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Foot Detox Pads: Do They Really Work?

Updated on July 22, 2015

Are Foot Detox Pads Too Good to Be True?

Have you ever had someone warn you, saying that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is? This warning may be true when it comes to foot detox pads.

What Are Foot Detox Pads and How Do They Work?

These pads are the latest health craze. Manufacturers claim that when applied to the feet at night, these pads will draw toxins out of your body while you sleep. In the morning, the pads will be discolored, supposedly a sign they have worked properly. While these pads may have some detoxifying action, at least on the soles of your feet, you should be wary of the product. It probably does not give you as good a detox as you think.

Why Should I Be Skeptical?

First, think rationally about the way the product promises to work. Promoters say the product will draw all toxins, even heavy metal deposits, out through your skin. Although the skin does allow some nutrients and other substances to pass back and forth through the pores, my biology classes never indicated that anything as dense as heavy metal particles could be drawn through the skin.

According to modern medicine, the only way these toxins can be cleared from your body is by taking an internal chelator that will bind to the metal substances and allow them to be flushed out of the body.

What Are the Active Ingredients in the Pads?

According to the manufacturers, these foot detox pads are formulated using ancient Japanese and Asian cultural medicine. They contain a combination of ingredients including:

  • Tourmaline, a stone or mineral that emits negative ions
  • Bamboo vinegar, which is supposed to help aid the body in releasing waste products through the skin
  • Wood vinegar, supposedly popular for its cleansing power

The pads are said to work on the basis of reflexology that holds to the belief that there are zones in the feet that correspond to each organ system in the body. Reflexology indicates that wastes from these organ systems will accumulate in the feet where they can be drawn out through the skin by the pads.

Why Is There a Smell and Color Change in the Foot Pad in the Morning?

As for the color change most people note in their foot detox pads, the wood vinegar may be responsible for this phenomenon. The vinegar is generally dried and ground before being mixed in with the other patch ingredients.

When this dried vinegar comes back in contact with water, through your sweaty feet, it returns to its liquid version, which is a dark colored liquid. The mixture of foot sweat and herb smell may account for the bad odor that comes from the pad after it is removed.

Do Detox Foot Pads Provide Some Benefit?

Some people say they notice a difference when using them, but if you want to purge internal waste through the pores of your skin, my advice would be to take a sauna or steam bath. To get rid of solid waste that can't be passed through your skin, there are some very effective diets that can cleanse your body in just a few days.

My Verdict

If you feel your body is in need of serious internal cleansing, you're going to need more than foot pads because these pads are only removing trace amounts of waste from your body at best.


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  • profile image

    Merlin 9 years ago

    What I would like to see if some verifiable proof of these supposed tests. How about posting the test results from the pads, comparing clean new and used dirty, as well as who did the test, which lab and the info about that lab, so anyone could actually verify if it is in fact legitimate.

    If these things are real, if they actually do something that is verifiable then why hide it? For myself, if it was me selling these, I would be running tests at several different legitimate labs and plastering the results on billboards from coast to coast as well as all over the web, with 100% disclosure and a way for anyone to verify both those results and the lab that ran the tests.

    As they say the proof is in the pudding, so why not put it on the table and let everyone have at it, if it's valid such a thing could only increase sales. Or do you think I am wrong?

  • profile image

    Rainbird 9 years ago

    I have ordered through and was very pleased with their selection, prices, information and customer service. I haven't found better anywhere and will continue to be a faithful customer.

  • profile image

    footsore dumbass 9 years ago

    you are a serious footsore dumbass if you read all the way down to here

    unless you use these things, then do a lab test YOURSELF with a control sample -you will never really know, think happy thoughts and detox your brain

  • profile image

    wanda 9 years ago

    i purchased the foot pads and am willing to at least try them before i knock them

  • profile image

    Compusician 9 years ago

    All right. I got my patches in the mail. The box was torn up a bit, but otherwise seemed in good condition. Later that night before bed, I read the directions. It said to "Place the patch on the balls ", and the I thought this was odd, but later I found that my directions were torn and I should have read, "Place the patch on the balls of my feet!"

    Well, let me tell you what happened anyway. I started talking higher, almost immediately. I did not have to wait until morning. Although, when morning came along I was perplexed as to how I was going to get the pad that was TAPED to my , uh... jewels, how was I going to get that off. I did noticed a color change to my jewels but did not find anything new in the pad but a bunch of hair.

    It was then I realized that these things must grow hair! So the next night I went to sleep with a patch on my head. I woke up in the morning expecting to find more hair, but all I found was fool looking back at me in the mirror.

    I hope you are better at reading instructions than I am. And as long as there is something absurd with a hint of fact, don't automatically hope it to become reality. It is not what dreams are made of. (I think the patch made me smarter!) Peace Out, Gary Ruff, The Compusician

  • profile image

    CarolCC 9 years ago

    I was pretty skeptical about the foot pads...I mean REALLY!...But a friend swore by them so I thought I'd try them.

    I don't know if there was any detoxifying effect, but in a period of about 1 month, I lost that stubborn 18 lbs. that I gained while pregnant and haven't been able to lose. I haven't been this svelt since college. Currently, I use the detox pads once a week as described on the packaging for maintenance, and haven't gained any of the weight back.

    One thing must be considered: Everyone is different. Each person will respond to detox agents differently. Perhaps the accumulation of certain chemical agents I have ingested over a lifetime caused my body to retain that extra 18 lbs. and this particular combination was what was needed to allow the weight loss to occur.

    I really have no scientific basis to claim the success of this product. However, I have tried every diet in creation to try to lose the extra weight without success. Clearly, the foot pads have made a difference.

  • profile image

    Chris 9 years ago

    I finally bought some detox foot pads - from Hard decision because they all say different things about quality of ingredients. I went with these, and after only a couple of nights using them I feel really energized. Placebo effect? Maybe, who knows. I just know I love how I feel. I'm able to squeeze in more work time in the day, and able to get myself to the gym each afternoon. I feel more flexible and less achy after working out now. They won't cure cancer I'm sure, but they are DEFINITELY worth trying! The price is nothing for the health results you'll get!

  • profile image

    T. Cohen MD 9 years ago

    These foot-detoxification pads are just the latest scam to come down the pike. They are nothing but pure quackery which serves to seperate mis-informed people from their finances. If you want to de-toxify you body a simple one time oral Fleet Enema solution which is available at the local drugstore for $5 will do far more to clean your body in one day than these quack-pads will do in a whole year.

  • profile image

    Heathor 9 years ago

    It's amazing what they can trick ignorant people into buying these days.

    Oh, what am I saying?! Of course the people writing infomercials know more about the human body than a trained, educated doctor!

  • profile image

    VinceSamios 9 years ago from Australia

    They work for me!

  • profile image

    livehappy 9 years ago

    Here is my story, you can believe me or think me a "quack" it makes no difference to me personally. I am in my late 20's and have been in a great deal of pain for 14 years or so. For the first 5(ish) I saw doctor after doctor, nobody could find anything wrong with me to be causing so much pain. I had been told on several occassions "this is it....this medication will fix it". They were doctors, of course I had complete faith in this (I tend to think at least one of those was a sugar pill or something, I think they thought it was all in my head). None of it ever made any difference, the pain continued to get worse, and I was getting sicker and had difficulty keeping food down. It had come to the point that something had to be done, I had surgery to remove my galbladder and appendix and still had problems. I was better, and was told I was adjusting to not having my galbladder. Again I was becoming worse and worse, finally they decided I had an auto-immune disease, no cure, the only thing to do was take 6500+ mg of meds everyday-for the rest of my life. However it would not even begin to work-if it would- for at least a month. When I asked about long term side effects the doc told me there were sure to be some (because any meds will, especially taken long term) but it is new, so he could not tell me what all of them could be. I was unwilling to accept this, if modern medicine could not help I would find some way to heal myself. I have tried many things, began eating organic as much as possible 3 or 4 years ago, along with probiotics and other supplements. This helped, and slowly but surely I have been feeling better. I tried colon cleanses, but these made me worse, other swear by it, I'm not knocking it, for me it is not the way to go. Some of the other things I tried helped some did not. Then about 8 months ago I was told I had been misdiagnosed, or in recession (however I was still in a great deal of pain, so I don't believe this) Now to the point (I appologize this is so long, and probably full of grammer and spelling mistakes) I decided to try the foot patches about 6 months ago, and I like them. I guess some had trouble sleeping the first few nights, I never had this problem. It was not an overnight miracle cure, but at that point my improvement had plateaued, and since then I have been getting better, still slowly but surely, day by day, but faster than ever before. I feel better now than I can remember ever feeling.

