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How Galvanic Spa makes you feel younger

Updated on March 3, 2015

Galvanic Treatment with Fyola Facial Machine

Galvanic skin treatment is safe and can be done at home with a portable facial machine.

Because these currents are so low, it's very safe for the skin. In fact, you don't even feel the electric current when using the galvanic machine. Some people might even think it doesn't work, but don't underestimate the power of galvanic ion.

A galvanic facial device enhances the absorption of nutriments by bringing the nourishment products deep into your skin using very low electric currents, also called galvanic ions. The anode ( ) and the cathode (-) currents can go deep into the skin.

Result is a beautiful smooth skin.

Where Can You get a galvanic Facial Machine?

There are two popular galvanic facial machines available in the marketing: Nu Skin galvanic spa and the FYOLA facial machine.

NuSkin is a multilevel marketing and their galvanic spa kit cost $300 and there is a monthly membership fee. You also have recruit more people so you can get commission. Some other terms used for multi-level marketing include pyramid selling. They don't have a retail store and if you want to buy the Nu Skin galvanic spa you need to go through the sales agent, who will try convince you become a multi-level sales person

If you don't to be involved in multi-level selling and just want to enjoy one time purchase of the galvanic facial machine you can look into the Fyola facial machine.

Fyola facial machine is sold in some spa's and beauty salons. You can visit the official website to order it.

Watch How Galvanic Treatment Works

Ultrasonic Skin Therapy Explained

Ultrasonic wave is not an electric current. Ultrasonic wave is a high frequency wave that is emitted by the facial machine. Usually it's 1 Mhz (1 million vibrations per second). These high frequency waves goes deep into the skin cells, giving you an elastic and healthy skin.

Same with galvanic ion, you can NOT feel the ultrasonic waves, but it does really work.You might have visited a beauty or spa salon having a facial treatment. These beauty salons use these a big ultrasound machine. After getting a 30 minutes of ultrasound facial treatment, you can feel the skin more tight and firm. Yes, the same kind of machine is now available for home use, but now it's smaller and portable.

Yes, these portable facial machines have the same result as the professional ultrasound machine in the beauty salon. In fact, you might seen the Fyola facial machine in the beauty salon. Some esthetician love this Fyola facial machine, because it's small, portable and most important wireless!

Get a Healthy and Clean Skin Now!

Combining Galvanic Ion with Ultrasound Wave (Ionzyme)

"Ionzyme" is a new skin-care method, which removes skin wastes and enhances the absorption of nourishment products by using combining galvanic ion with ultrasonic waves.

And Fyola is the only facial machine in the world using the patented technology. No other machine in the market has the same advanced technology.

By using "Ionzyme", Galvanic facial massager can help reduce fine lines, moisturize skin and tighten drooped eye pouches in much shorter time than conventional facial massager.

It also open the skin pores for deep cleansing, so you can have a more healthy and clean skin Ionzyme technology involves the use of an galvanic current to facilitate greater penetration of vitamins into the skin. With conventional beauty machines, changes are very much slower, whereas with the Fyola Facial massager, you will notice that your skin looks and feels firm and tight after two or three treatments.

Have You Tried the Galvanic Spa?

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