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Foods That Doctors Say Can Lower Bad LDL Cholesterol

Updated on September 14, 2019

- In recent years, as a direct benefit or positive consequence of convenient information access, there has been a renewed focus on staying active, physically fit, and healthy. A key ingredient to achieving this goal is of course diet. We consult our doctors, friends, and relatives, we watch television shows, scan online based entries, and read paperback journals dedicated to keeping us informed on all the latest medical reports and studies pertaining to our health and how to increase longevity the safe, natural way -

If you are vigilant and try to stay abreast of the vast wealth of information disseminated on a daily basis, this alone could upset your health, or at least cause possible minor eye irritation from just reading and digesting the volumes upon volumes of new findings offered to the public.

One of the things that I've noticed in recent years is the overwhelming number of retractions that occur as a result of the scientific community revisiting or rethinking previous recommendations which were distributed and made public in the past. First, the initial recommendation to use or consume a specific product is articulated and promoted via print and television media, and then of course a certain percentage of the general public subscribes to the advise only to be cautioned about the very same product or food months or even years after the fact.

We all know this happens more frequently than it should for various reasons and it's very difficult for the average consumer to find the disposable time to sift through the enormous volume of medical information in an effort to extract the facts. Subsequent to conducting my own research, I found a list of foods that apparently have a documented history of positive health benefits for those who consume in moderation. To my knowledge, none of the foods mentioned below had ever been removed from said list nor recommendation retracted as a direct result of questions raised pertaining to nutritional value as others have in the past. The consensus seems to remain solid and the vast majority of doctors and medical experts still stand by claims of enhanced benefits to the human body.

  • As always, consult your doctor before altering your diet in any way. This list was compiled for information purposes only and not as an endorsement -


A mainstay ingredient for an increasing number of households and restaurants. Most olive oils contain no artificial flavors or preservatives which can degrade or dilute the vitamin content, it's made entirely from olives and extract. Typically, the purest non processed "Extra Virgin" varieties come from the northern Italy region around the Tuscany farmlands where weather conditions are near perfect to grow and maintain the trees which produce premium fruits and vegetables.

Many individual doctors and aggregate of medical journals still praise the apparent positive health benefits of olive oil included within a balanced diet. According to numerous public studies, consumption in moderation of "Good" HDL cholesterol found in olive oil helps to flush out the "Bad" LDL cholesterol leaving a net increase in HDL. Another health benefit is the high vitamin E content found in the oil which doctors assert can help to rejuvenate and heal the body in a natural way. According to recent studies, olive oil will not upset your stomach as many other types can and it may actually have a soothing effect for individuals who have minor stomach ailments. Check with your doctor for details.

  • FISH

Rich in omega 3 ( Fatty Acids ), fish is considered to be one of the healthiest foods a person can add to a diet. The natural oils are said to repel and guard against cardiovascular disease. According to studies, the oil acts as a lubricant to keep the blood flowing freely throughout the body which should aide in fostering healthy circulation. Fish is also very protein rich, so not only do you get the direct benefits of a heart healthy meal, but an infusion of muscle cell building amino acid as well. Doctors recommend the following choices that contain a high concentrate of omega 3 and other nutrients.

  • Halibut - Salmon - Lake Trout - Mackerel -
  • Broiled, baked, or grilled is the healthiest way to prepare fish - A good fish oil supplement can also be beneficial if the actual food cannot be digested -



According to medical professionals and nutritionists, raw nuts such as walnuts, almonds, and other varieties, are rich in polyunsaturated fats that can help maintain healthy blood vessels which in turn, can foster enhanced circulation leading to better overall health. Nuts also contain a high calorie count so moderation is key. A good balance between the benefits of eating them while avoiding excessive weight gain is suggested.

According to recent studies, eating nuts not only has the potential to lower LDL cholesterol but triglycerides as well. ( To get the full benefit they should be raw and unsalted.)

Recent medical studies also support the fact that walnuts and other types are rich in "antioxidants" that can build up the immune system and protect the body against disease. They may also help you maintain a healthier physical appearance.


I remember when I was in college and preparing for a two hour final exam which was coming up and the teacher would announce the following to the entire class, "Make sure you have a good healthy meal before the test, something that will "stick" with you and provide an energy boost to get you through the day, a good choice is oatmeal". And she was right.

Recent medical studies indicate oatmeal is not only a nutritious food containing essential dietary fiber, but it can also play a substantial role in potentially lowering LDL levels by actually "Soaking Up" excess bad cholesterol within your body.

According to many experts, oatmeal acts like a sponge in the body that absorbs excess LDL which helps to encourage the flourishing of "Good" cholesterol. Try to keep it healthy though, the taste is rather bland and there's always the temptation to load it up with ingredients such as sugar or maple syrup which may actually mitigate positive effects. Healthy, low calorie substitutes would be sliced banana, strawberries, or any other fresh fruit favorite to enhance nutritional value without sacrificing flavor.

- Fruits & Vegetables -

- As children growing up, our parents always stressed the nutritional value of eating all our vegetables during dinner and then provided us with an assortment of fresh fruit for desert. The highly beneficial vitamin and mineral content has been well documented over the years and studies still support this dietary theory while medical experts continue to recommend these nutritious foods as part of a healthy diet -

  • Always consult your Doctor before changing or modifying your diet in any way -
  • Research for this Hub included online sources from the "The Mayo Clinic" website -

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