    I do NOT belive the foot patches are a cure all end all. Doctors and medicine are important. I am glad to have them around if I am ever injured, pregnant, or have a nasty disease. The same goes for "modern" medicine, there are certainly times when it is appropriate, but I do not feel that the answer to all problems lie in an FDA approved medication. I do not feel that the foot patches are the only thing that has helped me. Being aware of what I put in my body has done just as much and probably more on my road to healing. (This includes household and personal care products as well, not just what I eat and drink). However since using the patches I have seen a marked improvement in concentration, a huge decrease in pain and increase in my energy levels from 8 months ago. Call it wishfull thinking, or being naive, but I refuse to believe the medical professionals when they say that some people just have to accept and live with being sick and in pain. That is not the life we are meant to live. Nor do I believe that doctors know everything, and the good ones will admit it, and keep an open mind.

    If you are curious if they can help you I would suggest giving them a try, they are inexpensive (the meds I was prescribed were over $350 a month), and have not seemed to have had any adverse effects to either me or the many people who have responded to this site before me. If you are concerned about any of the ingredients I would suggest you bring a list of the ingredients of the patches you want to try to your doctor and ask if any of them would be harmful when in contact with your skin. If it helps you then that is great, especially if you have chronic problems, even the smallest improvement can make a huge difference in your life. And if not, then you really are not out all that much money, be honest with yourself, haven't most of you blown at least $20 on things you did not really need in the past week?

    I hope this has helped some of you

  • profile image

    I don't believe you're doctors 9 years ago

    Dr. Mitch Brown??? Are you sure you are a doctor because you sure can't spell. I would personally never go to a doctor who isn't even intelligent enough to spell his own English language.

  • profile image

    Faunie 9 years ago

    I ordered the pads, and I am waiting patiently for them. The Eastern folk look younger, live longer, and are much healthier than we are....I have been using alternative remedies for three years now. I do not trust the FDA, and I too have read Kevin Ttudeau, and believe that we indeed need to take our health into our own hands. Nothing negative on this site will keep me from trying something I believe will work!!!!!!

  • profile image

    MANN 9 years ago

    I don't know about the foot patches, but the Detox machines are real and do work. It's not too good to be true if you get the right education about it. If you can scientifically prove that the detoxfoot bath machine is a scam then I will take my hat off for you, but for now, don't go around telling people it's a scam without any evident proof from a lab. The detox machines do not claim to HEAL or CURE diseases, they promote a healthy life and balance your PH levels using negative and positive polarity. You have no clue what you are talking about.

  • profile image

    Kerryjane 9 years ago

    I too have just purchased the pads. I couldn't sleep very well last night, I noticed strange tingling feelings in my feet. And like everyone else the pad was brown and looked like it was filled with something odd. It smelled but of the smell the patch had when I opened it. I also noticed that the patch had small brown particles in it before I attached it to my foot. I am sure that well yes you can put water on it and it will turn brown over night like others have said. But have you also thought that maybe the reason for it turning discolored is do to the fact of all the harsh chemicals in our water today??? Seriously!!! I cant say anything special has happened from my use of them for I am only on day one. I will use them all and decided at the end how I feel about it. But I will not just use these foot pads. We all know that our bodies have suffered for a while with toxins in us...I suffer from constipation and I plan on taking a cleansing product to help regulate my bowel movements and then an internal detox solution to ensure I am releasing as many serious Toxin out of my body. If you choose to do the foot patches more power to you. But don't just assume they are going to detox your body completely. our body need to be-able to release the toxins stored in our organs internally the good ole fashion way...With proper flushing in our bowels. So make sure you are drinking plenty of water, eating the right foods, and getting some kind of exercise everyday even if just a brisk walk for 20-30 minutes. I know I am and hopefully my body will start to flow correctly again. If you are not sure of the patches dont use them almost everyone takes a chance on something everyday...Its up to you it's your money!!!

  • profile image

    Flea_Man 9 years ago

    mr. beaker's mommy rules and so does mr. beaker. OMG stop yelling.

  • profile image

    Melinda Anderson 9 years ago

    Well, I signed up for Kinoki Foot Pads and not only that, the lifetime supply for an extra fee. I really felt no better but mentally I got a lift.

    However, I received only two packets from this company and no one will discuss this with me. From Kinoki that is. I send emails and phone them, yes, yes, they are coming they say but no see. Guess I could buy tourmoline and vinigars myself and do a soak but now I really don't care anymore. A company that promises one thing and does not deliver doesn't instill confidence in me.

  • profile image

    E**** S********* 9 years ago

    I see the last comment posted was 2 months ago, but if anyone is still reading I will post my 2 cents. It is interesting that a few have claimed to either be doctors or lab techs who have actually done research on these foot pads and have claimed to find lead, copper, mercury, arsenic, etc. First, it is pretty suspect as they tend to say the exact same things. Sounds like a rehearsed speech. Second, my husband and I own a fire investigation company and work regularly with labs to process and analyze evidence. Neither of us are doctors or lab techs. Though, the 3 labs we use in the US are highly respected in forensics of all types. Since I am typically a skeptic, but also love to try new things, we sent 10 of these used pads to have them analyzed, at our own cost. My husband, my sister and brother-in-law and I all used the pads (which did turn brown and ugly by morning) and sent the pads in a safety sealed package to the lab to have all the ingredients named. Not a single one contained arsenic, mercury, lead, copper, etc. I also have a lab report on the findings (this lab is also often used by the FBI and government for forensic testing). The resulting brown color and odor are from the mixing of the vinegar and herbs in the pads. Your foot does not need to be noticeably wet to be sweating. Nearly every inch of EVERYBODYS body sweats continuously. You do not notice it because it is not in drenching amounts. The moisture from yuor body wets the pad and the ingredients react. These are a scam - and I was disappointed because I am kind of into fads. They are causing placebo effects - which, if this makes you feel better, by all means keep doing it. But, what they claim to do is not true.

  • profile image

    Deb 9 years ago

    I have been using the foot pads for about 4 months now. The first time I used them the smell in the morning over powered the bed room. The goo leaked out of the pad and onto my socks. I kept using them, one on each foot every night. The reason I kept using them is that the swelling in my arm which is caused from lymphnode removel due to breast cancer went down after 3 nights of use. Then I learned later that the pads work through the lyphnodes. So, to me this proves they work. Also, the smell and the amount of goo is getting less and less. I do feel more refreshed in the morning and have more energy. I know the pads will take a long time to completely rid my body of toxins, like radiation and cemotherapy. Oh yea, my doctor told me to hold my arm up over my head to reduce the swelling in my arm. Okay doc sure. THE PADS WORK.


  • profile image

    Organic Chemistry Help 9 years ago

    As an organic chemist, i can truthfully say that you are right on the money. The liver is primarily responsible to removal of these toxins, not some sticker on your foot.

    Next it would be nice to hear someone talk about the belly flattener that supposedly removes "plaque stuck to the inside of your intestines"....more crap.

  • profile image

    Anna 9 years ago

    I have used these patches for 1 month now, and they are wonderful, I wake up feeling refreshed and I have more energy, and less stress/tension. There is something in them that helps restore some balance whilst eliminating toxins from the body. I highly recommend them!

