What are the TOP TEN qualities that separates the highly successful from the uns

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    gmwilliamsposted 3 years ago

    What are the TOP TEN qualities that separates the highly successful from the unsuccessful in



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    Kiss andTalesposted 3 years ago

    As an example I would think that would be like a school and the many different class rooms.
    How a teacher grades you in one class may be different in the many others.
    People in special ed classes are grade according to their potential . So success in this world is different and in different fields, I am aware of some highly successful people in many fields.
    But it is still limited. Limited that being successful with wealth but not in other things ,that is why you have bad news of divorces , suicide in the entertainment world. What it is you have  fulfillment of one thing ,but what is really need becomes unfulfilled. So people fill what is needed with wealth and money .yet they are not filled at all like you thirst for something ,you hunger for something and all the choices just do not fill the need to be satisfied ,you even take others advise .  Not it ! What it is , It is your real personal one on one with your creator is embedded in your inner  being, and yet people ignore it  fill that spot with other things. And no matter how wealthy you are you are not content or truly happy.
    Success in this word no doubt exist .but is limited ,it can be taken away, or even short lived.
    But you can live forever and stay in the favor of the one who created the gold and silver forever with a promise.