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Different ways to calm your acne

Updated on August 30, 2009

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Aside from using treatment from your Dermatologist there are other steps you can take to calm and fix an acne problem

I must admit that in the last few months, I have developed a severe case of adult acne and this has been devastating to me. Going from perfect skin to a face full of angry pimples has been horrifying to me so I hope that people can find this hub useful.

The first step I took in trying to clear up my acne was to try Proactive. It certainly works for many people and is offered at a reasonable cost. After a couple of months I realized it wasn't the product for me, it was actually burning my skin a bit ( I have sensitive skin) and I was not seeing any signs of improvement so I discontinued use.

My next step was going to the dermatologist. I ended up walking away with two different types of cream, a wash, and a bottle of antibiotics. The thing my derm. said that caught my attention the most was " This should do the trick, even if it takes a few months." I think the key with severe acne is that there is no quick fix, but there are ways you can improve the state of your skin aside from prescribed medication. The meds my derm has given me have cleared up my skin some, but I would say that I would say that I still have moderate acne, I have an appointment with her in September and will keep my readers aware of any updates any changes.

While my skin has not fully cleared up, things that I can fully, beyond a doubt, tell you that helped clear it up beyond prescription meds are as follows:

  • Cutting as much dairy out of my diet as possible.
  • I also ditched a lo-carb diet ( was eating a lot of fatty meats and cheeses) and switched to whole grains, carbs, and am currently trying to eat lower in fat and I believe the reduction in fat content has helped clear my skin up.
  • A daily mud mask. I have found that using a daily mud mask, I use mine at night, helps reduce oil in the skin.
  • Water. All I drink is water, and I drink a ton of it, and it helps.
  • Stress reduction. This is probably the most difficult for me. My stress level has a direct effect on my skin. I try to practice deep breathing to remedy this.  
  • Get plenty of sleep. I find 8 hours of more leaves me significantly less stressed out the next day.
  • Finally, if you have access to a steam room, I recommend spending ten minutes a day three times a week in the room. I have found that a steam room works wonders for unclogging pores. 
For more information please leave a comment, or contact your local dermatologist. 


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    • profile image

      shellcreditcards 6 years ago

      I would recommend you this site:

    • profile image

      Dave 6 years ago

      Acne - nature's sickest joke. Just when we are at our most self-conscious, getting serious about the opposite sex and when popularity and image are most important in life, nature strikes us down with its cruel sword. Beware of the strong anti-acne medications, they will ruin your skin for life, leaving it too dry and flaky, and also has mental health effects like leaving you chronically depressed for life. Well it's better than being depressed in your teens over acne. Almost worth it just to say "huh, we beat nature's course".

    • profile image

      Freebies 7 years ago

      It could calm down around twenty or earlier, some people even have really bad acne in their fifties, it all depends on your skin.

    • profile image

      Health Blog 7 years ago

      It instantly works to calm your skin then strengthens and hydrates day by day.