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getting over a tonsillectomy

Updated on January 3, 2010

tonsillectomy survival


 Having a tonsillectomy is a very painful and a tough procedure to go through.

as a young child they say the procedure is a lot safer and the kids are up and bouncing around in 2-3 days. 

as an adult the pain and the healing is a lot longer, and to my experience as an adult the agony, and the pain and the healing is brutal.

the first day you are awake immediately after the procedure, and at home in about 1-2 hours post op.  But then you are a healing process that can take weeks, so far this is my 3rd week and i am still not fully recovered, and my taste buds are completely gone right now and have so far lost about 15-19 lbs. 

the medication that you can take, they don't relieve the pain in your throat, they only take the edge off.  The medication was , a patch of morphine, lidocaine for the throat, and maybe hydrocodone, and roxicet to take all by mouth except for the morphine patch.  The roxicet by mouth was a pain relieve for the tonsils, but did not last long.

today Icecream is not a life safer, it is too cold for the throat, and popsicles too cold, icecream also makes to much mucous in the mouth.  the only thing to get down a few days later is jello with whip cream, it slides down,  make a ton of it.  i have eaten only jello for 3 wks.   i can finally get some things down, but they still have no taste.  I am still fighting the aching sore throat thru the day and night.  Your mouth gets a lot drier, your ears hurt extremely bad, and to oder is horrible at times.  The scabs do come off eventually and hopefully spit them out, or down the stomach they go.  Making your stomach upset even more, not only from the medication but from the scabs that can go down with the bacteria.

On top of the complications, 1 in every 3 people they say, a blood clot can form and pop and you bleed from the throat with a lot of blood clots, and is extremely scarry.  This happened to me, and i was totally frightened out of my mind.  I ended up in the hospital for 4 hours, to make sure it was going to stop, which the cold ice and morphine for the pain thru iv help.  Luckly i was not back up on the table for the tonsil to be corterized again.

so believe me, before you are considering a tonsillectomy, make sure there is nothing else to be done for you, instead of going thru the pain and agony.

Not only after and during recovery, you start to feel a lone and your the only one to help you with this.  My daughter and i went thru this together, so we had each other to lean on, but we both have been going thru weeks of pain.  I only hope that there are no more complications with my throat.  Other wise i would ask my physician for any other type of treatment. 

warm tea and warm choc milk with whip cream is a life safer a few wks after the tonsillectomy,,  and if you are in any cold air, make sure you were a scarf over the ears and around the throat until it is completely healed.  try to stay away from any one sick.  you definetly dont want to get sick on top of it. Because believe me, coughing, sneezing and a runny nose are out of the questions.  You already have a lot of suliva to deal with and a film over the tongue and throat until all is completely healed up.  

but if you decide to do this, looked into healing procedures naturally that can heal you quickly,remember nothing down the throat for weeks, slow drinking warm fluids, nothing freezing cold, nothing extremly hot... soft foods, and clear liquids, soups will be very helpful when you can tolerate anything going down...


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    • profile image

      JSloan07 19 months ago


      Everything that you have put on your initial post is true and seems to match my experience to the T. I just had my tonsillectomy done on June 10, 2016. I am 33 years old and I have struggled with strep and tonsillitis most of my life. After 9-10 throat infections a year I finally got a doctor to agree that the suckers needed to go. With that being said I am now on day seven and still on day one of clear foods. I cannot get anything down and even if I do try to eat it automatically starts the burning stabbing ringing sensation in my ears that brings me down to my knees. The one thing I can sometimes keep down is the Jell-O. I have tried everything from smashed up green vegetables, smashed up sweet potatoes, smashed up potatoes, smashed up fish there is nothing that I can keep down. Even broth and creme soups bring me to my knees. I cannot eat anything that has sodium. On days one and two I was able to drink cold water but because of the ear pain I can only take room temperature to Luke warm water. My doctor change my meds from the Pill form oxycodone with acetaminophen to the liquid form hydrocodone. Unfortunately in my case this only made my symptoms worst. The burning on my throat and shooting pain in my ears became extremely worst and my husband bless his heart only cried with me to see me in excruciating pain just rocking back and forth. It literally felt as if somebody was pouring acid down my throat, I couldn't communicate at all just rock and hit the bed. So now I'm back on the pill form. The only thing I can do to help with the pain are hot water bottles against each tonsil area and against the area where your sideburns, as well as behind the ears to which eventually subsides the ringing the ears, throbbing, burning in my throat and pounding head ache. I pray I start feeling better soon this has honestly put a major strain on my husband and kids. Thank u for ur post at least it give me hope that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Be blessed!

