What vitamins are good for feeling tired?

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  1. LoriSoard profile image63
    LoriSoardposted 12 years ago

    What vitamins are good for feeling tired?

    B 12? I need more energy. Just feel drained right now, mostly because of restless sleep. I've already added melatonin.

  2. Jlbowden profile image85
    Jlbowdenposted 12 years ago

    The B vitamins overall are an excellent way to get that extra energy you may be lacking. And B12 taken under the tongue-(sublingually), or (intramuscularly) is the best way to absorb this important vitamin. It is not uncommon for people to take 1000 mg. per month, during one dose. In addition about 400 micrograms of folic acid, is equally important. And vitamin C, or ascorbic acid helps your body to keep and absorb the B vitamins more readily. Melatonin and valerian root, as well as herbal teas like sleepy time, should do a good job, of helping you get much needed rest as well. Hope this little bit of additional info. helps you overcome your tiredness.


  3. oceansnsunsets profile image84
    oceansnsunsetsposted 12 years ago

    Vitamin B Complex, so all of the B's, can really help.  If you get some, and are feeling really drained or sick, follow the directions on what it says.  It is bound to help in  a much healthier way than more caffeine, say....  A good multivitamin is good too.

  4. Rachel Richmond profile image60
    Rachel Richmondposted 12 years ago

    Co-Q10 is great for getting your energy back.  The body stops making it in huge quantities as we age and this effects our nerves, especially in the legs.  (If you like spinach, that's a great source for it.)  Another one to look into (and/or talk to your doc about) serotonin. It's the chemical the body produces to wake you up naturally in the morning.  It could be an imbalance between melatonin and serotonin.

  5. ChristinS profile image39
    ChristinSposted 12 years ago

    I would also suggest a whole foods multi-vitamin. This will contain the B's and also all the other nutrients that help your body function.  I take one by Nature's Way called Alive Whole Food Energizer - I have never felt better.  I eat right too, but these vitamins are wonderful (and you can get iron free ones also if iron happens to bother your stomach)

  6. LoriSoard profile image63
    LoriSoardposted 12 years ago

    Wow! Thank you everyone for all of the wonderful responses. I'm going to add one or two and see how that works and then will try others if needed. I feel more energized just thinking about it.

  7. artist101 profile image63
    artist101posted 11 years ago

    I too suggest the B-vitamins, B-6, and B-12 specifically are for energy, as well as the omegas.
    There are other causes to feeling tired, among them, dehydration, CFS, anemia, hypoglycemia, and low thyroid function.
    Anemia is either a b-12 deficiency, or an iron deficiency. You shouldn't take iron unless confirmed by a doctor. B12 is best taken in sublingual form, may also be administered intravenously. Dependant on the level of fatigue, this may be necessary for a while.
    One of the main symptoms of CFS, and fibromalgia, are restless sleep. Current research suggests an underlying infection, as the cause. Can be viral, bacterial, microbial, or fungal. Can be confirmed with a simple blood test.
    Other symptoms of low thyroid function include, being cold, dry skin, coarse, thinning hair, edema, weight changes, as well as fatigue. Can be confirmed with a TSH. A simple blood test.
    If the fatigue continues, or is extreme, I would seek the help of a physician, to rule out any underlying illness.
    In the meantime, increase your water intake, protein and good fats, cut back on simple carbs, (known to cause fatigue) and take a good multi vitamin, with a b-complex. B vitamins work together, it is best to take in a complex formula.
    for more information http://artist101.hubpages.com


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