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Flower Essences For Healthy Pets

Updated on July 25, 2013

Why Flower Essences?

Animals are under a great deal of stress from both the changing vibrational shifts of the planet and from absorbing human negativity. This overload to their electrical systems is impeding the flow of life force causing them tremendous stress. If left untreated this disturbance in energy flow can manifest into physical and emotional illness.

Flower essences are a natural form of holistic healing that are electrical Not chemical in nature. They contain only the energy imprint of the flower making them completely non-toxic. The essences offer healing energy in the form of vibrational information that an animal's electrical system knows how to read and use to improve his or her health and well being. Flower essences are very high vibrational, their energy moves freely and goes to where the healing needs to happen in the vibrational system, this helps to heal, balance, and strengthen the animal's energy system when it is out of balance.


Grown around the world

Green Hope Farm Flower Essences are made from the flower petals of fruit trees, shrubs, flowers, herbs, and vegetables grown on the farm. They are made in partnership with nature...specifically the Angels and Nature Spirits. Together they have created high vibrational gardens that result in flowers that have particularly high vibrations. The essences are stabilized with organic Red Shiso, a high vibrational Japanese herb, instead of the more commonly used Brandy. This results in a better tasting and higher vibrational essence.

Green Hope Farm makes hundreds of essences, many of which are combined together to make specific remedies. They have an entire collection of remedies for animals (of course people can use them too) Whenever one of my dogs has diarrhea I head for the Digestive Woes, during thunderstorms they get Anxiety, I use Flea Free in the summer and never see a flea, bouts of temperament are treated with Outburst or Jealousy, Healthy Coat keeps their skin and fur lustrous, and Senior Citizen helps with the problems of old age. These are just some of the benefits that my pets and myself have had in the many years that we have been using these wonderful essences.

A Guide To Green Hope Farm Flower Essences

A comprehensive guide to hundreds of Flower Essences, how they are made, how they work, and how they benefit you.

Animal Wellness Collection

Flower Essences from Green Hope Farm

Green Hope Farm offers twenty-two Flower Essences in the Animal Wellness Collection. These remedies offer helpful support for common problems faced by animals. Each remedy serves the animals' emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual well being in specific ways.

Abandonment & Abuse

For animals who have been rescued from abuse and abandonment but who still bear emotional scars from their experiences; for related behavioral issues, including terror at being handled, loner behavior and other socialization issues, depression, odd phobias, cringing and hiding.

Animal Emergency Care

For trauma, shock, extreme stress and acute situations; to calm the electrical system during emergency medical situations or serious illness.


For anxiety, nervous habits and obsessive behaviors such as excessive licking or feather picking, fear of people or of being handled, phobias, confused thinking, fear of loud noises including thunderstorms, overactive watchdog behavior including pacing.


Lung and pulmonary system, upper respiratory issues.


Support for animal and human caretakers, nourishes empathy and unconditional love in care taking relationships, increases intuitive communication, restores joy and enthusiasm in selfless service.

Digestive Woes

For gastrointestinal issues.

Flee Free

For situations in which an animal is under attack; for improved electrical vitality so that boundaries strengthen and animal can rebuff negativity or pests.

Flow Free

Urinary tract health, problems with flow anywhere in the body

Grief & Loss

For when a caretaker, friend or animal companion dies; loss of home or sense of purpose; break-up of family; for despair, depression, brokenness and grief.

Healthy Coat

For healthy skin and fur, for hot spots, rashes, skin sensitivities, and allergic situations, for raw tissue internally as well as externally

Immune Support

For supporting the immune system.


Jealousy in any form, including sibling rivalry among animals in the same household.


Supports an animal to find balance and right relationship with his person; helpful for the animal who is overly anxious to please his person or who wavers between self-confidence and no confidence, exhibiting resentment alternating with clinginess in his search for his place in the world.

New Beginnings

For both old and new animals when a new animal arrives in a household; for transition to new caretakers, a new role or new home.