    • profile image

      Mollie 2 years ago

      Had my tonsils out on the 8th of April and I've had next to no pain at all, just feels like a sore throat. I've had no bleeding and on my second day I had Chinese take away for dinner! Even though eating is slow it's not painful and swallowing is fine too! I haven't tried to eat anything too hot as I'm worried the scabs will come off too soon. Let's just say if my tonsils magically grew back I would 100% have them out again, for my first surgery this has been a breeze!

    • profile image

      Gloria 3 years ago

      Hey everyone! I'm 19 years old and on day 7 of my recovery and it's been a bit of a rough journey! Days 1-3 were okay enough, it took a while to find the perfect combination of pain killers but now I have it all down to a fine art. I couldn't take the huge tablets the doctor prescribed so a nurse gave me tramadol that you suck on (complete lifesaver!) and I've cut my antibiotics in half. Instead of anti-inflammatory pills I'm taking Dafalgan that's soluble in water; this is MUCH better for my throat I'm finding. For the first 3 days I was watching movies, drinking water and had some friends over to keep me company. One thing I couldn't do was eat. Even now, throughout my whole recovery I've barely eaten more than an ice pop and a glass of milk a day; it just seems far too painful as my throat is still quite raw and my stomach is turning at the thought of food. On day 4 there was quite a change, I woke up in complete agony and that has been the way I've woke up since then... Painkillers are still effective but they wear off promptly every four hours, I really have to stay on top of taking them. Otherwise I've had ear pain, headache, nausea (though no vomiting so far), feeling light-headed, exhaustion almost constantly (sleeping a LOT for nearly everyday so far)... My doctor told me it's going to take me at least 14 days to recover, especially considering that my tonsils were extensively damaged and she said that she had to remove more than she had thought she would. Scabs haven't really done anything so far as I can tell yet, I've had no experiences like throwing them up like everyone else and they remain a pure white light covering. Dreading the next few days, but I'm just so happy to never have to have chronic tonsilitis all the time for the rest of my life! I can't wait till I've completely healed and I'll be free of all this! :D

    • profile image

      Mark 3 years ago

      Im 19 on day 8 im saying this in all honesty i want to kill myself. Don't do it unless 100% necessary. Day 1-2 was easy almost as if it was a joke. Everyday after that is increasingly worse. You will never experience throat pain similar to this. Eating is not fun, drinking is not fun sleeping is not fun. IF i had the chance to rewind about a week id never undergo this surgery. NEVER

    • profile image

      Brooke 3 years ago

      I'm 21 years old and I'm on my 10th day from getting my tonsils out. First days were a breeze and than the 3rd day until the 8th were the worst. I was very emotional and the pain meds weren't working that great so I took a it every two hours instead of four (probably not the safest) but it worked so much better! The taste of the medicine is horrible but I would take it and than eat cinnamon applesauce right after, worked like a charm, didn't even taste it. I'm getting much better and have been drinking loads of water! You pretty much need to so you can be hydrated and if you let your throat dry out it will hurt more. The surgery does suck but hopefully in the long run I won't be getting sick 8 times a year anymore. First few days all I ate was liquids and than I started eating more pasta and sandwiches without crust on it. As long as you have your medicine before you eat it's really not that painful and you heal faster. I stayed away from all dairy because it causes to much mucus and it hurt to eat.

