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    linwuposted 11 years ago

    1. Heart Disease:
    Mostly because of a lack of love and security of the results, and feelings of self-enclosed. That they are not worthy of love, do not believe in the possibility of love, or not allow yourself to show love to others who will appear cardiovascular disease. Institute of to face their own true feelings, listen to their true voices can be very hit extent, reduce heart disease.
    2. Arthritis:
    Frequented by those who do not learn to say "no" and accuse others to use their people. For these people, the important thing is learn to say "no", if this is necessary.
    3. Obesity:
    Something to protect the body's intentions. Inner emptiness easy to stimulate people's appetite, Seoul Viola's move will give many people "enriched" in feeling, but it is not a lack of soul food can be quite filled the.
    4. Nephropathy issues:
    Is because the accused. Sad. Life kinds of misfortune. Critical attitude towards life. These people have often thought that people cheat, and bully them. Similar to the feelings and emotions will lead to the human body is not the normal chemical processes, immune system disorders. We have the common cold the body gives us a warning: "pause bar! owner! breath child, every big deal!"
    5. Asthma:
    Usually because there is no or do not want to live independently.
    6. Stomach problems:
    Ulcerative colitis. Constipation, and then the psychological experts, because the feel nostalgic past, an unknown to break the old concepts, in order to take responsibility now. Stomach problems that beset us would react sensitively, if you suppress these feelings, unwilling to acknowledge the attempt to use rational, conscious neglect and "forget" them, all kinds of stomach dysfunction on the come its way. a long-term anger. tension would induce gastritis. stomach pain (heartburn). juice too much means that you have long been repressed character provocation
    7. Constipation:
    Time because people have accumulated a lot of emotion. Ideas and experience, is unable or unwilling to let go, long-term can not be relieved, feel new emotions and experience.
    8. Eye diseases:
    Does not want to see something, do not accept the world around performance. Myopic people who want to restore the destroyed
    Vision, need to have self-confidence and improve their personal and professional qualities to enhance personal prestige. Hyperopic people will feel around inside the subconscious is full of difficulties and unhappiness, people nowhere to hide. The problem lies not self-confident, can not solve the cumulative the problem, it may be customary big issue. suggest that you trained, self-control, and then show that life will find a good species, perhaps should try to change their way of life.
    9. Ear diseases:
    Hard of hearing, deafness and we are trying to ignore auditory information and hope to people around the abstraction of the outside world. They do not want to hear other people's discontent, blaming, verbal abuse, just want to be left to their own tranquility. Consider what you have that desire. If it is the relationship with relatives, trying to find her, then you hate the substance of power. to know no waves without wind --- may be your own question.
    10. Insomnia:
    People should pay attention to insomnia. Appropriate to take sleeping pills are beneficial to health, but can also be accompanied by various means to resolve insomnia.
    11. Hypertension:
    Often appear and then the people who like: They are filled with pride in its power to put the burden of the whole football itself, the non-stop crafts, fear to live up to the hopes of people around, I hope to be someone else's eyes is an important and respected, and therefore excluded in our hearts feelings and needs. Hong-Mei Ranran Health Digest
    12. Avoid Insomnia:
    Hypnotic insomnia may be appropriate to take to protect their health and avoid insomnia, a serious threat to the lives and health. Can also be accompanied by other methods to address insomnia.


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