  • profile image

    Stan Lee 9 years ago

    There are two kinds of people in this world, those who read a book and believe everything they read relying on top scientist and doctors to tell them what's good for them (which is why America has one of the sickest population in the developed world) and there are those who actually try something no matter how ridicilous it may sound (the human body is still a mystery to so called western science and all it's fancy trappings) and become a believer! People in the east have been using such natural cures for thousands of years and all I had to do to turn into a believer is to simply try it for myself and to also look at the millions of Japanese who live a quality of life and health that is unknown to the average American.

  • profile image

    illinois 9 years ago

    i just tried them for the first time last night. I wake up at 6 am every morning, and usually feel exhausted and groggy. this morning i actually woke up with more energy, and didn't feel tired at all during the day. these things work, and i plan to use them more often.

  • profile image

    MIss T 9 years ago

    I just purchased the foot pads. I am a little skeptical but am going to give it a shot. I will write back to let you know results

  • profile image

    Liver Doc 9 years ago

    I was checking this out because one of my patients told me about it. First of all, I would ignore any of the posts from "doctors" who can't even spell. You don't have to be a genius to be a doctor, but you do have to graduate 3rd grade. Second, it is untrue that allopathic doctors (Western medicine) have no interest in non-pharmaceutical options. Studies have been done on non-traditional methods, unfortunately, many of the claims made by herbal or alternative options are not borne out in placebo controlled studies. This brings me to my third point. On average, a placebo effect can account for up to 30% of a claimed effect. In other words, 1 out of 3 people will feel better after getting a "dummy" pill. After reading about foot detoxification, my impression is that it is unlikely to support the claims that it makes. My guess is that the pads interact with body moisture and creates a substance on the pads. Seeing the substance on the pads in turn, makes one believe that "toxins" have been drawn out which creates a placebo effect of feeling better. Being a hepatologist, I can say that the liver is extremely efficient at detoxifying the body. If things like this worked, it would be in the New England Journal of Medicine. My advice would echo that of some of the earlier posts which recommend good nutrition, exercise and preventative health care with your doctor. If you want to spend $20 to try it out, go for it. You probably spend more than that in a week at Starbucks anyway. But I wouldn't expect any health benefits from it.

  • profile image

    BlaneH 9 years ago

    For the people who think this is a scam, can you plase explain how after a while the pads stop being black? This pretty much proves your theory of adding sweat or water to make them look black. I have tried these, and I did feel different. My feet tend to get really hot and red randomly, before I tried this. The next morning the pads were dark black, and my feet did hurt a little. Not sure what that was about.

  • profile image

    Bear 9 years ago

    Interesting discussion: The people who have the least experience with the pads are the most certain that they do not work. Such is often the way of change. I have tried a brand of detox pads which are FDA approved. I'll say that again: I have tried a brand of detox pads which are FDA approved. Takara is the brand name. I've tried these on my feet for several nights, with the usual odiferous browny-green goo resulting in the morning. I've also tried then on the back of my neck, to relieve a headache overnight. the following morning my headache was much reduced, but there was none of the goo present. I have noticed that using these pads results in surprisingly deep sleep. I have also noticed that in the morning the pad sticks to my feet with a strong adhesive action, stronger than the adhesive patches themselves. Something is being drawn out of my body (neither tourmeline nor bamboo vinegar have this adhesive quality). It reminds me of beef plasma, a strong adhesive agent, which I used to work with as a food additive on a fishing boat which manufactured surimi. It certainly did not come from the pad itself.

    Initial conclusions: The pads do something beneficial, and the placement of the pads on the feet (instead of elsewhere on the body) is important to how they work. Likewise they draw something out of the body. I have not had my used pads lab tested, and probably won't bother. On the days after I have used them, I have felt more energy and less fatigue. I will re-order; I would use them for the sleep benefits alone, but they appear to be doing more than that.

    A word to all of you who are convinced that this is nothing but quackery: Remember that only 25 years ago, it was still believed that diet had little to do with the state of one's health. 35 years ago the benefits of aerobic exercise were largely unknown and undocumented. Vitamin C was the "quackery" of 40 years ago. That's within my lifetime. I am well enough educated to know that the current state of medical knowledge doesn't mean as much as we often think it does. Medical science knows what it knows, but it changes its mind over time--often after resisting change for a very ling time.

    I will repeat again: The brand of foot pads I have used are FDA approved. This means that the FDA learned something in the process (a remarkably long and expensive process at that): These things do actually work. At least this brand does. So for all of you who have written in to say that this approach could not possibly have any validity at all, two words: You're wrong.

  • profile image

    Thank god for the gullible 9 years ago

    Are you people so stupid as not to realize you're actually buying into a huge scam and making charlatans rich? Perhaps I'll come up with something like nose inserters to draw out the negative brain energy and improve intelligence and mood. Makes just as much sense.

  • profile image

    Harriet Rose 9 years ago

    I would like to add my opinion if that's okay. The people on here who knock holistic Chinese remedies would be wise to remember that this ancient practice has been developed over six thousand of years. It would also be prudent to remember “civilised western man” was running around in lion cloths less than one thousand years ago. Western practitioners are trained to cure illnesses, not prevent them. Why? The reason is simple: pharmaceutical companies make a fortune from "curing" illnesses. Now, the FDA may not approve foot pads, stevia and other ancient remedies but they approve aspartame. I wonder why this might be. Hmmmmmmmmmm I really can’t figure it out. To quote a former Commissioner of the FDA, Dr. Herbert Ley. “The thing that bugs me is that people think the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is protecting them -- it isn't. What the FDA is doing and what the public thinks it’s doing are as different as night and day."I was ill least year, really ill. I had been working as a TEFL teacher last year in an industrial city and collapsed when I returned to the UK. I then became very ill, picking up every infection, suffering from depression and anxiety and was constantly tired, irritable, foggy headed and moody. I gained 2 stone in weight. I went to the good old NHS GP’s again and again but they just found me annoying and treated me as a hypochondriac. A month ago someone suggested I undertake infrared sauna therapy. The results were astounding. A huge percentage of the metals that were clogging up my body were removed. However, the treatment was expensive and I could only do a few sessions.My infrared therapist suggested I try infrared foot pads as an alternative to the infrared sauna. I tried them for the first time last night. This morning I woke at 7 am and sprang out of bed. I even went for a short jog! Normally it takes me an hour to force myself out of bed and I only genuinely wake up after my lunch time nap. Today I am looking forward to returning home for lunch and I might do a spot of gardening instead of diving under the duvet. I don’t care what the skeptics say. I have noticed a change in my head overnight and pleasant tingling sensations inside my body. Why don’t the skeptics open their minds a bit, remember that they were running around in loin cloths when the foot pad was invented and stop slating something they know nothing about.

  • profile image

    dancer 9 years ago

    Hmmm, where to begin with all of this. First of all, I guess I don't blame you for being a sceptic as I used to be as well. The medical community has had far too much credit tho for what people 'believe' is science. I have spent a year in the past when I started researching all of the alternative things only to discover 'for myself' that almost all STUDIES are a hoax. They are funded by the drug companies or other sources that expect a certain outcome. If you do the research, MOST of it is tainted by someone who WANTS a certain outcome is basically paying to have it endorsed by a 'study' so has anyone ever checked on these people? no. Sadly no. Have you ever read what's in drugs and what they can actually DO to you? do you understand that many of the coatings are known carcenogenic ingredients? why aren't you touting 'QUACKERY' where it truly belongs? just because we've become the frogs in the pots and we accept whatever comes our way, doesn't make it right.

    Before you 'claim' an opinion, shouldn't YOU do your homework as it only tends to make people look foolish when they make claims like you and some of the others are doing. Have you taken any of the footpads in for testing? you should do that before you can make these kinds of statements as many people have taken them in and found exactly what they said above; chemicals, metals, etc.

