Can you Mention some reasons making you optimistic in spite of miseries you face

  1. Dr-Ayyash-ElMasry profile image76
    Dr-Ayyash-ElMasryposted 2 years ago

    Can you Mention some reasons making you optimistic in spite of miseries you face in your life ?

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    tsmogposted 2 years ago

    Faith and trust in a new belief or a renewed one with hope.

    I will use some some knowledge of psychology for explanation. Loss leads to grief. That may be experienced in moments, months, and even years. Those stages are:

    Denial (Lack or no acceptance. It is not real)
    Anger (May also be seen as blaming . . .)
    Bargaining (Bartering with reasoning for how it would not of happen)
    Depression (Realism and/or pessimism as loss is realized as now with consequence)
    Acceptance (This stage optimism 'may' be spawned)

    Scene: A supervisor is told by an employee the order to be delivered was incorrect.

    Denial: Says loudly, "What? I don't understand?"
    Anger: Slams fist on desk or throws pen projected internally on who pulled the order.
    Bargaining: Says, "I should have checked the orders myself."
    Depression: Sighs, "I guess we can kiss that customer good-bye".
    Acceptance: (Here is where optimism may enter) He says, "Everything works out for the best. (Solution) I will call them. apologize, and offer to deliver the part, now, (ASAP). A new belief.

    Perhaps his solution would have been a policy to deliver the part the next day on the typical route. He has acceptance, faith, and trust, just a different focus - policy.There is hope to regain customer confidence and loyalty. In other words a renewed belief. 

    With optimism faith and trust enters with acceptance in a synergistic form. Hope results and solutions become viable no matter what those are.