At what age where you the most happy

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  1. AEvans profile image75
    AEvansposted 11 years ago

    At what age where you the most happy

  2. billybuc profile image87
    billybucposted 11 years ago

    Right this minute at age sixty-three. Nothing I have experienced can match my happiness today.

  3. justateacher profile image84
    justateacherposted 11 years ago

    It seems that I have been very happy at most every age - of course some years are worse than others - but each year there has been a silver lining to the clouds - even the years my father died and my mother died there were happy moments. I could choose to dwell on the negative, but for now I choose to think about the postive moments.
    I was 17 when my oldest daughter was born and at that time it was the happiest moment in my life. Then four years later, my younger daughter was born and my happiness was doubled. It seems sad to say, but the year I divorced my husband was also one of the happiest years I have had. Then I met my now husband - and that was an awesome year, as was the year we married and I gained two more children. 2009 was a great year because I had my first grandson and 2010 was great because I gained my second grandson. 2012 will be great because my third grandchild - my first granddaughter will arrive in June!
    I think we make the happiness in our lives and the sadness - we just have to choose which we dwell in...
    Great question!

  4. Damiendarby profile image60
    Damiendarbyposted 11 years ago

    The glory days of high school. Sports car, beautiful girlfriend - captain of the cheerleaders, big group of friends, job and some spending money...sigh....College was decent....hmm there was a few road trips that have been awesome...hmm...the moment I first held my daughter and every moment I get to be with is good. Thankfully there have been good and bad times with each and every year.

    Good question.


  5. profile image0
    pixnumposted 11 years ago

    It depends on you how much you have achieved in your life and satisfied. So, your happiness can be at any stage of your ages.

  6. xstatic profile image61
    xstaticposted 11 years ago

    Very interesting question! Having lived a fairly long time, it is hard to answer too. I was not happy in my childhood, the years between then and now have been interesting, some happier than others, so I have to conclude that I am probably happiest now. I am very healthy, have a wonderful wife of nearly three years, am writing (poetry and Hubs and stuff) more than ever. I am recently unemployed, could call it retirement by request, and looking for work, but am learning more about computers all the time, so am progressing. So, I am happy here in the moment.

  7. Anthony Reber profile image39
    Anthony Reberposted 11 years ago

    16 had some fun times party's and doing my own thing as a teen just enjoying life

  8. arifeen profile image60
    arifeenposted 11 years ago

    My current age..It's 15:) Because if I think something a little creative, people take it as a big one. I love!

  9. Teylina profile image60
    Teylinaposted 11 years ago

    Childhood: had free run of my grandparents' plantation as long as I ran softly (Indian style) and carried a big stick I owned the world. Happiest then at 9 because I made my first very own money (still have 1st pay envelope!); had a granddaddy that didn't believe in prejudice of any kind (except "white trash") and gave me no slack and respect to everyone. 1st child: Now best friend though 1,000's of miles apart. He accepts me, understands me, and stands up for me, and, most of all, he was a happy, happy kid. 2d marriage: 1st three years of it: Life, love, and happiness. Learned all men are not bad jealous, that there is a difference and felt like the best person in the world. Had a little girls who  stopped folks dead in their tracks with her outside beauty, but always responded, "I'm only beautiful when I act beautiful" and still believes it--put together with all the best genes from way back. The 10 yrs I spent hiding out on a forgotten bayou in home-state of gave me time to appreciate that I could have been bitter or angry, but wasn't. So very, very glad I'm a basically happy soul.Still help othermaybe not in money but in lack of discrimination -- thanks grandaddy! Most important to me!

  10. rembrandz profile image80
    rembrandzposted 11 years ago

    At 32 when I had many life-changing experiences in a single year. All happy!


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