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Free Health and Infection Control Icons

Updated on February 28, 2015

Free to use icons improve health education

Icons and symbols can be used to help educate, help remind and help spruce up your infection control posters. The free-use symbols can be used in a variety of industries and in a variety of documents. You can use them for personal or commercial use. If used commercially, all we ask is that you reference and use the FOX logo is possible. There is no need to contact us, but we will alert you of copyright if we do not see our company reference when the images are used. If you have any questions then you email OUTFOX at

OUTFOX is a distributor of Glo Germ, Free Digital Standard Precaution Posters (Contact, Droplet, Airborne, Respiratory and Standard) and other infection control items. We are always striving to provide digital assets that will increase the education and compliance of hand washing and other hygiene principles.

We strive to help provide infection control activities, hygiene games and other ways to keep the attention of your students or employees. Most schools or organizations are only a few health principles away from optimal levels. You can reduce the absenteeism rate, insurance costs and potential liability of students and employees getting sick in your organization.

Hand Washing Symbol Icon for Infection Control
Hand Washing Symbol Icon for Infection Control

Hand Washing Symbol Icon for Increased Hygiene

Popular icon on posters and hand washing signs

This hygiene icon is a great asset that can be used on health reminder cards, infection control posters, safety signs, bathroom signs, handouts, advertisements, guest reminder brochures and many other hygiene materials.

A high resolution version of this infection control icon can be located at the following link or by clicking the icon on this page (

If you would like to have a PSD or vector file then please contact us at

Medical Gloves PPE Personal Protection Equipment
Medical Gloves PPE Personal Protection Equipment

Gloves Symbol for Better PPE Use

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) protects against infections

The glove symbol icon is a great reminder of using gloves during certain infection control situations. Place the glove icon when you want to alert students or employees to don or remove gloves.

Medical gloves can be critical in the avoidance of infections in order to avoid illness and disease. Educating your student or employees when to use gloves as personal protective equipment will help prepare them to use gloves in hygienic situations even when there isn't an immediate reminder.

If you would like a high resolution version of the glove image then please click the icon to the right and it will take you to the OUTFOX website for a free download.

Respiratory Mask and Glasses PPE
Respiratory Mask and Glasses PPE

Respiratory Mask and Safety Glasses Reminder Symbol PPE

Mask and Glasses are Personal Protective Equipment Elements

In certain situations, masks and safety goggles are necessary to avoid infection because of the level of bacteria and harmful substances. This infection control icon will help remind your students and/or employees to don the PPE elements.

Use the hygiene symbol on door signs (if infection is inside a hospital room), in laboratories, in quarantined areas, harmful substance deposits, when in surgeries, dealing with highly sick individuals and so forth.

The icon is black so that it prints cleanly and can easily be converted into a transparent PNG. If you would like help modifying then please contact us. If used commercially, please reference and the applicable FOX logo is possible.

Go to the OUTFOX website and search "Free icons" and you will find the download links.

Nursing Symbol Icon for Medical Purposes
Nursing Symbol Icon for Medical Purposes

Nursing Icon for Hygiene Reminder

Place on Infection Control Posters and Organizational Documents

The nursing symbol icon is great for healthcare organizations, schools or other industries that draws attention to medical care. The nursing icon can help alert students or employees where medical supplies are.

The nursing symbol can also differentiate documents, trainings and signature areas that are for the nurse to notice.

The nurse is a universal signal of healthcare, infection prevention, cleanliness and responsible care.

If you would like to download a high res version of the nurse icon then go to and search for "free icons".

Patient Placement Hospital Room Safety
Patient Placement Hospital Room Safety

Patient Placement and Safety Symbol Icon

Patient safety is a constant battle that healthcare organizations must fight. The afflicted clients that hospitals house are relying on top level care so that they can not only recover but not come down with any other illness or disease.