    • profile image

      Rachel 3 years ago

      I'm 1 week out and it's been horrible. My throat is so bad it burns horrible I can't even drink water or eat anything!! I'm going to the Dr tomorrow but they might have to put me on iv fluids cause I can't swallow :/

    • profile image

      It will get better 3 years ago

      I am 4 days post op and from the time I woke up having had the surgery I was absolutely starving. The nurse gave me a nice cool glass of water which I drank in one go and I then told her that I was hungry. I opted for a tuna mayo sandwich and a cooled hot chocolate. Yes it was painful to eat but I persevered. In the UK we are told to eat normally and that is what I have been doing alongside staggering my pain relief so I do not get any break through pain. I know the pain relief does not get rid of the pain completely it just takes the edge off. I try to eat regularly as is necessary with the medication that I am. I am still very drowsy not sure whether it is my body or the medication that I am, but for now I am listening to my body and thinking that that this is not going to last for ever and that the short term pain will be worth it in the long run. Be under no illusion it is painful, just try and find strategies that work for you in making it bearable. Good luck to all who are about to have it done.

    • profile image

      stace 3 years ago

      The worst experience of my life!!! The first 3 days I ate just fine but from the fourth day everything went down. I had a few minor cases of bleeding which I managed to stop with ice, I could barely drink let alone eat. On the 6th day I took some stronger pain killers which made me sick which caused my throat to bleed again. I went to A&E where they saw me straight away, was told i had an infection and had to stay in hospital where they gave me antibiotics, pain killers, anti sickness meds and fluids all through a drip. My first night in hospital i woke and all i could feel was blood pouring down my throat, i sat up called the nurses and i carried on bleeding, coughing up huge blood clots, and throwing up blood i had swallowed. I lost a litre of blood! The next day i was checked by ENT doctor who said my throat looked better but he could still see a clot. He gave me hydrogen peroxide to gargle to try and remove it, it didn't! But it really cleaned my throat up. So he removed the clot there and then, which was totally painless. I had no more bleeding and that night i was able to start eating again. The next day i managed to eat a lot and drink a lot thankfully! I was the discharged. I am now home, i am on antibiotics and have to gargle hydrogen peroxide 3 times a day. But pain is minimal and eating is a lot easier! I am hoping that i am over the worse!

    • profile image

      Debbie McGuire 3 years ago

      I'm currently on day 5 of recovering from a tonsillectomy. I would say mornings are the worse of pain for me and not being able to eat comfortably follows. I've tired eating regularly but i can't seem to swallow. So I'm stuck with the traditional healing process of popsiscles, jello, jello pudding, water, etc. Don't mean to be the Negative Nancy of this blog but if i had known tree pain would be so excruciating, I'd still have my Tonsils. However, I've had severe tonsillitis 12xs this year. Hopefully, I'm better very soon!!!

    • profile image

      sherry311 3 years ago

      well i would have to say all this was helpful my 2 sons at age 4 years and 20 years went through this and my 4 year old was harder to heal. and now 3 years later here i am on day 6 or recovery, i also had a Deviated septum done as well. i find my self different times of day feeling better for the first 4 days i would stand in shower and let worm water hit back of throat. could not eat anything and what ever i did would come up my noise and hurt as well. yesterday i at a little soup and bread on side to help stomach. if could suggest anything it would be worm fluids for first 5 days then cold will start to feel good, keep something in stomach even if it kills you, the medication will tare your stomach with as much as you will take it. and for your children do not force them to drink and eat cold things. if they refuse try giving them worm it may help them. if i would have known then i would prob not had such a hard time with my 4 year old or 10 year old

    • profile image

      Holly 3 years ago

      I am 23 and had my tonsillectomy 5 days ago. A few hours after the procedure I drank a cup of cooled down soup and a chicken salad sandwich! The next day I even managed to eat a lovely big portion of fish and chips. The pain only really kicked in on day 3, and at present the pain peaks as the pain relief medicine wears off, but it is certainly manageable knowing that it will only be a few hours longer until I can take my next dose. In the run up to my operation and in the days since I have been visualising my throat as smooth, healthy pink, soft etc and I strongly believe that it is helping the healing process- it acts as a reminder and a reassurance that soon it will be wonderful and healthy.

