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Flat belly diet reviews

Updated on September 3, 2011
A nice flat belly
A nice flat belly

There are many programs available that try and teach you how to get a flat belly

Some claim to be able to deliver those flat abs without much effort, while others are pretty blunt about how much work it is going to be to get into shape. I will summarize the various methods available and offer my opinions on what I think of them.


Some of the programs available at the book store or on the Internet will focus almost entirely on your diet. The basic premise is that you need to eat the right foods to boost your body's metabolism and then you will slowly start to melt the fat off. The most important part of this is to eat only natural or organic foods that are free of additives and chemicals. They stress that what you eat is even more important than the amount of food you eat. There is no focus on watching how many calories you have consumed each day, but obviously the amount you eat should be controlled to some extent. Another part of some of these programs is that you have to switch things up once in a while so that your body doesn't get used to your diet. This way your metabolism will stay revved up and you will still be burning fat. Read some 7 day belly blast diet reviews to learn more about these diets.

Diet and Exercise

Most of the good programs will combine some sort of diet with a specific exercise program. It you think about it, it makes total sense that the two would work so well together. If you have a diet that is working, why not add exercise and make it even better? Or conversely, if you have a great workout that is showing you some results, maybe you could improve your diet and make even more progress. The most important point you will get from these programs from a diet perspective, is that you must avoid additives and preservatives. Also only the good carbs such as whole grain bread, rice, and cereals should be eaten. Only lean cuts of beef, pork and chicken should be included in your diet, while fish and lots of vegetables should be embraced.

The exercise portion may focus on intense workouts that will supercharge your metabolism and help you burn calories. Short intense weight programs can be very beneficial in building muscle. However muscle weighs more than fat, so you may not even lose weight but you will lose inches that will make you look and feel dramatically better. You will have more energy and your self esteem will go up which in turn will make your whole life more enjoyable. Read a fat burning furnace review before starting any of these programs. They all offer some good information, but some are better than others.

The mental part

If you make the investment and buy one of these programs you have to be dedicated to actually trying it and making it work. Whatever program you choose has to become part of your lifestyle if it is to have a good chance of working. You have to get up in the morning and not even have to think about it. Most of the programs will have some good information on how to deal with this psychological part.

Do they work?

If you search for how to get a flat belly on the Internet, you will find an awful lot of programs to choose from. I have tried most of these and I have come the the conclusion that they all work to varying degrees. It all depends on your individual situation. If you are dramatically overweight like I was, you probably would want to use a program that deals with both exercise and diet. Read reviews and go to the individual products sales pages and you will get a good idea how the program works. If you dread intense workouts, choose one that will focus on the diet portion with more moderate exercise. The bottom line is to realize any benefits you have to take action.


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    • skinnyhealthygirl profile image

      Cristina Pierce 6 years ago from NYC

      It takes commitment, a little effort everyday, consistently, will help maintain flat abs for life, at least that is what works for me.