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Updated on November 30, 2011

Get Improve

Explenations of Improvement

The Guide Lines

You can improve voice qualities if you practice the following exercise:

Breathe Properly and Relax: - Nervousness affects normal breathing pattern and this (affected breathing) is reflected in vocal tone and pitch. Practice breathing and relaxing so as to make you well prepared in phonation. In your nervous state of mind, a few deep breaths can help you.

Listen to Yourself: - Videotaping your rehearsal reveals much about pitch, intensity and duration; and helps you to modify your voice qualities, gestures and speech contents. In the absence of videotaping, a large mirror can be a good substitute to judge can also help you in this regard. Postures, facial expressions and gestures. A tape recorder can also help you in this regard. Play back the tape as many times as you need paying attention to your voice qualities, pauses, words and phrases and pronunciation.

Develop Flexibility: - To fit the situation, vary your speaking qualities. Slow down both your volume and the rate of speaking to emphasize important or complex information. On the other hand, speed up the said quality when you will summarize or recount the familiar material.

Articulation:- Articulation is concerned with clarity and distinctiveness of sounds. An articulate person can speak smoothly, fluently and pleasantly. Faulty articulation is caused by organic disorder of the speaking equipment such as teeth, tongue, mouth, lips and the like. Lack of education or personal carelessness is also responsible for faulty articulation. For example saying dis, wide and dem instead of this, with and them respectfully is an articulation mistake. This mistake results from a lack of education and knowledge. To improve your articulation, you should be aware of there errors. Understand the speech sounds.

Pronunciation:- Like articulation, pronunciation is not concerned with clarity and distinctiveness of vocal sounds. A person may articulate perfectly but still mispronounce words. Take for example; saying a-gane instead of again is usually an error in pronunciation. Thus pronunciation refers to the formation of the proper sounds to create words. Both articulation and pronunciation errors can reduce credibility. A tape recorder can help you to the dictionary frequently for development of his speech habit.

Key Terms

Loudness: - Producing noisy voice, strongly audible voice.

Pitch:- Pitch is concerned with how much or how low you are making your voice sounds.

Rate:- Rate refers to variation of speed of speech i.e. how slow or rapid you are delivering your speech.

Pause:- Pause deals with emphasis, power and effective timing.

Good Voice Quality

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