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For Entertainment Purposes Only; Letting Go of Daily Struggle

Updated on November 3, 2011

Esoteric Psychology: MODE of Cosmic Therapy

Knotted Entanglements
Knotted Entanglements

MODE of Cosmic Therapy: Living the Fun Life and Loving it!

There’s absolutely no struggle involved in living your life! For Entertainment Purposes only should be the sign hung around your neck to remind you. The only possible interpretative struggle you may conceive is due to your resistance to accept your life exactly and precisely as it unfolds each day. When you set about to ‘change’ something, or more importantly, someone, balk at circumstances, oppose the obvious, complain about existing relationships and/or events, deny your personal preferred involvement, the fictitious struggle begins.

Now, let’s get down to the ‘nitty-gritty’ gooey burnt marshmallow side of what we’re really talking about here: your undeniable ‘bitchy’ refusal to relax and accept your life’s unfolding bizarre storyboard in the manner it presents itself. In other words, your depth of struggle is directly tied to how blatantly spoiled you are.

‘Spoiled’ in the sense that you are determined to have things your way, when in fact, the very opposite way of doing things beckons you to surrender your begrudgingly held game. It’s a no-win situation IF you continue to refuse to go along with the allotted assignment. Do you have choices? Of course you do.

But, as soon as you make them, the other possibilities dissolve away never to be discussed again. Why? Because you MADE, continue to make, always make, the right choice, the only choice for you can make at the time. Stop with the ‘mealy mouthed’ indulgent whining, questioning, doubting, and futile yearning; it’s so dog-gone unappealing.

Struggle is nothing short of exaggerated drama. Short-lived, pathetic unsupervised, wanton vomit coated whining. Pitifully staged, yes; hopelessly stupid, yes, ego-driven to keep you distracted, disgruntled and unavailable; absolutely, positively yes!

The point of this long-winded attempt you display merely exhausts your vital life-sustaining sacred sexual energy which could be used in so many more productive artistic ways of beneficial pursuit. How about writing a song, painting a picture, composing music, inventing something useful? It’s high-time you put down the pretense of caring and get physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and financially vested in your program of ‘no lust of result’ living.

Your soul’s summation TODAY demands that you show up for your life, now! Not yesterday: not tomorrow, today, this minute…this glorious indescribable second! No matter what is occurring in whatever manner it reveals itself, it’s perfect for your party. The deal is: IT”S your only deal on the wheel for real.

Here’s another wonderfully exhilarating sobering truism: you are going to die. You have no clue when, how, in what manner, or where the solicitous event will take place but undoubtedly, it will. And, just as you will partake of that situation without question or recourse, so too, does your life require of you the same celestial indifference.

Yes. I said indifference. Sobering detachment! Did I hear you complain about how you won’t give up your preferred emotional attachments and involvements? Believe me: I know you will struggle needlessly not to turn loose of the energy ciphering sensations supplied by those draining pointless motional connections. Blatant depressive/regressive human guilt-filled emotions; isn’t it written somewhere how God loves a contrite heart? Check the meaning of contrite.

Of course, you have these uncompromising blood-sucking emotions. Stop complaining and exaggerating their so-called importance. It’s all part of the divisive plan of invoking human beingness But, your emotions, preferences, desires, regrets, shame, guilt, along with another 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 deviously constructed fanciful aspirations, simply paint the canvas of your life. They in no way alter the backdrop upon which you design the scenario. It’s clever and grand to think of yourself so highly as to suppose you are the one who creates and, is responsible, for the various events, relationships, too, in your life.

But, IF that really be the case: what are you moaning and groaning about? And, more importantly why aren’t you satisfied? I’ll tell you why: the ongoing construction of your masterpiece has yet to reveal the totality of its universal brilliant significance. In other words, you’re looking for the loophole, the escape: the better day when all is made lovely and neatly arranged for settled meaning and secured purpose.

Yet, the one little item you leave out purposefully is the pure hard core camouflage: “Every single aspect [including every apparently BAD, awful, debilitating, unfortunate, misunderstood, seemingly betrayed, heart breaking, painful, miserable, lonely, abused, abandoned and neglected] event plays a significant role in its sacred construction.”

The great work {opus} decidedly depends upon you. No other action will be as monumental in comparison as with the recognition, release and acceptance of the magnificent portrayal of the incalculable sensual mystery you hold. The question remains: will you authentically show up for your life? How does one do that, you may ask?

By verbally/mentally acknowledging, accepting and declaring that your life is 100% perfect just like it is: NO excuses, explanations, defenses, and/or blame. Whatever IS: IS and it’s beautiful beyond compare. Perfect, too. “No other trail for you to ride, Cowboy Hank.”

Let us not exclude the highly scrutinized relationships you are involved with which bring to the table a vacillating irresolution. A contentious matter of continued discontent and disgruntled confusion; one that constantly demands your attentive insight of measurable patience and unmitigated virtue instituted by you for entertainment purposes, only, must inevitably be brought to the forefront.

To bring some sort of resolution of the ‘struggle’ associated, you will have to release the garnered demands of expectation you hold as coming from the contrariness of the other person. Hah! I shall reiterate: the great work is upon you! You as reflected in every single aspect (element) which constitutes your life.

What does this mean, exactly? It means not one fragment of your existence is separate, irrelative and unimportant. So, who is being contrary? In order, to surrender ‘struggle’ you will learn to see the whole panoramic view. In other words, you are learning to exchange the personal (narrow) for the impersonal (broad).

Here’s the latest scoop: you are to expose yourself to your entire infallible existence with every unsavory characteristic attached. You are not to turn away in defiance, disgust or personal disinterest. You are definitively not to judge, jump to conclusions and construe.

If you are to learn of the complete you, along with the unmistakable glory of resolved peace and unfaltering happiness associated, you will embrace all of the events, people, places and things (no matter how dirty, unpleasant, criminal, unholy, uncouth, unfaithful, rough, deceitful, cunning, hurtful, mean, unmannered, disappointing, and shocking they prove to be) in your life exactly and precisely as they happen.

That’s it in a nut shell---the way daily struggle subsides!


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    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 

      8 years ago from London, UK

      Thank you for a very interesting point of view.

    • msorensson profile image


      8 years ago

      I love the conclusion. Yes, it is so easy for us to get "entangled" and yes..we do create all those dramas ourselves, lol.

      Thanks. A great reminder.


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