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Fun Health Fact about Tonsils

Updated on February 24, 2012

Did you know that our body has five tonsils?

This is an interesting fact to me because I originally thought that there was only one pair of tonsils; who knew? Together they “form a ring at the junction of the oral cavity, nasal cavity, and throat, are strategically positioned to participate in immune responses against inhaled or ingested foreign substances” (Tortaora and Derrickson, 2010). The first tonsil is the pharyngeal tonsil that can be found near the top of the throat. The second and third tonsils are a pair called palatine tonsils; these can be found on each side of the back part of the mouth. Finally, the fourth and fifth tonsils are a pair called lingual tonsils; these tonsils are found at the bottom part of the tongue.

Tonsillectomy is a common surgical procedure that is done when an individual is having health issues because of their tonsils. These health issues can range from having infected tonsils to sleep apnea. Due to the tonsils being a part of the individuals immune response system, surgeons try to remove the less amount of tonsils as possible doing tonsillectomy. The palatine tonsils are the most common pair of tonsils that are removed. Depending on the health situation of the individual, the lingual tonsils will be removed as a pair. Tonsils are indeed important and should be a last resort to correcting a health issue because they are an important part to your body.


Tortaora, G., & Derrickson, B. (2010). Introduction to the human body. (8 ed., pp. 366-391). John Wiley & Sons, Inc.


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    • Amanda-Dunstan profile image

      Amanda-Dunstan 3 years ago from Twin Falls, Idaho

      Me too!

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      Emma 4 years ago

      lol love this stuff