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get rid of molloscum contagiosum fast

Updated on September 27, 2012

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remedies for molloscum contagiosum

getting rid of molloscum contagiosum

There are so many horror stories about molloscum contagiosum with anxious parents and carers worried their children are going to be stuck with this skin condition forever as it can feel like forever for it to leave.

Much of the focus tends to be on the cure and whether it is best to squeeze and pop or leave well alone. The symptoms and causes are well known and the fact they appear painlessly can be a blessing however it is also a major pain in the butt, as they can creep up on you or your little ones body before you have the chance to take immediate action.

As a perpetual picker and squeezer of all sorts of spots, pimples and other zitty like skin afflictions I had to restrain myself when my youngest was diagnosed with molloscum contagiosum. I was warned never to squeeze. It was like a heavy smoker trying to quit, an overweight person trying to avoid chocolate - all I could think about when my youngest was in a bath was how I would take incredible delight in giving one of those bad boys a major popping!

It took time and the odd hiccup or should I say hic-pop! however I did manage to abstain and I have to say following all the advice and taking the new medicine (which did not exist when I dealt with this skin disorder – molloscum contagiosum – nearly ten years ago.) the molloscum contagiosum did go away leaving no marks and no discomfort for my child.

Molloscum contagiosum is a viral skin disorder or affliction however you want to dress it up yet it can be given a major pounding and be stopped in it tracks. Yet invariably it wins and we are left staring at its wildfire spread feeling utterly powerless over how to eradicate it for good.

So to all the parents around the world let’s understand the following "8 point molloscum contagiosum promise" then use it to our own advantage:

1. I, molloscum contagiosum, the painless viral infection will appear out of the blue!

2. You will not notice my molloscum contagiosum wart family appear at first.

3. While you do not notice us, we will start to spread like wildfire – molloscum contagiosum warts are small enough to go undetected at first!

4. You will start to notice us as we starts to spread and our molloscum contagiosum spots grow in size to larger harder warts.

5. We - the molloscum family - hope you forget to wash your child’s towels and face cloths after every use so our viral tendencies can remain on the used towel and we can then be ready to spring into action on you or another child in your family.

6. We will pray you squeeze us - the molloscum contagiosum that is - using dirty fingers and hope you do not use antiseptic wipes to cleanse the area before any squeezing and popping so that once we are popped we can spread our viral skin condition even faster!

7. Molloscum contagiosum is who we are and we live in hope you do not change your child’s vest and clothing every day as we long to lurk in the darkness of their clothing clinging on with our fingernails until the clean skin of your child can be leapt onto again.

8. So go on give us a chance , let us into your life – let our “molloscum contagiosum promise” guide you to how we will spread and become a constant pain in the "you know what" for as long as we possibly can!

We have made our promise - now make us break it.

Go on - we challenge you!


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