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How to live a longer, healthier life with garlic

Updated on July 23, 2013

Garlic (Allium sativum), the bulb that we are so accustomed to seeing at the grocery store or cooking with in Italian recipes, has the broadest spectrum of any antimicrobial substances. It has been researched extensively with evidence proving it to be an antibiotic, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic, anti-protozoan and anti-viral agent.

Health benefits

Some of the well-known healing properties of raw garlic include:

* Evidence shows that garlic is more potent than the antibiotics - penicillin and tetracycline. Interestingly, rather than weaken the immune system as other antibiotics do, it actually enhances the immune system.

* Garlic prevents cancer and causes tumor shrinkage in stomach, colon, breast and prostate cancers.

* Garlic improves cardiovascular health. It dilates blood vessels, thereby lowering blood pressure, eliminates triglycerides, dissolves blood clots, and prevents oxidation of important lipids that cause cellular destruction.

* Garlic can be used successfully as a decongestant and expectorant for the common cold as well as a mucus regulator with cases of chronic bronchitis.

Unfortunately, the allicin which is responsible for the majority of garlic’s health benefits, is only released only when garlic is pressed, chewed, or juiced. Processed or cooked garlic will not provide all of these healing properties. So, how do you get all the benefits without having a serious bad breath problem?


Garlic and me

First, I’ll tell you why I am so ‘sold’ on the regular use of garlic. When my son was about three plus years old, he kept getting ear infections. Almost every month he would have a new ear infection after just completing a course of doctor prescribed antibiotics. Apart from my soaring medical bills, it was also frustrating to not be able to really help my sick child to be well. I now realize that he must have been allergic to milk and it was affecting his mucus production. One day, my pastor’s wife who is also a nutritionist asked me if I had ever tried giving him garlic and honey. I had never heard of it. It consisted of freshly crushed garlic that was allowed to seep its juices into honey, with both being given a spoonful at a time. I discovered that both garlic and honey are natural antibiotics.

The story ends with my son getting sick so rarely after that and responding so quickly to the mixture that he almost missed get his full immunization regimen due to infrequent doctor visits. He is now a healthy 18 year old!

Of course, when I found out all the other health benefits of garlic, I keep a regular supply and have a clove as soon as I feel the signs of anything! I rarely ever get sick. (Maybe once every two years). But, I work closely with people and have always been concerned about my breath! Well, apart from always having some sugar-free gum on hand, I have devised a way to have garlic without the smell:

Crush and cut up the garlic into very fine pieces after peeling it. Put the cut-up garlic in a spoon. Get a drink with a flavor you enjoy and swallow portions of the garlic pieces while drinking as if you are taking a tablet. That is, don’t chew it, just swallow it. If you do chew it, eating some parsley afterwards eliminates the smell! After swallowing the whole clove, wash your hands while washing a stainless steel utensil (like the spoon you just used), for about 30 seconds. Believe it or not the garlic smell will be gone from your hands after washing! Yes – it works!

The only other caution is do not have garlic for more than about 3 or 4 days consecutively as your pores will eventually start to secrete the oils and the smell will follow you! Now you’ve got to try this and tell me what you think!

A good spot to enjoy healthy living!


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