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How to Use Foam Roller for IT Band

Updated on April 24, 2013

Using Foam Roller for Iliotibial Band

Iliotibial Band Injuries are often treated using stretches and muscle flexes. Among the sought treatments is the use of Foam Roller for IT Band Syndrome. Foam rollers are tightly enclosed foam in a cylindrical leather, rubber, or plastic casing. It is a common workout equipment readily available in the nearest fitness shop or online store such as Amazon.

How to Choose the Best Foam Roller For You

Most coaches and fitness experts would recommend using a foam roller first before running or doing any workout or sports. So how do you choose which one is best for you?

Foam rollers are generally color coded, the darker they are, the denser and harder they are. So if you are a beginner, it's best to start with the white color or the light blue one. As your work out gets heavier, you can shift to the stronger ones like the black and dark blue foam rollers. There are also textured foam rollers being sold in the market that promise an even deeper tissue massage.

Foam Roller for IT Band

Lying on Back Position

The equipment you will need i a foam roller and rubber mat. The first step is to lay on your back on the rubber mat and relax your muscles. Once the pain in the affected leg is lessened, you can now use the Foam Roller.

While lying on your back, flex your unaffected leg similar in a sit up position but with your injured leg straight on the rubber mat. Place the Foam Roller beneath the affected leg and slowly sit on your two hands pressed against the rubber mat and your buttocks several centimeters above the mat. With a slow rocking motion by using your flexed leg to move your body, press your affected leg a little harder on the foam roller and allow it to roll back and forth beneath the affected leg. Do it for at least one minute and repeat it for several times until the pain subsides.

Over on One Side Position

Lay your one side either left or right as long as the injured leg is pressed against the rubber mat. Place the foam roller beneath the affected leg and use your hands to lift your body so that your weight is on the foam roller. Push your body forwards and backwards so that the Foam Roller rolls back and forth beneath the affected leg. Do it for at least one minute and repeat for several times until the pain is gone.

Sitting on One Leg Position

This time, you will need a work bench and of course the foam roller. Sit in the middle of the work bench so that your two leg are on either side of the bench. Place the affected leg over the bench and place the Foam Roller underneath the injured leg. Use your arms and other leg to raise your body so that most of your weight is concentrated on the affected leg. Rock your body back and forth so that the Foam Roller rolls beneath the affected leg. Do it for several minutes and repeat for several times or until the pain vanishes.

These are the basic positions and ways on how to use the foam rollers for IT Band Syndrome. You can improvise a bottle wrapped in cloth if you do not have a foam roller. You may also think of other positions and maneuvers that might best suit your case.

But it is still best to do precautions to avoid having IT Band Injury. Just avoid unbalanced leg movements over long period of time to avoid the IT Bands from absorbing too much stress and strain.


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    • Jacante profile image

      Jacante 4 years ago

      I'm a big fan of foam rolling, I especially love the Trigger Point as it's a bit more firm. When I'm at races away from home, I pack a tennis ball which does the trick as a mini/travel size roller!