It is important to provide constant reminders of patient safety. The patient placement and safety icon can be placed on doors, files, clipboards, nursing stations and other areas to remind healthcare workers.

This icon is used of the free digital Standard Precaution posters available from OUTFOX. The icon helps remind healthcare professionals to heed the infection control principles set out by the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention).

Infection Control and Safety Signs

Find great deals and popular infection control signs on Amazon. There are a plethora of signs that can help your organization realize great infection control levels.

Hand Washing vs Hand Sanitizer Poll - Tell us your infection control

Germaphobe with hand washing or hand sanitizer
Germaphobe with hand washing or hand sanitizer

Which do you align with?

See results
Hospital Gown Don and Remove Icon
Hospital Gown Don and Remove Icon

When to Don and Remove Medical Gown Icon

Personal Protective Equipment Education

Having a reminder for healthcare professionals for when they should don a gown will help cut down on the spread of infection. Health employees, despite being educated, often forget when it is needed to don personal protective equipment.

Using health symbols will get your entire organization on the same page. Universal compliance will raise the health levels in your organization.

Please contact us if you would like a PSD or vector version of the Gown Icon.

Patient Transportation Hospital Bed Icon
Patient Transportation Hospital Bed Icon

Patient Transportation Hospital Bed Symbol Icon

A reminder for patient safety and transportation is needed for many situations. You may have many nurses or employees that touch a patient in a day or hour. However, the level of care can maintain a high level if you use a universal communication method.

Icons and symbols have long been used to communicate infection control principles instead of long paragraphs. Educating your students or employees with the health icons will get them all on the same page.

If you would like copies of the Free Digital Standard Precautions (for which this icon was created) then please contact us at

Thanks for joining with OUTFOX to help thwart infection and avoid illness and disease.

Health Manuals and Infection Control Guides from Amazon

The best way to increase the infection control levels in your organization is through education. Amazon contains great hygiene and infection control manuals that can teach any level of student or employee. There are health manuals for every type of industry.

Respiratory Mask for Better PPE
Respiratory Mask for Better PPE

Hospital Mask Icon for Better Personal Protective Equipment Use

Respiratory hygiene reminders is one of the main ways that we can help stop the spread of illness and disease. Infections are often a result of harmful particles that are breathed in or digested.

Coughing, sneezing and not washing the hands are ways germs are spread. Use this respiratory hygiene icon to remind students, employees, patients or visitors about the risks of airborne infections.

This is the most popular infection control icon that we offer for free-use. Many organizations have used this icon on organizational documents, health brochures, infection control posters, hygiene sheets, safety signs and as nurse reminders.

If you would like to pass this icon onto others then please just remind them to reference OUTFOX as the owner of the image. Other than that, pass it on so more people can use the image!

Hospital Laundry and Environmental Cleaning Icon
Hospital Laundry and Environmental Cleaning Icon

Hospital Laundry and Environmental Cleaning Icon

Laundry, soiled scrubs, soiled sheets and environmental cleaning are so important for healthcare organizations (whether hospitals, clinics, outpatient facilities and so forth). If reminders are not heeded then germs can spread so fast.

Many organizations are converting to single use items to reduce the amount of infection that can be stored in sheets, drapes and other cloth items. Even though some single use items are preferred, it does not have to be for all cloth items. The best way to avoid the spread of infection is through education and high hygiene principles.

Using the laundry and environmental cleaning icon can help educate and remind your healthcare employees about the need for high level infection control processes.

Use the icon on training sheets, orientation guides, reminder cards, hygiene posters, cleaning checklists and so forth.

The possibilities are endless and so effective to remind!

Hand washing poll

Do you consider hand sanitizer enough to keep your hands clean?

See results

Let us know what you think! - OUTFOX would love to hear your feedback.

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    • TapIn2U profile image


      4 years ago

      I could use some of these. Sundae ;-)

    • benjamindlee profile image


      4 years ago

      I will definitely use these icons! Thanks for sharing!


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