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Have you ever wondered why you have to run to the restroom?

Updated on September 10, 2010

Why some women may be Frequent Urination Females

Have you ever wondered why some people have to use the restroom more often than others and why some people claim to have a bladder the size of a nickel?  The reasons and answers may be a lot simpler than you think.  Lets use women for this example and break them out into two groups, Frequent Urination Females and Regular Urination Females. 

One of the main reasons that some women may fall into the Frequent Urination Females category is that they may have a few routines in their normal daily lifestyles that effect their bladders.  By making a couple of small adjustments to their normal routines, they may be able to remove themselves from the Frequent Urination Females group and place themselves into the regular. 

Drink Less Caffeine or Find a Caffeine Alternative.

Caffeine, much like alcohol, helps to dehydrate your body at a more rapid rate than other drinks like water.  When your body dehydrates the fluids have to go somewhere and on its way out it passes through the bladder at a more frequent rate.  Because your bladder is working overtime and producing more urine, you in turn need to release it more often turning a woman who would normally fall in the regular category into a person who now falls into the Frequent Urination Females category.  By finding alternatives to caffeine like Asian Ginseng Root, which is also an ingredient in bladder control products, that help to fight off stress, anxiety and fatigue you may find that these products can still help to keep you awake like caffeine does; but instead of stressing your bladder, they help to calm it and keep it under control which also helps you move away from the Frequent Urination Females group.

Change the way you eat*.  

Certain foods that are highly acidic may actually make people who are usually on a regular schedule have to go more often.  Citrus fruits and juices are highly acidic.  The types of acids found in citrus fruits may also irritate the bladder causing you to have to go more frequently and can move someone from the regular group to the Frequent Urination Females group.  If you are taking a road trip or car trip, you may want to cut down on the amount of these types of foods within a reasonable amount of time before you get in the car or go out for the night.  Other fruits that are highly acidic can include pineapple, cranberries, grapes, bananas and apples. 

Alcohol can be a downfall for people who already have to “go” to often*.    

Much like caffeine, alcohol can cause an increase in the dehydration of your body.  When your body dehydrates one of the places the liquids go is through your bladder which also means you may have to release more often.  Sometimes people consider it breaking the seal and once that seal is broken you may find yourself temporarily in the Frequent Urination Females category.  To help reduce the amount of times that alcohol may cause you to have to go, if you choose to consume alcohol and it is legal for you to consume alcohol, try drinking it in moderation and prepare for a more frequent use of the bathroom. 

Look at your medications. 

Sometimes people find themselves falling into the Frequent Urination Females category a lot more frequently but haven't changed anything in their eating or lifestyle habits.  These people may be confused as to why their bathroom regularity is off so they may try to change their diets, try adjusting their lifestyles but what they forget to look at is their medications.  Some medications may have overactive bladder as a side effect.  If you have started a new medication and notice a large change in your bathroom habits, you may want to call your doctor to find out if overactive bladder is one of the side effects of your new medications. 

There may be no visible differences between Frequent Urination Females and people who are on a regular schedule.  However, when you break down the two groups lifestyles and look at the different things that they do, you may find why some women end up in the Frequent Urination Females category and some in the regular.  By looking at your lifestyle and your habits you may find why you are a Frequent Urination Female sometimes and why other times you are not.  Look at your lifestyle and see if there is anything that could be causing stress or bladder problems and then find a way to address them so you can move out from the Frequent Urination Females category and return to a regular schedule. 



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