For aggression, outbursts of violent behavior often unexpected or out of character, any unproductive release of pent up emotions through destructive physical activity. Animal act as sponges, absorbing negativity wherever they go. It is easy for them to collect too much negativity and get electrically overcharged. If they cannot find a way to discharge this negativity constructively they will do it destructively. They often need support to release this electrical overcharge. This mix helps discharge electrical overcharges in a benign way.


Post-surgery or recovery from illness or trauma.

Run & Play

To support the healing process for any injury or chronic condition which interferes with joyful, flexible, carefree running and playing.


Caretaker away or at work with animal home alone or in the care of someone other than their person; separation anxiety.

Senior Citizen

To help maintain emotional equilibrium and good cheer during declines in function associated with aging process; to help reverse the declines to whatever degree is possible in areas such as flexibility, eyesight, hearing, energy levels and general flow of systems.


Supports balanced self-expression for animals in or out of shows, helps shy and retiring animals blossom and very assertive animals find appropriate poise and restraint.


Difficulty discharging negativity in more benign ways; resentment; pent up anger; confusion about role in household due to arrival of new animal or for some other reason; litter box issues.


For the dying process both to give physical stamina during the work of dying and also to help with the spiritual work done during the last stages of life, also helpful during other transitions in life.

The grief and loss remedy helped me with sadness...

The grief and loss remedy helped me with sadness...
The grief and loss remedy helped me with sadness...

How To Use Flower Essences

How to give them to your pet.

Flower essences can be taken in food or water, rubbed on paw pads, ear tips, and fur, or mixed with a cup of water and spritzed throughout an animal's household. Because the essences are electrical, not chemical, a small amount of a remedy contains the same information as a large amount. This means you usually do not need to use more than a couple drops of a remedy at any time no matter what method of application you use. Three to five drops in food or water twice a day would be ample for most situations. If the situation is acute, more frequent use of the remedies can help an animal to better copy the healing information offered.

To keep your remedies pure, rinse a dropper well before returning it to the bottle if it has touched you or the animal you are working with. Animals cannot overdose on Flower Essences. You can give animals as many remedies as you feel they need.

The Animal Wellness Collection remedies were developed for animals but are fabulous for people too. As many people as animals use these remedies in their healing work..

Mom gives me Anxiety during helps!

Mom gives me Anxiety during helps!
Mom gives me Anxiety during helps!

Learn More About Using Flower Essences For Animals

Learn how to control your pets behavor and address their health issues naturally with flower essences.

Have you ever used Green Hope Farm Flower Essences...or any other brand?

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    • profile image

      RinchenChodron 6 years ago

      I personally use essential oils, but I know that flower essences work too. Nice lens.

    • Lee Hansen profile image

      Lee Hansen 7 years ago from Vermont

      I've seen flower essences for humans; did not realize they were safe for pets, too. Might help our thunder-fearing old kitty ...

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      It's wonderful to see all the natural remedies for pets. I don't take prescription drugs for myself, so I don't want them for my pets either.

    • Lou165 profile image

      Lou165 7 years ago from Australia

      I've used different Bach Flower remedies on my pets in the past, the effect was most noticable on my late cat who we gave rescue remedy to when we had to travel 3 hours to our new home - it was fantastic!

    • draik profile image

      draik 8 years ago

      Thanks for joining All About Animals Group. Your lens was added to our feature module and it will appear randomly.

    • religions7 profile image

      religions7 8 years ago

      Great lens - you've been blessed by a squidoo angel :)

    • Mayapearl profile image

      Mayapearl 8 years ago

      excellent lens, I have used rescue remedy on my pets and I am happy to see some information on healing pets with subtle energy.

    • profile image

      tdove 9 years ago

      Thanks for joining G Rated Lense Factory!

    • profile image

      anonymous 9 years ago

      This is wonderful. I'm so glad someone is creating and offering flower essenses for pets. I have used them for myself for many years and found them gentle and effective. I'm thrilled that I can now use them on my pets, too.

    • profile image

      RinchenChodron 9 years ago

      Very nice site - ***** I use essential oils on my pets.