      Good luck to all those of you out there undergoing the procedure- you will only suffer from as much pain as you allow yourself to.

    • profile image

      Valery-Ann 3 years ago

      I had a tonsillectomy 12 days ago. I wasn't prepared at all of what's to come. Fiends who had their tonsils removed in their teens, told me that it's painful, but man oh man, having my tonsils removed at the age of 36 was the worst and most painful of pains I've ever experienced in my whole life.

      After the operation, I just started to cry and my throat was so dry, I couldn't take it. I asked for water, but the nurses presented me with ice-cubes of which I could manage to down only one. To swallow was to painful and I thought I would die just there. After a while the doctor who removed the tonsils came in and said that I must stay in observation for 4 hours at least before I can go home. He than instructed me to start eating solid foods as soon as possible to prevent stiffness of the throat muscles. He explained that it was important to bite, chew and swallow. I was shocked by what he told me to do, telling myself that I cannot even swallow my saliva, yet I must start to eat. The nurse brought me 2 brotchen halves with cheese. I tried to bite a little piece, but it was too much. I tried 2 more small bites and that was it. I've given up on trying and just took an ice cube. I managed to sleep most of the time in observation, until lunch time when I got a plate of brown rice, meatball with a sauce and beetroot. I tried to eat a bit, but without much success, because the pain was too much.

      The nurse came after some time and talked to me about the importance of eating solids, and if I fail to eat at home, I may end up again in hospital. I was told that I may leave and brave enough, I took my car and drove home. When night came the pain started to crept in and so the journey of pain started. Too much pain and I had to take pain killers after every 6 hours. The 1st 5 days was the worst ever and to top it all up I didn't have anyone at home who could support me emotionally and to prepare food or carry medication. I had to do it all by myself. On the 5th day I had to rush to pharmacy for more pain killers in in much tears the doctor prescribed a much stronger pain killer which I could drink after every 6 hours. Much better sleep at night, but up early morning to eat and use meds. Things started to get better and I really forced the food down my throat, even if it was painful, I believe eating the solid foods helped me to cure faster. Loads of water, apple juice and grape juice helped to ease the pain a lot.

      Well, after 12 days, I still have a bit of pain, but not much, especially morning and night time. One pain killer in the morning and one at night is the only meds I'm using at the moment. The scabs are there, but slowly it's disappearing. I'm glad that the worst is over and that I can look forward to a life without any tonsil pains and bad breath.

    • profile image

      Angie 3 years ago

      I am 11 days past my operation and if someone offered to pay me a million dollars to go through this again, I would NOT do it.

    • profile image

      Justin 4 years ago

      Id say the pain level seems to depend on each person and probably also the skill and technique of the surgeon. My closest friends that had it done noted it as the worst pain they have ever endured and it was 2 weeks of evil. For me im pretty good with pain and also healing (iv had to sit for 10 hrs with the bone sticking out my leg n my knee badly damaged- among other serious injuries at given times).

      For me this tonsillectomy been horribly painful but not insanely so. Iv found the key is to drink as much fluid as possible (water, green or peppermint tea at whatever temp is best 4 u) for general health/hydration as well as keeping the swallowing process going which cleans the throat/wounds.

      Beyond that keep up on the pain meds as much as u need n ur body/tummy will allow. The better u fell the better you get more quickly. But in all this, eat!. As much as you can and what ever you can that is most nutritious. I was having room temp soups with scrambled eggs and spinach pureed in. It goes down a treat and keeps you stronger n healthier. Also try high calorie food like icecream etc etc as ur def going to be eating less than usual. I only lost 1-2kg as I kept up with all this.

