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Weight Loss with Little Lifestyle Changes!

Updated on April 16, 2013

Little Changes - Big Results!

Most people struggle with weight loss! For many of us it is a constant battle. We are all looking for the perfect weight loss solution!

If you are like me, it's easy to make a lifestyle change to increase our weight! You taste a new coffee drink at your favoirite coffee shop or gas station and boom! You make that stop every morning, afternoon or evening to get that delicious drink of coffee.

Cappiccino, that was my latest lifestyle change. A whopping 200 extra calories for the day! Wow 1400 extra calories in a week. That equals an extra days worth of food each week times 52 weeks. It's no wonder we can pack on the pounds when we add a new favorite food to our lifestyle!

If we can add a little change to our lifestyle as easy as ordering up a quick cup of coffee at a quick mart, we can also subtract a little piece of our lifestyle to lose weight!

We usually have an incentive to lose weight, a special event, to fit in a swim suit for summer, a health event. There are many incentives to lose weight and each of us has a different one or even multiple reasons.

The keywords here are "Lifestyle Changes!"

Small Lifestyle Changes can make huge differences to our weight! Let's celebrate and adapt small changes so that we can see big results from little changes in our Lifestyle! What's your motivator? What's your goal? What little change are you willing to make that could make a huge change to your calorie count? What little change can you make to improve the amount of exercise you get in the course of the day?

Lose Weight Changing Morning Routine! - Not As Hard As It Sounds!

This is how I craw out of bed in the morning, but you really didn't want to see my picture did you?
This is how I craw out of bed in the morning, but you really didn't want to see my picture did you?

We are all creatures of habit! We get into a rut and before we know it we do the same thing every day without any thought!

Think about it. When we wake up in the morning we follow the same daily routine. For example just a few months ago, each and every day, this was my routine. I didn't even think about it. I just went through the motions until the caffeine in my coffee kicked in!

The 1st of 3 alarms goes off on my phone.

I hit snooze and get into the position shown in the picture above!

The 2nd of 3 alarms goes off and I hit snooze.

The 1st alarm goes off again and I shut it off.

Now I am stirring and thinking I hear the bathroom calling my name!

The 3rd alarm goes off and I shut it off and realize it is very important that I get out of bed now!

I attempt to get out of bed but my pooch has other plans. A few kisses and a paw to the face to make sure I am awake and my feet are almost on the floor!

Off to the bathroom, the shower, the creams and lotions.

Get dressed and head for the kitchen.

Fix my pooch his breakfast... a little dog food mixed with leftovers from a previous meal or he won't eat. Then figure out what to eat, Quick bowl of cereal or cook bacon and eggs.

You get the picture! I did not have to think about any of this. It just happens every single day. I just do it. My dog expects it!

There was 30 minutes of alarm snoozing, 15 minutes of time in front of the mirror, shower and dressing and 15 to 30 minutes more in the kitchen getting ready to eat.

The Big Lifestyle Change - How I Started To Lose Inches and Tighten Up Muscles

Are your ready...let's walk!
Are your ready...let's walk!

Now here is the big lifestyle change that actually has made inches of difference! It helped me lose unhealthy body fat! I have added some great exercise! Here is how I did it!

Using the same basic morning routine, as I have already explained, it now goes like this...

When the first alarm goes off, my husband gets up or has already gotten up and left the room.

The second alarm goes off five minutes later and I stretch and do some leg exercises. That is the main area I needed to lose weight and tighten up! This takes about 15 to 20 minutes now.

My pooch still gives me kisses and strongly suggests I get moving. This adds extra weight to the legs while exercising. It also aids in not falling back to sleep.

Once out of the bed, with extra time on my hands, I do some deep knee bends.

Then I do a knee drop to the floor while still standing on the other foot, then raise back up to a standing position and reverse knees to drop the other one to the floor and continue this walk to the bathroom. This is a silly routine that was painful in the beginning but gets easier over time. Start slow and do a few repetitions. You can add more repetitions as you increase your endurance. This is a very effective exercise to add to your daily routine. Now I do this several more time as I move back and forth through the bedroom while getting dressed.

In the shower, I do a couple of stretches.

Leg lifts while brushing my teeth, please don't try to visualize these exercises just give them a try! It is not a pretty picture since you are not yet dressed. It is a benefit as you will start to see results!

While buttoning my shirts I do some wall sitting and have really strengthened my leg muscles.

I have found many exercises that I can do while getting up and ready for my day to start. I have accomplished 20 to 30 minutes of exercise during the same amount of time that I originally wasted just trying to get out of bed.

There was no change in my normal activities - showering, brushing my teeth, buttoning my shirt and fixing breakfast etc. The change was in what I did while doing my routine.

I incorporate exercise into my activities while doing things with my hands that don't require my legs to stand still.

Hitting The Gym Is A Chore! - I turned my home and my shopping trips into my Gym!

Just getting outside in my neighborhood for a walk lets me see great things like this rainbow!
Just getting outside in my neighborhood for a walk lets me see great things like this rainbow!

No more daily chore of driving to the gym for a work out unless this is your goal or is fun for you!

For me the gym was a chore and something I could always find a reason why I could not get there today!

Here is my substitute...walking further in a parking lot did not cost me much extra time! I get my heart rate up every time I shop (and I don't mean from the excitement of my next bargain)!

Tip: to get your heart rate up while walking...

In a standing position, raise your shoulders up high, circle them backward and down!

Now you should be standing up very straight and tall. Remember that you will be staying in this straight position the entire time you are walking.

As you start to walk, stretch your walk stride as far apart as you can. Use your upper leg muscles to pull you through each giant step.

No matter how fast you try to walk if you keep that very straight posture and make a long stride you will be out of breath very quickly!

You will build up your endurance the more you try it! This will be a great cardio workout!

A trip to the mall or any parking lot is a cardio exercise and only adds a little extra time to my trip! It saves me money too...I am walking too fast past some of the dress stores to get to my destination that it keeps my cash in my pocket longer!

Make Exercise Fun!

By making exercise a fun part of your daily routine it will become a Lifestyle Change that your can live with!

I hope these suggestions will help you have fun in creating new ways to make exercise a part of your daily life not an intrusion into it!

Be creative, think of exercise as fun!

Think of little tiny steps to a giant leap of a lifestyle change.

If you make a lifestyle change you will be more likely to stick with it.

Figure out your why and have some fun!

Please check back with me and let me know what is working for you! We would love to hear from you and your creative ideas that could help us all!

We would love to hear from you. When you have support from others dieting and weight loss is easier! Tell us about your tips, tricks and successes in making exercise a part of your daily life!

Do You Have A Tip For Exercising? - Share your tips for adding exercise into your daily routine!

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    • fitnessdad70 profile image

      fitnessdad70 5 years ago

      Great lens losing weight - everyone struggles who has a job and kids with finding the time and energy

    • stressless-2 profile image

      stressless-2 5 years ago

      @sheezie77: Thank you sheezie77!

    • profile image

      sheezie77 5 years ago

      Interesting lens, well done! Squidlike

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      With a husband, 2 kids, and 2 dogs...exercise? When do you have the time...This is exactly the kind of tips I need. I already exercise by playing with my 21 month old on my legs while laying down and pushing up, but these ideas have given me a new idea. My 7 year old now brushes her teeth longer while doing the same exercisies by doing what mommy does too!