving under the influence of alcohol?

Do you put yourself at risk of unwanted pregnacies, date rape or sexual transmitted diseases?

Do you get into trouble with the police because of your drinking?

Do you continue to drink even though you are hurting your relationships, health and are putting your job at risk?


Do you drink to relax to handle stress or to help you to sleep?


Do you need to have a drink to be able to socialise?


Do you hide your cans and empty bottles and tell lies about your drinking?


Do you often black out when drinking?


Do you feel unable to stop drinking?


Do you worry about running out of alcohol if you are in a place where alcohol is not available or hard to get?


How many of the above apply to you?  If there are more than a few then you really do have reason for concern and you simply should do something about it.  If you now feel convinced that you do have an alcohol problem and and feel ready to do something about it, then congratulations, you have made a positive step towards stopping drinking and that is commendable.

What to do now?

Make an appointment to see your physician and ask for help, they will be able to prescribe you with drugs to make withdrawal easy.  They might also be able to organise sessions with an alcohol counsellor who can give you advice.  You might also be interested in an ebook that I have written outlining in detail all of the techniques and tools I used to successfully quit drinking on my own.


Click Here to learn how to Stop Drinking Today


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      My partner drinks 4 to 6 small can of beer avery day and 7 or 10 every day at the weekend.He only drinks afther work 4.00pm.Does he has an alcoholic problem?

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      my partner lost his job can not pay bills drinks everyday almost and does not have much responsablity or cares about everyday problems does this mean they could have a alcholic problem


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