    • profile image

      Chloe 4 years ago

      I am 15 I had my tonsils out a week ago, the first day (day of the op) I wasn't in pain at all. But then 2nd day I was in loads of pain I managed to eat toast and drink water, the 3rd day I didn't want to eat anything I just drunk water!later that night I was throwing up and it wasn't nice at all it burnt my throat well it felt like it anyways, I had food after that so make sure you eat food! The 4-7 days are very painful I have had no sleep at night (been taking naps through the day) but I have been eating loads of toast. I have also ate sausages, crisps, chocolate bar and ice pops! The scabs are already coming off.

      Make sure you eat! And drink loads of water. ( take tablets which give you vitamins and others) as you won't be eating the normal food you would normally eat

    • Silver Fish profile image

      Silver Fish 4 years ago from Edinburgh Scotland

      Holly I am glad you are recovering.

      My teenage son had a tonsillectomy last year, I saw how painful it was for him.

      You are right about the different ethos here in the UK, eating rough foods is very much encouraged, soft foods like jello, ice cream and custard are not advised.

      My son was given toast to eat 2 hours after surgery in hospital, and later that evening had chicken and fries.

      The consultant explained that eating rough foods do several things that help the healing process. One is they remove the build up of mucous from the wound site which allows more oxygen to penetrate, secondly the foods remove or slough off any residual waste tissue from the wound- not the same as removing the scabs of course, so sharp foods are to be avoided. Thirdly the action of swallowing rough foods like toast stimulate the blood supply to the wound which speeds up healing.

      Cold foods are detrimental as they reduce blood supply to the wound, decrease oxygen to the wound and slow healing.

      Ice cream and dairy are particularly bad as they form mucous in the throat which again reduces oxygen to the wound.

      Eating and particularly drinking are vital for quick healing.

      Here in the UK we seem to rely far more on very hard hitting pain relief medication to enable a patient to eat rough foods, the idea is to minimise healing time.

      My son was taking ibuprofen, paracetamol and codeine all at maximum safe levels for the first week following surgery and was able to eat a normal diet with the exception of acidic foods.

    • profile image

      Holly 4 years ago

      Hello, I am 23 female in the uk.

      So I am on day 11 of my tonsillectomy recovery. Week 1 not nice at all! BUT you have to eat!

      In the UK you are not advised to eat any soft foods a solid food diet with bread, pasta, crisps etc is advised. Heck they make you eat a sandwich and biscuits before you can go home. Wash your food down with warm tea if it helps. You will be in pain longer if you eat soft foods and your scabs ain't gouge no where if you not aggravating them off. I have been out for dinner tonight, still get pain if I talk too much and I am staying away from carbonated drinks and acidic foods just because I have acids reflux and can not take my medication at the moment. But you will all get there! It will be worth it. I was a crying mess a week me it gets better but you have to help yourself x

    • profile image

      schatz 5 years ago

      i just had my tonsil removed 10 days ago....after the operation let say 2 days later i can deal the pain.On third day thats how i felt the terrible pain...even hard to swallow my own the way the doctor told me that i blood a lot during the operation....i stayed in the hospital for 7 days..1st day i got some soft foods and slowy they gave me all the hard bread (brown german bread)...the doctor told me i most try to eat hard and solid foods for faster recovery....its like burning my throat everytime i swallow the im on my 10th day and i felt the pain during nights....if i do so much i felt tightness in my throat..

    • Silver Fish profile image

      Silver Fish 5 years ago from Edinburgh Scotland

      Liz- my son was prescribed codeine tablets by his GP- they really helped. He took ibuprofen and paracetamol at maximum dose too.