    The same is true for the footbaths. I've got lots of documentation on the footbaths which I now happen to own as well. If it is just chemical reaction, explain how one does one change the color of the water from person to persona and in my case, from disease to disease? there is too much science that points to the vailidity for this ...sorry.

    The master cleanse. Yes, this is good and I have also done this. It should be noted tho that if someone is diebetic or insulin resistant, they should NOT be doing this. Also, that is good for some cleansing but it doesn't remove the lifetime of toxins like some of the other things do. Instead, it's better to approach some of these things together so that you maximize the results.

    For people that have serious diseases, yes, it's good to put good things into your body as this only makes sense BUT does not rid your body of the accumulation of a lifetime of toxicity... only these kinds of things do. Instead of being antagonistic, let's work together for the good of health and do what's in people's best interest.

    Good things in

    Toxins out....

    Be well and in the best interest of good and renewed health, let's work together.

    For those who don't believe, no problem, let them take the toxic drugs,,, but then dont' complain with the outcome of that either.

  • profile image

    Job Nigeria 9 years ago

    I think they are really work...some of them...i guess

  • profile image

    Violetlover 9 years ago

    I used them for the first time. I'm not sure if they work or not but it was worth a try. My glands under one of my arms are so swollen that it hurts. I have been having terrible pain on the bottom of one of my feet for weeks so much so it hurts at times to walk on it. I thought maybe I stepped on something or got glass or something in it. Went to the doctor and they even x-rayed it and couldn't explain. I saw the pads at the store and decided to try them. When I got up I kept smelling BBQ like I spilled some sauce on my clothes though I never ate anything like that. After the first night so far the foot feels a bit better. I placed one under my arm as well. The pads were greasy when I took them off and smelled very strongly exactly like BBQ sauce. Has anyone else gotten that smell? Is it a reaction with the herbs? As I rarely eat anything with BBQ as I'm not the biggest fan of it. My underarm also feels quite a bit better too. I know even if my feet don't sweat normally when you seal skin in something it will sweat (hence the reason for those plastic suits that make you sweat). The greasy feel to the pad was what mystified me too. Wouldn't it be nice if it pulled out fat from the blood stream as my cholestrol is extremely high. Sure hope this really does detox the body a bit in some way. I'll post more as I go along.

  • profile image

    Donna 9 years ago

    Why don't people jump on the backs of MEDICAL DOCTORS and REGISTERED NURSES and everyone else with their drug company-financed MEDICAL DEGREES when they costantly endorse medications that can cause every side effect in the world including death?

    If only those naysayers were as tough on DRUG companies as they are with alternative medicine ...

  • profile image

    Raissi 9 years ago

    Mm.. Im a little skeptical as well.. But, I just got some of these foot pads to do a test before I bash! Obviously, anything water will turn somethings color.. That has nothing to do with it not working? And anyway, if it was the sweat turning it colors, why would you sweat more in the beginning and less in the end? They obviously start to get less and less brown the longer you use them. If it was sweat, you'd think it would be the same every night, requardless? Anyway..that has no point.. Im trying them tonight, And my feet are numb! Something is going on.. Not sure what, but they do make my feet feel funny.! We shall see!

  • profile image

    Mark 9 years ago

    I didn't read all the posts but what I have read is the people who tried them seemed to like them. The people who didn't say they don't work. I can understand being a sceptic, but at least give the people a chance. I am not a person who believes everything that I read. I try to look into something as much as possible before I make a decision. As far as the FDA, don't look for their approvial before you believe what is right or wrong. FDA is just a bunch of paid off idiots who get money from your drug companies and large corps. They won't approve anything that don't make their kick back companies any money. Why do they approve so many harmful drugs? Do the research for your self and make your own opinion, not from me. I would like to see some results from somebody having one of the pads they used. Maybe in one the posts, they did. I just didn't read them all. I would like somebody to post what brand they use and what results they had. I saw the Kinoki ad and was interested in them. But I did read a post saying they had problems with them. That was a while ago and wondered if things got better. Just thought that I would add my 2 cents.

  • profile image

    Gonna buy me a brooklyn bridge 9 years ago

    It's a fairly known fact that you can contract parasites by walking barefoot on the ground.

    But even if these foot pads worked, I would be HIGHLY suspicious of what's in them, given that there are many types of herbs and herb cocktails that can induce feelings of well-being. Slap a nicotine patch on you and see for yourself.

  • profile image

    axon 9 years ago

    They are a scam. Toxins can not be drawn out of your feet, skin is actually pretty waterproof, this is why you don't get fatter in the rain. They turn dark when they become moist from sweat from feet, even a tiny amount of sweat will do this. If you put the pads in distilled pure water, they will still turn dark.

  • profile image

    George W. 10 years ago

    Has anyone tried the Body Relief detox foot pads? How do they compare with the other brands out there? Any help here would be most appreciated. Thanks.

  • profile image

    mok 10 years ago

    does anyone remember the old "food pyramid"? how can carbs and starches be bad for you? yeah, that's what we all said 10 + years ago. now that the research has been done and proven we have a different understanding. point being- all you nay sayers don't really know, your just biased and unwilling to try something new or different.

  • profile image

    reflexology observer 10 years ago

    If these patches truely work due to reflexology, then why do they only cover part of the foot? Why do they leave out critical organs? If the darkness is caused by toxins, whydo they turn dark when pure distilled water is poured on them? If real doctors are testing them and posting here, why do that not properly identify themselves by telling where they went to school or providing information on their medical license?

    Anyone can post anything here, that does not make it true.

    Wear warm socks, and the same toxins will be sweated from your feet, only from the whole foot, not just the part the patch covers.

    As for the guy that slept in a 65 degree house with only a sheet... Do you really expect us to believe that? Can you prove you didn't sweat? My feet sweat all the time, even when cold. I think that is true for most people.

  • profile image

    George 10 years ago

    I tried the foot patches, and trhey worked great!

    After two weeks, they stopped changing colors, indicating that I was successfully detoxified.

    However I continued to use them for another week, and woke up one morning to find my feet missing, the patches were at ankle level, having dissolved my feet and working their way up my legs.

    Yes they work, but be careful!

  • profile image

    Bill 10 years ago

    If you are like me and have just have to try them to make sure they work/don't work try Power Purify. They let you try a months supply for $6.95. So far I've had much better results then I ever expected.

  • profile image

    EDHUK 10 years ago

    As with ALL scams there will be comments posted by the scammers about how wonderful the "product" is. You will also see the usual "Have you tried them?" ploy implying that if you have not you can't possibly say it's a scam.

    It's pretty disappointing to see that BBC America is STILL advertising this scam, but I guess money talks.

  • profile image

    me 10 years ago

    Guess what Common Sense? You're an IDIOT!

  • profile image

    Herbert Keller 10 years ago

    I am 65 years old, and had a artificial heart valve installed in me 7 years ago. Since then my left ankle would swell up, and the doctors said it was because of the heart not pumping right. I started to wear these detox footpads about a month ago. It took about 4 weeks, but now my left ankle does not swell up any more. Call me nuts, call me goofy, but all I can say is since wearing these detox pads, the swelling is completely gone. Maby something else did it, but if I did I have no idea what it was. I have absolutely no idea of what they do or how they work, but I do not care. I think they are great, and I also feel much better, like when I wake up. Blue Steel. Herbert Keller

  • profile image

    LillyLove 10 years ago

    Please.................. God forbid a Natural Product Worked!!! Meanwhile, thousands of People are line up at the Pharmacies with approved prescriptions from the FDA, handed out to patients by Doctor's that write out presciptions like they were store coupons!! Doctor's go to college for years so they can effectively write out thousands of prescriptions for any thing from a stuffy nose to an ingrown toenail!! People are slowly being killed by these prescriptions and the most important matter here is if natural products can detoxify the body from the FDA approved toxins that are in our bodies!!!!!

