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fitness and weight lose

Updated on February 19, 2012

Nowadays people get more conscious about their health and beauty. They try to maintain their weight and figure, want to be fit and fine specially women. They go for gym. But it’s better to keep you healthy by avoiding unhealthy foods like creamy sauce, fat cheese and gravies. It’s better to follow a chart for everyday life, like what should you eat what should you do. If you control your foods you can maintain a good figure and can keep yourselves fit and fine. But one thing try not to skip foods.

Simple ways to lose weight

1. Eat breakfast every day, do not skip it, research shows that people who skip breakfast are most likely to be overweight.

2. Limit juice, soda and sugar sweetened beverages. They can add excess sugar and empty calories.

3. Try to choose foods or try to prepare foods without high-fat sauce.

4. Your plate should be full of vegetables or fruits at every meal as a starter when you feel you are hungry.

5. Eat your favourite foods only in occasion. For example, if you like pizza, try eating it only once every 2 weeks.

6. Keep a detailed food journal everyday on your dining table. It helps you track your calorie intake.

7. Avoid after-dinner snacks. But if you want to munch on something while watching T.V. then have something light, like an apple or some fresh vegetables.

8. Try a main dish salad for lunch. Go light on the salad dressing like low fat cheese, salad dressing etc.

9. Eat as much as possible and go out to eat only on occasions like wedding parties, birthdays etc.

10. Eat slowly and allow your stomach time to signal that your are full.

11. Try to stock your kitchen with fresh fruits and vegetables and other healthy snacks.

12. Choose fish more than meat often for lunch or dinner.

13. When you are eating out, order something fresh that do not have creamy sauce or gravies.

14. Drink 10 to 15 glass of water every day.


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    • faria_lupin profile image

      faria_lupin 6 years ago from Dhaka, Bangladesh

      :) thanx to you too for liking it and i'm sure you can do it cause i already did

    • carolp profile image

      Carolina 6 years ago from Switzerland

      After the holiday seasons many people gain weight, so do i.

      It is good to read your hub and make people aware about losing some pounds. Thanks for sharing..