    • profile image

      Lizthewhizz 5 years ago

      I had a tonsillectomy last week, I'm on day 7 now, the pain has gotten increasingly worse. It is important you eat normal food as soon as possible. On about day 3 the scabs started to fall off, I cannot describe the pain ! However guys it's important these scabs fall off as soon as possible and the only way it be t rid of them is to eat normally, constant runny foods go down a treat, but there not good for the long run. The longer you take to eat normally , the longer your healing time. I had mine done in england and they told me that eating is good becauses it exercises the facial ,muscles and increases the circulation. This brings more oxygen and quickens the healing time . I was prescribed co-coldamol which worked a treat! 2 hours after taken a dose I would fall asleep. However I'm on ibuprofen now and it's not as good, I'm in pain and I haven't been eating as much as I need to be. I've run out of co-coldamol but will get some at the pharmacy. Also one of the side effects of co- coldamol is constipation - not to sound crude but I haven't had a bowel movement in a out 5 days! I've tried senokat and other things. Not much luck. I've had some bleeding not much though and a lot of referred ear pain. I'm just hoping it hurries up and heals, I've got exams this week and can't miss them! Hope this helps.

    • Silver Fish profile image

      Silver Fish 5 years ago from Edinburgh Scotland

      Marina my heart is with you - want paim relief are you taking?

    • profile image

      Marina 5 years ago

      I'm on post-op day 3 and am so hungry! I can't say my throat is sore, though it looks and smells horrible. My tongue has swelled twice it's original size. Yesterday I was in Urgent Care for tongue swelling and severe dehydration. Every time I'd take a sip of something, it would shoot out of my nose. Finally, late last night, I was able to consume 2 vitamin waters, a soggy slice of toast with margarine and a few spoonfuls of tapioca pudding. Of course I'm craving pizza, crusty sandwiches, and crackers, but I'm happy with soft things at this point. I will say, however, that the soggy toast helped me. I think people are afraid they'll do more harm than good by eating something with substance. I felt it swiped some of the mucus away :-) Happy healing,

    • Silver Fish profile image

      Silver Fish 5 years ago from Edinburgh Scotland

      Deanrae, I think keeping hydrated is the best thing to do. Drink plenty, See if you can keep the humidity n your bedroom high too. You could hang damp towels on a radiator and keep a basin of water near you bed.

      Hope you are feeling better soon.

    • profile image

      Deandrae 5 years ago

      I am 13 and just had my tonsillectomy 4 days ago and im doing fine except for mucus in my throat it causes hard swallowing and a bad horrible taste in my mouth what to do?

    • profile image

      maha 5 years ago

      i had just my tonslectomy 45 days ago n i am n severe pain ..i cant tak nor i can eat n nor evn drink water ..i am n a very bad condition..n when i eat sumthig my ears pain aloot also my teeths n throat arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh waz a very bad experince n i wont recommnd it for any one..m always havng (aftr operation) mucous in my throat n its vry painful 4 me...GOd plx help me out...any of u plx help me also if u knw how to coe out of this pain..plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • profile image

      April 5 years ago

      I am 3 weeks post op and I am finally feeling like myself again. I am 37 and have to say that it was miserable from the moment I woke up from surgery. My throat is bearable now, just feels like I have something stuck in it and sore. Food sucks because I can't taste anything. So I am pretty much stuck with soups and soft foods. I am not going to dwell on what was..I made it through the worst and I am on the way to be better!