  • profile image

    Newsletters 10 years ago

    I've heard mixed reviews ont heses pads but its great to read the discussion here.

  • profile image

    Nathan 10 years ago

    Foot pads works. My aunti got cured by this because she was having a diabetis. She couldn't find any cure for her diabetic until she tried using foot pads. That's all shes taking now and doesn't need any more medication. visit

  • profile image

    Carlos 10 years ago

    Was curious to see what these are all about so I bought mine from They seem to be the cheapest out there.

    Used them before going to bed. I don't know about toxins and that gooey stuff but they do make me feel so much better in the morning! Also noticed that it works wonders when coming down with a fever or a cold. Pretty convenient and super cheap! In my opinion, I think these are worth it.

  • profile image

    Doing It Right 10 years ago

    I'm trying it don't know if it works or not. Mine was black too not brown and some stuck to my foot. Does anyone know is it ok to put on both feet at one time.

  • profile image

    Doing It Right 10 years ago

    I'm trying it don't know if it works or not. Mine was black too not brown and some stuck to my foot. Does anyone know is it ok to put on both feet at one time.

  • profile image

    WhAAAAAAAAAT !! 10 years ago

    Anyone remember the PET ROCK !!!

  • profile image

    Toronto Chiroprators 10 years ago

    Wow! People are very passionate about their foot detox pads.

  • profile image

    revraidon 10 years ago

    First, telling the person to try the pads is SUBJECTIVE evidence not OBJECTIVE. They may have worked for you but remember the placebo affect is 40-60% effective.

    Second, the burden of proof lies on the new product not the skeptic. Give us some links to some peer-reviewed scientific articles.

    Lastly, I'm skeptical of the mastercleanse diet. The nutritionists I've read recommend a shorter more typical fast.

  • profile image

    BelieveItOrNot 10 years ago

    This is my opinion.

    People claim 'Pour water on the patch and it turns brown.'Conclusion : Hoax, scam for your money, Run for your life...

    Well you should research deeper before jumping into conclusions.The patch is SUPPOSED to turn brown when in contact with moisture.Only through research will it be known - what impurities in the water causes brown discoloration of the patches- what percentage of these impurities result in what extent of brown discoloration- etcetera.....

    Foot patches when applied need a transport medium -> 'sweat'The patches also contain Dextrin which absorbs moisture -> 'sweat'Isolated with the adhesive sheet and in contact with skin, the patch absorbs sweat through the skin pores. Concurrently, the natural ingredients when in contact with our body through the skin pores stimulate the lymph system. When the lymph system works more efficiently, toxins are moved from your blood and organs through the lymph system and then out from the body's elimination channels.

    The key point here is 'STIMULATE OUR LYMPH SYSTEM TO DETOX OUR BODY MORE EFFICIENTLY' and not to be mislead by the claim that Detox foot patches will'DETOX OUR BODY BY FULLY ABSORBING TOXINS THROUGH OUR FEET'.

    There is also some amount of transfer to the patch as shown by lab test of used patches.

    'Lab reports show lead, arsenic, mercury and also pthlalates which are plastic by-products'

    I choose not to be a non-believer.

  • profile image

    HappyMum 10 years ago

    Hi there. I have not tried these but have considered it. I did do a colon cleanse once and was absolutely shocked at the way my skin broke out in massive pimples. I talked to my doctor and told her what I was doing. She said that she never recommends a colon cleanse as a treatment or remedy but that its certainly not a bad thing. She also said that the pimples I was seeing (my face was covered and I have had flawless skin since 20 years old) was the result of my body releasing toxins. Apparently, during a colon cleanse, the toxins don't just go out of .... well.... you know. Anyway, I am wondering if maybe, the skin on the feet may also be able to release toxins. OH.. when I was a child, I had the WORST plantars warts. NASTY! My mom took me to a couple of doctors and both of them stuck the wart with a needle - yes - a needle into a hard, crusty wart on the bottom of the foot!!!!! I guess this was suppose to open it up so that the BURNING would get the root. Well, it never went away. One day I stopped into the health food store for some vitamins (never had used any holistic medicine - I was only 17) and asked what they had for warts. They had 5 small, blue, glass bottles. The lady said there were a number of causes of warts, so they had a number of products. I asked "which do I use". She said "its hit or miss - I really don't know. Just try one and if it doesn't work, try another." The bottles were only 2.99 so I didn't think it was a big deal. Inside were sugar tablets that actually tasted pretty good, so I didn't mind taking them... they were like little balls of sugar. Anyway, after about 2 weeks the wart was gone and it never came back. It has been almost 19 years. I was SHOCKED! I AT LEAST expected to try all five... and then ... more than likely ... no results. So, maybe natural, holistic stuff isn't total crap. I dunno... all I know is, that I have tried one holistic thing and it worked and I have detoxed a bit through my skin..... The patches may or may not work. I might try some IF and only if I can get a good deal... that way if they don't work, I am not out much and I have another experience in the holistic category.

  • blondeambition3 profile image

    blondeambition3 10 years ago

    The person who stated that skin doesn't have the ability to 'excrete toxins' is ill informed... the skin both excretes AND absorbs toxins. The liver was designed to do this Job primarily... but the pollutants in our everyday environment is making it's job a little too hard to do alone anymore... lol. Anyways! My Husband and I started using these pads... we're in our early 50s... but we eat right... excercise... kinda the health buff types to start with.... but I still have some health issues (primarily skin problems) that I feel are due to something not quite right internally. After the first night's use our Pads were really nasty!... my Husband's were worse than mine however... I think due to the fact I'm on a DETOX pill program and have been doing full body detox baths. After our second night of use the pads only had a small amount of brown toxins on them. Nothing changed either! We went to bed at the same time.. got up at the same time... temperature in room was the same both nights. This has NOTHING to do with sweat folks!... put a clean pad on the back of your knee (which sweats profusely!) and you'll see nothing happens. Do we feel better? Not really because we already feel pretty good... but we want to KEEP things that way so that's another reason WHY we tried these and will continue using them!

  • profile image

    Hello 10 years ago

    one word: money

  • profile image 10 years ago

    Don't knock them until you try them! The resaon HEAVY METALS are called HEAVY is because they are HEAVY. Heavy Metals drop to the lowest point, which are your feet. Have you ever been by someone that took off there shoes and their feet smelled? Of course and do! But do you know why? It is because they have toxins and perhaps even heavy metals. Your feet have more nerve ending then anywhere in the body. Plus all your reflex points are in your feet. Receive 24 hours reflexology treatment. Reflexology is an ancient healing art, using a specialized version of compression and touch that focuses on the feet. Reflex points in the feet reflect the entire body, and stimulating these reflex points promotes equilibrium in the corresponding area of the body.

  • profile image

    responsible 1 10 years ago

    I'm so glad posts like these exist. It confirms my belief that there are alot of sheep left in the world! Talk about the FDA. Please, don't get me started! I haven't tried the foot pads yet. I have had multiple "foot bath" detoxes done, with varying results. I believe in osmosis (Bio 101), and I understand reflexology, so I would tend to "assume" (I hate that word) that these would work. Thanks to all the Doctors that are giving scientific evidence. I would SOOOO love to be able to have access to a lab (for free of course) to test the foot pads and other ideas that I have formulated due to all the alternative therapies I have used. Oh well, maybe in another life! LOL Success to all of those that try alternative therapies and take responsibility for their health.

  • profile image

    samm 10 years ago

    All I know is that it works.... My Mother's high blood sugar is better.... my Father allergies is gone even the stiffness of his leg is better (walks better too). The color of my face looks good.... also the puffiness around my eyes seem to have disappear. My strength as been better these days and my joints haven't been bothering me... beside I fall asleep fast, soundly like a baby and wake up completely refresh. Who can argue with that? Besides they work for me so I'll continue to spread the information on these wonderful detox patches to friends, family and just complete strangers.... I don't mind that other people think negative about it.

