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Resolution To Lose

Updated on January 2, 2011

A Year of Wellness

If you're reading this and have made a New Year's resolution to lose weight, then please read on as I will offer you some advice on how to make good on that resolution. What you do with the advice is up to you. For starters, forget any past failures and regrets and stop beating yourself up over lack of weight loss success.

Losing weight starts with a desire, which most people don't get beyond and don't even get to until a doctor warns them of health risks. Once it's established that you want to lose weight, you have to have an action plan and in reading this blog, I will suggest some strategies that may work. One important thing to remember is that everybody's different and is equipped differently. If there are 30 people weighing 300 pounds each who follow the same program, there will be 30 different results.

I'm going to start with nutrition as everybody knows, you are what you eat. I will break down a few things that should be avoided as much as possible and why:

1. Avoid greasy fried food: It causes plaque to build up in the arteries, which causes heart problems and more weight gain. Fried food is very difficult for the body to process and the more fried it is, the less the body can utilize it.

2. Put the chips and cookies down and get some real food: It's easy to come home from a long day and grab chips, cookies, or ice cream and begin eating until you feel a little full or the bag is empty, which robs the body of the nutrients you should be getting from a healthy meal.

3. Don't use artificial sweeteners: Artificial sweeteners have been proven time and time again to cause health problems, so avoid them completely, if you wan't an alternative to sugar, use honey.

4. Don't eat your money's worth: Many people go to buffets, which in itself isn't a bad thing. The problem is many people hate the thought of not eating enough to justify what they spent, but cramming down food until you're full or even sick is a terrible idea.

5. Skip dessert: Having a big filling meal followed by a big piece of cake does nothing to get rid of those extra pounds.

6. Don't starve yourself: Starvation diets are the worst thing ever for weight loss. Instead of skipping meals, eat smaller meals, but the body needs it's nutrients so don't rob it.

7. Avoid the sugary, syrupy drinks: Most sodas are made with high fructose corn syrup, which is basically food's nicotine. Water is all the body needs and cool-aid, sweet tea, and other sweetened drinks should be left alone.

8. Watch what you're using on your food: If you put butter and jelly on a piece of wheat toast, you've just added a load of junk your body doesn't need. Avoid or limit the salt you put on your food. Pizza has enough sodium and toppings as it is, don't pour ranch on it.

9. Just don't buy certain things: If you're in the house and craving doughnuts, you're a lot less likely to eat them if you have to go out and buy them, so while out shopping make a conscious decision to pass by them. That rings true for everything.

10. Beware of the hidden threats to weight loss: You may love coffee and it's potential health benefits may excite you, but when you're ordering a double mocha anything with whipped cream on top forget about it and the cream and mountain of sugar don't help either. A salad to be considered healthy, should have little or no dressing. Many people have been confused by Subway after Jared lost so much weight, but most of the subs will contribute to more weight gain, limit subs and avoid the condiments. Canned fruit is usually swimming in a pool of syrup, which defeats the fruit's purpose. Just because it's fat free or has something healthy in it doesn't mean it's not junk. 

Boost Your Metabolism

No, this is not about some way to eat whatever you want and lose weight. As we get older our metabolism slows down, which makes many people miss when they were younger and could eat whatever they wanted. Metabolism is when the body turns food into usable energy, so the following are a few tips on how to give your metabolism a boost.

1. More smaller meals: You've probably heard this one before, but I'm saying it again. Eat more meals throughout the day. This is not to say have 6 combo meals a day, but you should eat smaller meals and supplement nutritional needs by having a piece of fruit or something in between meals. Let the body get what it needs when it needs it. Eat to nourish, not to eat.

2. If you have to eat a big lunch: I don't recommend eating big meals, especially any meal that makes you full. If you're going to eat a big meal, make it lunch. A big breakfast is too heavy on the stomach after just getting up and a big dinner just gives the body calories to sleep on, and you don't need a lot of energy to sleep.

3. Stay active: If your day consists of sitting down on the couch watching television and only getting up to get food, the body isn't going to metabolize much, because you're not doing anything, go for a walk or whatever gets you going and active.

4. Don't eat anything within an hour of going to bed: Eating just before bed is never a good thing and late night snacking should be avoided even if you're not trying to lose weight. I would recommend not eating 3 hours before going to bed, but I know that's impossible for many people.

5. Let water be the first thing to enter the body in the morning: When I wake up, I like to swish around a little bit of water and spit it out (beside the point). Before eating anything, drink a glass of water, it should also be consumed throughout the day as it helps the body carry nutrients where they need to go and flush out toxins.

6. Limit carbohydrate consumption at dinner time: I am not suggesting a low carb diet or anything crazy, but you need most of your carbohydrates throughout the day when you're the most active, but after a long day, the last thing the body needs is a meal full of corn, potatoes, and bread before resting. If you're going to include carbs in your dinner, don't have 3, have one.


This is what I would say is the most important thing when it comes to losing weight. Think about who's going to lose more weight, the person sticking to a strict diet but staying on the couch all day or the person who eats junk from time to time and jogs everyday? The body benefits from exercise in so many ways, it helps to burn off the food you eat (don't think you'll burn off that cupcake by doing 10 more sit-ups though). It is one of the best remedies for depression and it fights off sickness.

If you have a gym membership use it. If nothing else, do 30 minutes on the treadmill, but don't make excuses for not going. 

If you don't have a gym membership, exercise at home. The following are ways that you can exercise without going to the gym:

1.  Take a long walk to places down the street that you would normally drive to: If you drive a mile everyday get to your nearby office and your vehicle gets 15 mpg, you would get good exercise walking and would save on gas every month. In the long run you save much more and burn extra calories, especially if you rush on foot the way many people rush while driving. Rule of thumb, if it is less than a mile to drive to and you don't have to cross a bunch of traffic, you should walk. 

2. Exercise during commercial breaks while watching television: You could watch your favorite show on TV and do jumping jacks or something the whole time commercials are on, which means you're not paying attention to advertisements for junk you don't need. 

3. Write out a schedule if you're super busy: Know what time you have to commit to exercising. If you don't have at least 30 minutes in your day then find a way to exercise on the go or cut something out, your health is far more important. 

4. Exercise while reading this: The whole time you spend sitting at a desk reading blogs, you could stand up and jog in place or something. You could even do leg extensions while you're sitting down reading this. "I don't have time" is never an excuse. 

The key to any routine is goal setting, but you want to set realistic goals and make sure there specific. "I want to get in shape" isn't specific and "I want to lose 50 pounds in 2 weeks" isn't realistic. A good goal example would be "I wan't to lose 10 pounds this month" take the goal you set, stay committed to exercising and eating right and you'll reach your goals, but don't be discouraged if you don't, just stay disciplined and move on. 

Thank you for reading and I hope this year is the year you achieve your goals. It all starts now, procrastination never gets anything accomplished. 


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    • Daniel Carter profile image

      Daniel Carter 

      7 years ago from Western US

      Right on. Terrific info. I hope millions take this to heart. Great hub. Looking forward to more.

    • Juiceyme profile image


      7 years ago

      You are so right. I just figured out eating smaller meals and eating more a day does make you lose weight. Of course eating the right foods. I lost 15 pounds and my co worker lost 30 and we did it in 2 months. We did no Exercising what so ever! Great hub!!!!


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