    • profile image

      Sarah Jane 5 years ago

      I am on day six of my tonsillectomy and my ears are sore, swallowing is hard, I am on Diclofenac three tmes a day as well as paracetamol six times a day these help me sleep but I wish the pain would go away :(

      Try gargling with lukewarm salt water, it helps :)

    • profile image

      ellie 5 years ago

      I had my tonsils removed on the 18th and thankfully I have had a fairly quick and fairly painless recovery. I'm on day 12 now, and since days 10,11 and 12 I have gone back to my normal day to day activities and even went out clubbing last night (although I don't think many doctors would recommend this) however it has done no harm and helped me catch up with friends after being in the house for so many days :) hope your recovery goes well Rachel, I ate rough foods from day 1 and definitely believe this helped the healing process :) On day 3 I was sick 5-6 times which was my worst day. I believed it was to do with the medication I was taking - Diclofenac so I stopped taking this for a few days and relied solely on paracetamol. I did continue to take this to help with the swelling a few days later but had no more sickness. As for the scabs - I think eating rough foods helped with them, and although I felt this was the most painful part of the recovery I didn't have any experiences of coughing them up like a few stories I have read online. Hope everything goes well and you are back to normality soon :)

    • Silver Fish profile image

      Silver Fish 5 years ago from Edinburgh Scotland

      Rachel, I hope you are feeling better soon. I am in the UK too, and have a teenage son who had tonsils out 3 months ago.

      He too stuck to the rough food and toast type diet, I really think it quickens the healing. Do keep up the pain relief however, as keeping fluids and solids up can be painful.

      Are you taking Ibuprofen as well as paracetamol? You can do both.

      Did codeine make you feel unwell? Speak to your GP, there may be other medications you can take.

    • profile image

      rachel 5 years ago

      I've just had my tonsils out in the uk and before they let me go I had to eat toast! Its painful but it helps me recover quickly, I'm on day 5 at the minute and my pain is really bad but I'm only taking paracetamol as the other medication made me feel sick! But I wouldn't eat too much soft food otherwise you'll just be in pain for longer!

    • profile image

      kiki 5 years ago

      I am at one week since tonsil and adnoidectony and it has been relatively much easier than most described on here but I don't think all scabs have come off. Two things I would recommend highly: first, stay overnight the first night and check all.policies because I called my insurance provider and much to my surprise they considered staying overnight and leaving by noon the following day as falling within their guidelines. This helped enormously for pain management as well as to get moist air into your throat with ahumidifying mask that allows the throat to keep moist while you sleep that first night and heal correctly. Without it you may dry out your throat and get clots. Secondly, make sure you have a doctor prescribing anti inflamatories and anti biotics as well as pain meds. Now try to wean yourself from any codeine or meds that make you feel groggy so you get a grip on the pain without feeling put of it. I have had a very positive experience and I am 52.

    • profile image

      jacinta 5 years ago

      Hi all,

      Just want to sau don't believe all the negitive press. Admittedly, this is not nice and it is an invasive procedure that a doctor would not suggest unless needed.

      I am 6 days post op. Woke up surprisingly ok and happy that the pain was managable. Had been expecting to feel like I was swallowing glass. I'm from Ireland and we stay in hospital over night. I had some bleeding the first night so was glad I had a nurse there as its extremely scary. sent home with solpdol and diafin. The real pain started about day 4. Its basically the pain you get when you really badly bruise and cut somewhere ( don't really know what other way to discribe it!!!). Problem is bruise something you tend to leave it alone but with your throat you have to use it constantly. My jaw and ear hurts sometimes too. Not nice but its something that you can deal with even if it makes you agitated.

      The scabs are disgusting. Seriously horrible and I lost count of the times I gagged because of them.

      All in all, I know I've been lucky but have to say I will no longer believe the horror stories on line. I literally cried being wheeles to theatre because.I was so scared. I now realise everyones recovery is different.

      A few words of wisdom:

      The water thing is no joke. Drinking will save you! No matter how sore, just try.

      Set an alarm to take your pain killers. If they make you sick, get different ones from your doctor. You deserve pain relief and its their job to make sure you're ok.

      Try eat. I swear to you, your throat feels better after. I eat a lot of buttery toast washed down with warm tea as they tea makes it softer.

      Good luck to everyone getting this done. I'm glad I'm almost over it but glad I got it done too. I'm a total baby, so if I can get through this anyone can.