  • profile image

    your dumb 10 years ago

    you spelt avoid wrong so I'm not going to take your advice

  • profile image

    Travis 10 years ago

    Im 15 with MAJORLY bad back pain and knee pain AND pain in my neck, wrist, and elbows.


    (You should too)

  • profile image

    Travis 10 years ago

    Im 15 with MAJORLY bad back pain and knee pain AND pain in my neck, wrist, and elbows.


    (You should too)

  • profile image

    basshole 10 years ago

    My wife started using the pads a few months ago. I was a complete skeptic, but I tried them a few weeks back just to humor her. I can't explain it, but within a couple of days I just felt better, like someone had oiled my joints. If you've ever been a smoker, and then quit, you know how after a while you just feel less polluted? It's a lot like that.

    I actually found this thread by trying to find out a little more about the pads, and I've noted what several before me have observed: Not many people that have tried them are calling them stupid. I can't recall who said it, but someone said "Look for the ridiculous in anything and you will find it." I knew a rather intelligent lady with a college degree that swore that the moon landings were faked. I don't know how they work, but I have felt better despite my skepticism.

  • profile image

    ms666 10 years ago

    Let's talk about cost, shall we. Buy the pads from the infomercial and pay about $30 for 14 pads. That's more than $2 per pad. Check Ebay. Regularly available for less than 40 cents a pad with a little good timing and paitience

  • profile image

    Mike Land 10 years ago

    Hello, my name is <insert name here> please pick one <PhD, MD, ED, Acls, UDS, HDS ECT, PETA> I've been using the pads for (pick one) <10,20,30,100,200>> days or <1,5,10,20,400,1000> years. I have nothinig but (please pick one) <good, bad, fantastic, horrible> things to say about them. All my (please pick one) <friends, kids, doctors, wives, husbands, pets, baristers, clock repairers, gutter cleaners> have been using them and they report that they no longer have (please pick one) <psoriasis, asthma, ring-aroung-the-collar, ring worms, typhus, cancer, heart disease, headaches, sexual disfunction, halitosis, or nightmares>. So, before you do a story (please pick one) <condeming, glorifying, edifying, sanctifying, castrating, or berrating> our product, please do your (please pick one) <research, straw poll, litmus test, baptism of the fire, excercism, or circumcism.>

    Thanks you very much (please pick one) <frequent user, detractor, director of medical studies - Tufts university, director of medical research - Universidad Medico Guatemala, Janitor - cleaning services of america.>

  • profile image

    B. K. 10 years ago

    I started using the Takara foot detox patch 4 nights ago. As did my husband, we are 23 and 24 yrs. The gooey/greenish tan "toxins" were drawn from our feet. How ever, I have been getting migranes and stinging urine. I dont know if they are making me dehydrated or not, but I hope these are not permanent side effects. I had not had this problem prior to using the patches. Initially, we paid $89 for a standard cleanse (30 Day Supply) and that was supposidly 1/2 off the original price of $165. Maybe they are working, It's too early to say, but is continuing the product worth it? In addition, I have some increased enery and less fatigue- Has Anyone Had The Analysis On Their Pads?

  • profile image

    Melanie T 10 years ago

    Before writing an article as such. I suggest 1. Trying the foot pads. 2. Do more scientific research. 3. Do more historical research or 4. Remove your article.

    I am open to critisicm and different views usually which is why I googled this in the first place. I respect people's opinions if they are backed up with valid points. Quite frankly, regardless of whether the foot pads work or not, your facts alone are not strong enough to support your argument. You are entitled to your own opinion but you should have a valid argument to support it hence it makes the article pointless.

    1. Foot pads have been around for a long time in the far eastern oriental countries. I remember being 7 years old and my mother using them. My grandmother had also used them. Now at 22, I am using them. If they are such a fad then I ask you why have they been around for so long? and why are their usage being passed down generations and welcomed into the western world?

    2. Have you tried using them? I think the answer is definately 'no'. Yes the pads turn brown when you spray water on them. They also turn brown when they draw out toxins from your body which, by the way, SHOULD contain water traces otherwise there is something incredibly wrong with your body if you are drawing out solid compound metal through your pores which you are suggesting! If it is sweat, then please can you explain why the brown discoluration fades the longer you use the pads? They fade as the toxin levels decrease in your body. The longer you use them the less sticky and brown they get. I, myself, stop using them when they stop turning brown and sticky. Your sweat glands continuously produce sweat, they cannot be rinsed dry.

    3. Definition of heavy metals. Please research into this more. We do not have solid pieces of metal roaming our bodies (apart from the result of certain bone adjusting operations). In chemistry lessons, you would have learnt that metals have an ionic form in your body. Iron (Fe2+) is in your red blood cells and helps you abosorb/carry oxygen around your body more efficiently. It is not a solid and you cannot touch it. It is not a compound. It is an element in its ionic form which is TINY. It is so small that it is probably smaller than nutrients in your body which means yes these things can be drawn out through the skin.

    It is not a fad. It actually works. In this day and age not everyone has time for a master cleanser diet and so sometimes it is easier to stick two pads on before bed with a busy schedule. There are certain toxins which are more difficult to eliminate from the body with things such as the master cleanser diet which is where the foot pads come in. If the foot pads don't work on you it is because you eat macrobiotically and live in a bubble away from toxins.

    I apologise if I offend the person who wrote this article. Like I said, I am open and generally respect other people's opinions if they are supported with valid points. As an 'oriental but western born' chemistry student at a top university, I find your article pointless.

  • profile image

    KGipson 10 years ago

    Has anyone done a test to discover if these pads are just collecting what the body naturally eliminates with or without the pads?

  • profile image

    happy 10 years ago

    i think these detoxing foot pads are just all in your head, like take a pill and you'll fell better. its just you thinkin crazy. try using these foot pads

  • profile image

    happy 10 years ago

    i think these detoxing foot pads are just all in your head, like take a pill and you'll fell better. its just you thinkin crazy. try using these foot pads

  • profile image

    MrcdesOwnr 10 years ago

    When my grandfather said, "it takes all kinds", he wasn't kidding.

    First off, Common Sense!!, you have got to be the biggest Moron that I've ever come across! Really, you can't be that ignorant. Either you are or you work for the Pharmaceutical Industry, I have yet to decide.

    Now on to Phyllis. Dear Phyllis, please get a clue! WHETHER or not Dr. Brown is indeed a doctor is truly meaningless, rather if you really think that a person's profession dictates WHETHER or not they can spell or use proper grammar than you are absolutely lost in this world. I've read books from people who make a living writing, that are littered with spelling and grammatical errors, so really, please, by all means, get a clue.

    phyllis says:3 weeks ago

    I doubt the person who signed his name "Dr.Brown," is a doctor. He has too many grammatical spelling errors in his comment!

    Finally, Guy Incognito, congrats! As statistics go, when it comes to the people that make up this thread, you are in the top 1 percent in regards to intelligence. For you morons (you know who you are), that means he is a lot smarter than you.

    Those of you that are knocking the foot pads, I'm guessing that you are the same people who would pop a pill made from the Pharmaceutical Companies without thinking twice. The same pill that is later found to cause heart attacks or kill people 5 months down the road.

    Please people I beg you, open you minds for just a minute and I will simplify things for you! Guy Incognito said it best. For the price of a meal you can judge the pads for yourself.

    If you try them and feel that they work for you, terrific! You can continue to buy them and feel healthier.

    If you try them and find that they are an absolute waste of money, that's wonderful. Then, you can go back to popping pills prescribed by your doctor because all doctors are 100 percent honest, 100 percent of the time. They are the most honest people in the world. Surely they can't ever be wrong, mislead, or trying to make a buck off of you.

