i have gallstone of 7mm.i don't want to remove my gallbladder.what is natural tr

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  1. profile image52
    dev53posted 13 years ago

    i have gallstone of 7mm.i don't want to remove my gallbladder.what is natural treatment for this.

    i am 24 years old.

  2. Merlin Fraser profile image61
    Merlin Fraserposted 13 years ago

    Being only 24 I can understand your apprehension at losing your gallbladder but there really isn't a natural treatment to remove gall stones.

    I know you have seen lots of adverts claiming otherwise but I have yet to hear a genuine response from someone who has successfully been so treated.

    Unlike kidney stones gall stones have not successfully been broken up with ultra sound either.  Medically there is a chemical treatment to dissolve gall stones but as I understand it, it is a long, slow and uncomfortable remedy which comes with no guarantee that the stones will not return.

    Without casting blame, gall stones are usually the result of diet, too high a fat content too high in cholesterol and a change in diet will stop the pain.  Basically the gallbladder is like a demand valve for the stomach.  Depending up on what you eat the stomach will digest it.  If it requires a higher concentration of bile it will squeeze against the gallbladder to release that bile.  It is the pressure of this contraction against a gallbladder blocked by gall stones that brings on the pain.
    Eventually, the stomach will digest the food and the contraction will relax, until the next time.  Keep to a fat free, reduced cholesterol die, lots of fruit and vegetables and you can with practice keep the pain at bay.  However the stone(s) will not disappear and will continue to grow.
    As it was explained to me surgery for the removal of the gall bladder is the best and most permanent solution.  Like you I was not too happy at the prospect.  But, again as explained the Gall bladder is one of the body organs we can happily live without.
    In most cases this is keyhole surgery, and you are in and out of hospital in 24-48 hours tops. 
    Look on the positive side, no gallbladder no place for the gall stones to reappear, so you can return to a normal diet fairly quickly.  In fact I have a friend who lost his gallbladder a few years ago and he will eat anything that doesn’t eat him first.
    On the sensible side, take it as a warning from your body to take a look at your diet.  Talk it over with your family doctor, after all that what they are there for isn’t it ?

  3. kaleigh_123 profile image60
    kaleigh_123posted 13 years ago

    As a person who opted to have their gall bladder removed...stones were lodged in the tubes...there was no turning back!  Glad I did; have not experienced any further issues. 

    The only way to lessen the symtoms is to change your lifestyle....

      1.) Do not smoke.
      2.) No fried foods
      3.) No carbonated beverages.
      4.) No alcohol.
      5.) Drink lots of H2O (water).
      6.) Eat loads of fresh fruits and vegetables.
      7.) Not beef or pork.
      8.) Chicken, Turkey, fish...good!
      9.) Eat 5 to 6 small meals a day.
    10.) Do Not eat 3 or more hours before retiring for the evening.

    Good luck!

  4. DonnaWallace profile image62
    DonnaWallaceposted 13 years ago

    I know you aren't eager to have your gallbladder removed, but I really think that you should consider it, especially if it was recommended by your doctor. If you wait too long, it can be dangerous, and turn gangrene. If it bursts, your life could be in danger. I know it sounds dramatic, but it could happen.

    Please follow your doctor's suggestions.

  5. profile image48
    MiccaHakinenposted 11 years ago

    Only occurrence of gall stones won't lead to virtually any signs and symptoms, until they leave the gallbladder and get strapped in your bile tubes, tubes which usually link up the hard working liver along with the gallbladder plus the digestive system. These types of bile channels carry the bile on the digestive tract to help you with the digestion of food. Gall stones entering into the bile tubes can greatly reduce the circulation of bile as well as prohibit the bile from getting in the digestive tract. The obstructed tubes causes infection of the gallbladder.Source: http://www.allgallbladdersymptoms.org/

  6. artist101 profile image59
    artist101posted 11 years ago

    75% of all gallstones are cholesterol. So the cholesterol lowering supplements, would be the answer. Turmeric can reduce the risk as well as many other supplements. Such as apple pectin, and beta-glucan. The bind fat and then are removed through feces. See my hub http://artist101.hubpages.com/hub/heart … upplements

  7. laksi profile image60
    laksiposted 8 years ago

    Dear dev53,
    I think you should probably go to your doctor. I have heard that gallstones are very very painful and have even been compared to giving birth, so if you are suffering in such a way, you should definitely ask your doctor for help. From what I've heard they can sometimes pass out naturally, but I think that the doctor can give you medication to make this happen more quickly. Good luck.

  8. shrimad bhagvat k profile image61
    shrimad bhagvat kposted 7 years ago


    STONE CUTTER Dissolves kidney stones, Urinal Stones and gall bladder stones within 42 days

    BENEFITS OF Aadishakti Alaukik Upchar (STONE CUTTER)

    Kidney stones also known as Renal Calculi are small crystal like substances found in kidney or any other part of urinary tract. The urinary tract includes the kidneys, ureters, bladder, and urethra.Kidney stones are small stones or masses of salts and minerals. They can be as small as a mustard seed to as large as a ball. Kidney stones are associated with pain. Another symptom is blood in urine. Many other symptoms are there like pain in groin, flank. Commonest being abdomen pain.1. Dissolves kidney stones, Urinal Stones and gall bladder stones.2. Improves kidney health.3. Improves total body Health.4. 100% natural.5. Non Invasive.6. No side effect.The patients following this program to are doing well, with improvements in their symptoms and kidney disease states.

    Helpline no: 09599081730

    Kidney stones are formed when there is more crystal forming substances such as oxalate, calcium and uric acid than the fluid in your urine can dilute and flush it from your body.

    1. Mary Brum profile image61
      Mary Brumposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      The herb Chanca Piedra will dissolve stones within a few days or weeks depending on their size.  You may purchase online or at the health food store in capsules or tincture form.  Your body will eliminate the stones naturally.

  9. Chuck Bluestein profile image62
    Chuck Bluesteinposted 7 years ago

    I agree with Mary Alexander-Brum. You can use the herb that comes from the Amazon rain forest that is known as chanca piedra that means stone breaker. It dissolves kidney stones and gallstones. It is also better for the liver than the herb milk thistle. It also helps the body detoxify itself. I have a hub on it.

  10. profile image50
    thurstonboydposted 6 years ago

    There is a week long process that will get rid of it. You can find it here. http://myculturedpalate.com/recipes/gal … o-surgery/

  11. Alex Felipe profile image57
    Alex Felipeposted 6 years ago

    I work with this in my office, I would be happy to be able to help.



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