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Foods to Eat to Gain Weight

Updated on August 24, 2017

Foods Actors Eat to Gain Weight for Roles

Most of us don't want to gain weight. But when an actor needs to fill out for a role, there are certain foods to eat to gain weight.

I am a movie and TV nut. I love watching a good film or television show then checking out the actors and background of the movie or show on Internet Movie Database (IMDb).

Occasionally I see a line like this one in Laura Linney's Bio section:

"Gained about 20 pounds for her role in Kinsey (2004), mainly by eating Krispy Kreme glazed doughnuts."

Wow! Then I wonder how many doughnuts she ate and how long it took to gain 20 pounds! And then how did she lose the weight?

Information Source: IMDb Laura Linney Bio.

Photo of Kinsey (Two-Disc Special Edition) courtesy of Amazon.

Laura Linney ate doughnuts to gain weight

for her part in Kinsey.

Kinsey - Starring Laura Linney (20 pounds heavier), Liam Neeson, Chris O'Donnel, Peter Sarsgaard

In an interview with Close-Up Film, Laura Linney was asked, "It's been said that you piled on 30 pounds for Kinsey?"

She replied (laughs), "It has grown in number. I was told I'd gained 40 pounds! But no it was 22 or 23 pounds ... I did it by eating glazed donuts, my favourite food group. It really was easy to put the weight on, I couldn't believe it."

Source: Close-Up Film.

Laura Linney Gained Weight for Kinsey

Laura Linney said she used the Zone diet to lose the weight near the end of filming Kinsey.

She started filming the movie P.S. two days after Kinsey finished filming so she wore a fat suit the final days of filming while losing weight for the new movie role.

Source: Close-Up Film

Doughnuts contain lots of simple carbohydrates, and they are mostly sugar. Sugar makes your body release insulin, which tells your body to store fat.

Yogurt & fruit juice are "healthy" foods that also have lots of sugar. Better options: eat fresh fruit or vegetables & plain yogurt (not sweetened).

Renee Zellwegger Gained Weight for the Bridget Jones Movies

Renee Zellwegger also ate doughnuts

as well as Snicker bars and drank milkshakes

to gain weight to play Bridget Jones.

Bridget Jones's Diary - Renee Zellweger (30 pounds heavier), Colin Firth, Hugh Grant

In her role as Bridget Jones, Renee Zellwegger gained 30 pounds for her role in the first movie and 20 pounds for The Edge of Reason, the second Bridget Jones movie.

According to celebritydietdoctor, Renee gained about 30 pounds for the first Bridget Jones movie. She ate lots of doughnuts, milkshakes, Snicker bars, and "anything calorie-laden."

For the second Bridget Jones move, she gained about 20 pounds and ate a more healthy diet that included fish oil, avocados, and flax seed.

This information is provided on her IMDb Bio page:

"It saddens me every day when people come up and say, 'OK, how did you lose that weight?' I can't speak about it because I am not an authority on weight loss. I am just not. I am not challenged with a medical situation that's weight-related and that I need to pay attention to". [on the weight she lost after Bridget Jones's Diary (2001)].

It was very exciting for me to fill out Bridget's dresses. It felt really great. I didn't feel any different. I didn't feel uncomfortable, and I didn't feel as if it changed my life. I got such positive responses from the fellows in my life while I looked like Bridget Jones. I had a lot of friends who said I should think about keeping some of the weight on. I have to say I agreed, because there were certain things about it I liked very much. But, of course, I'm a girl, and I thought, 'Ugh, no.' Like anybody, I want to look my best."

Source: IMDb Renee Zellweger Bio page and celebritydietdoctor.

Renee Zellwegger said this about getting back to a small size after filming Bridget Jones's Diary,

"It was horrible. On one side

it's fantastic because you get

to go back to taking care of yourself,

so you feel wonderful, but the

first lap around the track I felt like

I had a toddler on my back."

Source: Daily Mail

Charlize Theron Gained Weight for Monster

Charlize Theron ate doughnuts and

potato chips to become Aileen Wuornos

for the movie Monster.

Monster - Charlize Theron (30 pounds heavier), Christina Ricci, Bruce Dern

Charlize Theron gained more than 30 pounds to play Aileen Wuornos, a prostitute turned serial killer.

Theron ate doughnuts and potato chips to beef up for the role. She lost the weight within two months after filming.

According to celebrityweightgain, "In order to reverse weight gain, or just simply get a lean, athletic body, it's best to keep your carbs complex (whole, dark grains, fiber-rich foods) and avoid the super processed simple stuff. If you're eating foods that aren't processed and sugary, you won't even need to count calories."

Source: celebrityweightgain

Charlize Theron began filming the movie Head in the Clouds immediately after making Monster.

She dropped the weight that she'd gained by going back to her normal eating and exercise habits,

according to interviews.

Source: Spliced Wire

Men Gain Weight

Read about Stars Who Gained Weight for Movies Roles including George Clooney, Matt Damon, and Chris Pratt.

The Moral of the Story

If you want to lose weight,

don't eat doughnuts.

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What Do You Think About Actors Gaining Weight for Roles? - Is it safe? Would you do it?

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    • profile image

      rylanmede 5 years ago

      No i think there are many people out there that want to gain weight as much as those who want to lose it. the reason is sometimes people have high metabolism which make it difficult for them to gain and maintain their weight.

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      iony2012 5 years ago

      it is not always naturally...