  • profile image

    Brian 10 years ago

    Its funny that you keep hearing how these have been so widely tested, yet no one links or even gives clear results of the supposedly many studies...

    is it just me or does it seem like the companies trying to sell these are trying to counter the artical by posting lots of testimonials, some of wich are extreamly hostile, under different names that say alot and yet prove nothing.

    The statements made in the artical can be stated because they are basic knowledge gained from a basic education. We are not trees, we seperated from that branch or organizams in the single cell stages of evolution, which is evident fromt he very different systems that exist in plants vs. things that have to EAT!

    These things are nothing more then a scam and i have a feeling all these testimonials are nothing more then a few people trying to take away from the good common knowledge apporach that we should all take. For all those who say they feel better, look up the placebo effect.... you should have learned about in many science classes....

  • profile image

    Stacey aka Mom 10 years ago

    I have never tried the detox foot pads, but would like to. I saw them on an infomercial for Kinoki and became very interested. The pricing on each brand varies alot. I have never tried any detox method before, so this will be my first. I would like to know what brand will be inexpensive, yet still effective. I have read that the ones that are made in the US are good, but not as good as the ones made in Japan or where ever else they are made. I dont have alot of money to waste on these detox pads if they dont work, but I dont have alot of energy and feel down in the dumps alot and believe its because of the way that I eat and the enviornment around me. I am a little skeptical about these, but as stated above, dont knock it till you try it! Again, to those that have had a good experience with the detox foot pads, what brand did you use?

  • profile image

    Rattleandhum 10 years ago

    Tryone, you made me laugh. LOL I hope you had some TP close by.

  • profile image

    cape cod 10 years ago

    I have been using for a week now and I am amazed at the stuff that comes out each morning. I am waiting to see if they clear up over time. I do have more energy since I have been using them. I will continue till my supply runs out. If they come clean I will be sold.

  • profile image

    Tracy 10 years ago

    I have really been tempted to try these. At night, my feet and legs become very hot and burn. I feel tired constantly. With the sensations of my feet, I can see where they could help. Even in the day time, my feet burn a lot. Anybody tried these with these symptons? I wish I could get over being skeptical.

  • profile image

    Karen Bearden 10 years ago

    just wanted to see my name on this website, and yes i'm planning to purchase the foot pads for myself and my husband

  • profile image

    lizz 10 years ago

    I bought about 60 of them and have been trying them on both feet on the pads,arch and heel and all come out brown. My feet "feel" better at night after I apply them and I will continue to try them consistently until they are gone or they turn clear. I do not know exactly why they feel beter but I feel a tingling energy kind of like after a pedicure. So for any of you skeptics I say try it first give it a sht and then leave a message to the group what your experience is feedback folks and we all want to know what happens. I am hoping that they are removing toxins and the thought of it is enough to make me try them. Our world has become so full of toxic corporations running us that if these are an aid to at least begin to pay attention to an alternative then they are worth it. I wish everyone the very best and hope for the results to be positive for you!

  • profile image

    Netta 10 years ago

    I just purchased a box of these detoxify pads, I have been very skeptical about them as well, but I finally tried them last night for the first time. I woke up and my pads were filled with gooey/black stuff on the pads. My husband tried them last night as well; his was gooey/black but not as much as mine. I felt "renewed" "stress free" Like the world was a new world. My husband and I have been under extreme amount of stress so I thought it was worth it. I believe they do work and I will be using them again for the next 30 days to see if I see a different in the amount of gooey/black stuff. This is my opinion.

  • profile image

    TYRONE WASHINGTON 10 years ago


  • profile image

    Reading Doctor 10 years ago

    Would all the spelling police please take the night off! Jeez! The essential question here is "Do the toxin pads really work?" I thank those of you who are sharing your testimonials. I thank the spelling challenged doctors who are sharing good wisdom. Yes, I already own ocean front property in Arizona too. But the darn things work folks - I feel better. Love live freedom of "speach" , I mean, uh, speech!

  • profile image

    Guy Incognito 10 years ago

    Guess what. I was skeptical, but like others I decided to buy some from (they are the least expensive). My wife tried them too,

    I don't wear socks to bed, but to make sure I didn't sweat we turned the heat down to 65 and I went without a blanket (just a sheet). I was quite cold in the morning, but wanted to make sure there was no chance of me sweating in these things.

    They turned brown as expected. I put them on the back of my legs at the calf level (where I do sweat a lot for some reason) and nothing happened. They were as dry and white as when I put them on. So I don't think sweat is the factor here.

    We have noticed that although we're not experiencing the amazing energy surge others are, the "sluggishness" seems to have disappeared. It's a very subtle thing that I can't explain exactly, but that feeling of "walking in slush" is gone, so maybe that's the energy increase.

    Anyway, I spent the money and was happy with the results. After two weeks we both felt better. One week since using them and it's about the same, so the "toxins" haven't collected back enough to slow me down.

    Yes, I do exercise more than most folks, and drink water by the tons. I have no qualms about herbal medicines, and am not pro-Western medicine biased like many of my friends who can't understand medicine that isn't produced in a pharmaceutical lab.

    And the FDA - what a joke. Do you really believe they protect us one bit? They are in the pockets of big business like most other govt agencies, so don't use that line about "the govt is here to help us". If you believe that then I have some foot pads to sell you (I have no more bridges).

    Anyway, all I can say is that made a difference with me and my wife, and it was worth the price of a good meal out to try them.

    One other thing. I noticed that approximately 100% of people who haven't tried them don't think they work, and about 3/4 of those who have seem to like them. I'm no statistician, but maybe the negative Nelly's out there who don't think they work becasue they haven't tried them probably don't think that Hybrid cars don't operate becasue they haven't tried them either.

    Just a thought.

  • profile image

    Paulioworld 10 years ago

    Don't know why some of you waste your time writing if you do not have the expertise to make an educated commentary other than it's just not possible or call something quackery. Maybe you are a little constipated and would do well to consider that just about everything in your current lifetime would have been referred to as "quackery" and nonsense just a hundred or so years ago. Note that several of the comments that support the validity of this type of product come from persons with medical or scientific education. The very foundation of science is to question and find evidence that proves or disproves a hypothesis. I do have a medical education, which includes advanced pathophysiology, and can tell you that you need to stop wasting your time and other readers time with your uneducated and ignorant commentary. I can tell you that your claims that state this method is an impossibility are dead wrong. So please move on to a topic that you might know something about. (Like being a pain in the ass). Your witty little comments about taping one to your head or 'LOL' because you think it's a scam and how could we be so stupid to fall for this, are the real shame. No one is asking you to buy this so get over it. It has been people such as yourself that have hindered the progress of civilization from day one. Amazing that soooo many people that have tried this product have had positive experiences. Myself included.

  • profile image

    chicken 10 years ago

    I suffered from cronic back pain at the age of 22. I was young and could not get out of my house for more then a few hours. My doctor only wanted to give me painkillers which i refused since he could not tell me what was wrong. So, I suffered alot for 9 months. Then someone told me to see a chiropractor, I figured what do I have to lose? $50 dollars for help I'll try it. He fixed me, I can walk again and play paintball and all the things I had just about given up on.

    One day he said he had this Ionic Foot Bath I should try. I thought he was a quack when he told me about it. He said he will give me the first 1 for free if I don't feel it's for me I can stop. I did. I get restless legs alot, I have my whole life. I went to bed that night for the first time without this horrible feeling in my legs.

    The pads seem to work the same way as this foot bath so I have bought some and am waiting for them in the mail. The bath is more "intense" but the pads are cheaper ^.^ I hope they work same.

    Finally, for all those skeptics out there. I am a pharmacy tech and I can tell you that most of the drugs out there have unknown sites of action. Meaning they don't really know how they work, only that they do work somehow. You can't put a patent on herbs and everyday products. So who really is going to pay for the research to prove these things are effective?

  • profile image

    jelly bean freak 10 years ago

    I dont know if i should use them now! Give me an honest review some-one please!!

