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The power of flowers: An approach to flower therapy

Updated on April 24, 2011


Rose is praised by the poet William Shakespeare as a sweet smelling flower. And it is has been a great inspiration for poets through time.

When steamed with a certain degree of temperature the rose flower can yield an essential oil which can be used for its sweet and long lasting fragrance, which is known as Attar of Rose. Rose water syrup is used as a relaxing agent as a drink and rose petals are also used in making Rose tea for its vitamin C content serving as a holistic medicine. Then it is also used for making food items such as sweets jam and jellies.

Rose like its soft petals is beneficial for improving the tone of the skin and it is therefore its flower essences are used in many skin care products.

Also roses are an integral part of the decoration in many occasions of our life. Due to their wide variety and color they are used with artistic sense. In many Asian recipes the rose water is used to improve the taste of the food prepared.

Roses are largely the flowers that are preferred by people of different places all around the world to decorate the bouquets that convey our concern to our family and friends. So it is considered to be a symbol of love and the most attractive flower.


The diverse curing quality of jasmine makes it one of the important ingredients of natural medicine. It is also helpful in the treatment of ulcers, boils, vesicles, skin diseases and eye disorders. The extract of the leaves are used in treating breast tumors. The jasmine oil is effective in calming and relaxing the body as a part of holistic healing. Perfumes and incense are also made from the fragrant flowers. The flowers are used to make Jasmine tea and other herbal or black tea. Its oil is also used in creams, shampoos and soaps. Jasmine is considered to be a great skin toner and also a skin conditioner.


Neem flowers can be called as a healing flower. They are tiny flowers that have a peculiar fragrance and produce nectar. Each flower matures into only one seed. Between the months of January and April the flowering of neem starts. The buds of the neem tree normally open in the afternoon time and it emanates a strong smell in the night. Neem flower is slightly bitter to taste. It is packed with healing qualities and used for various flower remedies.

In the medicinal field the neem flower is used to make drugs and dressings for wound. In homeopathy neem is used to treat vomiting and nausea.

The flower is used as a food flavoring agent in food industry. Neem flower oil is used in relaxing the body and mind in aroma therapy.


The oil extracted from sun flower has multi purposes. It is widely used as cooking oil that has proven to be nutritious. A variety of sunflowers have different nutritional content and some of them have healthy mono unsaturated fats. Hence sunflower is considered for cooking in order to maintain a healthy heart and life style.

HIBISCUS (Shoe flower):

The inherent constituent that is present in hibiscus helps in the growth of hair. It reduces dandruff and makes the hair black. The natural oil in this flower acts as a good conditioner. This flower can be used as natural dye for hair. The oil that is extracted from this flower can be applied on the skin of the patients who are suffering from cellulite and stretch marks. Hence improving the health of the skin and makes it glow.

  • The ash obtained by burning the flower and leaves of this flower can be applied to eyebrows which gives them a dark deep black color.
  • Due to its mineral and vitamin content the Jamaicans use it in their herbal tea. And is considered in promoting holistic health in a person.
  • Also serving as a flower remedy, it ‘s medicinal quality is proved in a 2008 USDA study, which shows the consumption of hibiscus tea lowers blood pressure in a group of pre-hypertensive and also mildly hypertensive adults.
  • In some parts of India the flowers are used to shine shoes and in Indonesia, these flowers are called "kembang sepatu", which literally means "shoe flower".


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    • eshwar_1989 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from India

      @beccas90 Thx beccas90, Happy to help :)

    • eshwar_1989 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from India

      @WriteAngled Great info, Thx for coming by and posting your valuable comments.

    • beccas90 profile image


      7 years ago from New York

      Love your information on these flower remedies.

    • WriteAngled profile image


      7 years ago from Abertawe, Cymru

      Hibiscus is also used a lot as a cold drink in Egypt, where it is called karkadé. I used to drink a lot of rosehip+hibiscus tea when I lived in Yugoslavia. Have not seen it in the UK.


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