  • profile image

    Hopeful 10 years ago

    I just ordered these patches and can't wait to receive them in the mail. Has anyone that have used the patches noticed an improvement in their cellulite? I was hoping that since they are good for your lymph node drainage that it would help with cellulite too.

  • profile image

    Pooh 10 years ago

    If you have a problem with painful heals, these detox pads are a life saver! I feel so much better and can stand on my foot first thing in the morning when wearing them the night before. I guess if you don't feel you have a problem, don't use them but I plan on continuing using them as long as they are beneficial.

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    doctors say cigarettes are good for you 10 years ago






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    Nick 10 years ago

    I have not tried these yet but I do have a few comments to make. First, they are fairly inexpensive so it is really no big deal to try them. Second, I think one thing should be clear, no one is claiming they are the end all be all of your health problems and there can be some benefit to their use. Third, there are many viable forms of health care in the world today, many of which have been around for thousands of years so it is worth keeping an open mind.

    I am not saying you will be "cured" of anything but that doesn't mean it can't help you feel better. We are surrounded by toxic chemicals in the enviroment and products we use everyday, so your body can certainly absorb these toxins.

    Eating organic foods and exercise is always the best medicin. Prevention is always the best way to achive and maintain health. Western medicine primarily looks at disease. Disease means that your health has progress so much that now there is physical evidence.

    Prevent disease from occuring and you will have a better quality of life.

    If poeple say the foot patches help them, good for them. If they don't help you, nothing much was really lost.

    Best Wishes

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    Wendy 10 years ago

    I have been reading commentary on several sites about whether the detox foot pads work. I have seen a trend in people denouncing them based on logic, common sense, their interpretaion of scientific facts, etc. However, none of them say that they have tried them and gotten negative results. The people that have tried them have mostly indicated some sort of positive outcome.It's easy for some people to denounce an alternative treatment, but I'm sure those people do not have any chronic health issues. I've had debilitating migraines for 10 years and tried everything I know-traditional and alternative. Many things that worked for others were not effective for me. When I try new treatments now,I look for those that have money back guarantees. Then, I really have nothing to lose. The bottom line is, I don't care why the pads turn brown, or if it is the "placebo" effect or what exactly the healing effects are based upon, I only care if it works. That's the point. I'm sure the people that are open to the possibilty have significant health issues that affect their lives every day. People that get up every morning and feel fine should count their blessings, open their minds and not be so judgemental.

  • profile image

    Maria 10 years ago

    I started using the pads eight days ago alternating feet each night per the instructions on the box. I started with the arch area – the first two nights on each foot the pads turned solidly dark brown. The third night on each arch they were mostly white – white in the middle with a brown border. I then moved on to the area between the arch and toes. I have done one night on each foot – both times the pad was solidly dark brown and sticky. I can’t say I feel any different (yet?). However, I had an itchy bump at the sight of my flu shot ever since I received the shot in October. A couple of days ago I noticed that the itching was gone and the bump had dried up and fallen off. I now have a small scar in the area. Coincidence? Maybe – maybe not. Placebo effect? Probably not. I’m going to use the pads for a month or so before making a decision as to they are doing anything for me.

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    phyllis 10 years ago

    I doubt the person who signed his name "Dr.Brown," is a doctor. He has too many grammatical spelling errors in his comment!

    For instance: weather should be whether, can not is one word cannot, i should be I, possitive is spelled positive.

    Dr. Mitch Brown says:5 months ago

    I am a medical lab tech and have recently Analyzed several of these so called detox foot patches. It was my professional opinion that there was no possible way they could be effective....untill i did multiple lab test. the fact is that the used patches that i looked at contained massive amount of , mercury, lead, nickel, arsenic, aluminum, benzene, isopropyl alcohol and even trace amounts of copper. I do not know how these pads work i can not say weather or not they will assist anyone medically. however when i tested the unused patch i found only natural ingredients. the used patched came from my wife and my oldest son so i am possitive they were not tampered with. the fact is they do what they say they do. weather or not its a cure for anything, well the FDA says no, weather or not you trust the FDA is up to you.

  • profile image

    Brigham 10 years ago


    I just wanted to say that some of you are so far from right it's funny! The detox pads are not medicine. The ingrediants are all natural and actualy work. There have been plenty of evidence to prove that they work. Here's what you do, go get some work checkups from your Dr, then use the foot pads and go back to your Dr and see the difference. I found mine at and I feel alot better!

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    tablescratcher 10 years ago


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    Betty 10 years ago

    I saw Dr. Oz on Oprah say that if your feet stink, besides the obvious bathing them daily and wearing fresh socks, you can soak them in tea water. I also use deodorizer powder in my shoes.

    If you can buy decent canvas tennis shoes and wash them regularly, that will help too. But these patches will not detox your body.

  • profile image

    Phil H. DePur 10 years ago

    You have to love the Internet. With a few key strokes I can be a man a women or even a doctor.

    I was following Health Insider's explanation of how the pad was bogus until they said "But I got something that REALLY WORKS!"

    I'll go on a limb though and say the pad is bunk. But if it makes you feel better buy it "buy" all means. On one TV Series they put snail slime on people's faces and the people swore it worked as promised (Make you look younger, reduce wrinkles, ect..)

    But if the pads were so great, and worked so quickly, why are they no being used in hospitals? Why doesn't poison control tell you to slap them all over your body in an accidental poisoning? I guess our medical community is just not able to keep up with "Ancient Chinese Secret!" Wait, maybe that's rice?

    Anyway, I am a medical professional. One sure thing I can tell you when it comes to people. Well make it two things. People will believe what they want (as in OJ is innocent.) And the other, the biggy is - You can't cure stupid.

    300,000 years of evolution and I look around and think, "This is the best mankind has to offer?" We should have just stayed in the trees.

  • profile image

    Kimmie 10 years ago

    Oh my gosh can people be so critical and full of comments on just 1 issue of DETOX FOOTPADS? Geee ...if U want to know, try it. You don't have to pay alot to try it, just google for good deals. I got to try the FOOTPAD detox selling through & love them. I just order them again after 5nights using them on both feet. Why? Because I have suffered greatly from years and years of unknown causes of insomnia, headaches + body aches + recently some symptoms of constipations & kidney infection, these footpads somehow help me getting through the nights well and days without pains. So yes, I like them and will buy them again. I just find out that you can also buy more footpads at with more quantities & cheaper prices. So if you're skeptical, DONT' TRY ANYTHING =practice your safe guidelines. If you're like me & have curiosity about all the new products, GIVE IT A TRY (ONLY IF YOU HAVE MONEYS OF COURSE) lol. If you don't have moneys for grocery, then GROCERY DOES COME FIRST ...LOL. I'm a nurse, I might not be 100% in spelling or grammar, but I do think there're many products that cannot be scientifically proved at 100% whether it works or not for different people. For example, I like acupuncture & many doctors will disagree with me while many start to take lessons on this subject like me. So if you like to buy it cheap, i would suggest: and . No --I'm not an agent for these two website, just post them for those people who wants to open up to new products with cheaper options. Good lucks & cheerios. Let's live happy!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Celeste 10 years ago

    To answer Pete's post below:

    Pete says:3 weeks ago

    <"First define toxin. There is no such definition in the medical world. Second, ANY product that claims it helps remove toxins from any part of the body is absolute quakery">

    My response:

    ARE you kidding? NO SUCH DEFINITION OF TOXIN TO THE HUMAN BODY IN THE MEDICAL WORLD? Have you ever been to the doctor? Have you ever read a book or a newspaper or anything? Do you honestly think there is no such term? Do you honestly think there are no contaminates in the air, water, food, etc that are harmful and toxic to the human body?

    If you honestly think that, then go lick some lead, drink water with toxic waste in it, or better yet., breathe in carbon monoxcide, or somehow abosorb any of the known cancer causing TOXINS. After all, there is no such definition in modern medicine, right?