    • profile image

      It's me 5 years ago

      I just got my tonsils out 2 days ago and I am doing well:)

    • profile image

      wisconsin girl 5 years ago

      SI'm gonna get my tonsils out soon wish me luck:)

    • profile image

      eric 5 years ago

      it is really a bad experience, hope it is worth the suffering

    • profile image

      gracie 5 years ago

      hi guys im 24 female.from tx i had my surgery 2012 . went pretty smooth i was actually out of surgery in about 10 min and home within an hour ..i would say pain number 5 ear aches not not being able to eat fevers.. i sticked to soups icecream and a lot of water my advice is take ur medicine.ontime..right now im on day number 14 i thought evruthing was gking smooth until yesterday i woke up throwing.blood and blood.clots feeling up my sink!! i was horrified nonstop bleeding fr my nlse and mouth was the ER which they took forwver to attend me evenow though they saw how mushh ibwas bleeding ..after they finally passed me the er doctor juat checked me said everything looked better and just sent me to my ENT !! i was so pissed ofg on how unprofessional they were n careless !so i went straight to my ENT who was nowhere to be,found i had to be seen my another ENT there who basically told me my scars looked like someone who is on recovery day 4 instead of 14 that im basically a statistic!!! that the scab came off before time and left a small hole on right side where there is a main artery threre... they do not know why its taking so long or what's wrong i basically just have to wait n see if it happens again i need another surgery! i hope not im exhausted of so many sleepless nights not so much pain but they told me liquid diet so the tiny hole wont get irritated ..its,been rough just being home alone i just wanna get advice would be rethink before getting it bc recovery is rough as adult :/ ... well godbless

    • Silver Fish profile image

      Silver Fish 5 years ago from Edinburgh Scotland

      My 14 year old son had tonsillectomy 17 days ago. He had no vomiting at all , at any stage, either from the anaesthestic, recovery or from the infection he developed in the second week.

    • profile image

      Sus0321 5 years ago

      I'm undergoing a tonsillectomy in 2 weeks. Just curious if anyone experienced vomiting and if so, is there a way to avoid it or is it inevitable?

    • Silver Fish profile image

      Silver Fish 6 years ago from Edinburgh Scotland

      Thanks for this Hub - very informative.

      My 14 yo son had his tonsils out 7 days ago and is recovering well.

      I am in the UK, and here we are told to avoid a soft food diet. Even a few hours after surgery he was eating toast.

      Doctors here think that having a normal diet and keeping up pain relief allows the surgery site to heal much quicker.

      Eating a normal diet including cereals, bread and toast keep the tonsil site clean and clear of mucus, the stimulation of the rough food ( nothing sharp of course like chips or pretzels) increase the blood supply and makes healing much faster.

      We are also asked to avoid ice cream as the dairy is very mucus forming, and also avoid ice and cold things- this is because ice constricts the blood flow to the surgery site and slows healing.

      My son has been eating normal food since the day of surgery, we are on a timetable of pain relief to allow him to do this, with regular ibuprofen, paracetamol and codeine.

      It's interesting to see how the US differs in the approach to managing recovery.

      Twenty years ago here in the UK a diet of ice cream, frozen pops, custard, jello and ice was recommended to all patients, but now we are advised that these things only prolong the pain!

    • profile image

      Evan 6 years ago

      I am a 14 year old teenager going on day 7. The pain seems to be the worst when I wake up probably from sleeping with my mouth open. I've been taking 5cc of hydrocodone every two hours and it helps me sleep. I've been eating very cooked ramen and hard boiled eggs because they slide down the achey throat with water no problem. Afterwards I eat a pudding cup or applesauce to calm my stomach. The worst part is the loneliness. While I'm home my mom goes to work, brother at school, and my dad runs arends but takes care of me mostly. This surgery i feel will be worth it in the long run, after getting severe tonsillitis twice.

    • profile image

      chris 6 years ago

      To anyone having their tonsils out it is not a pleasant experience, however people are far more likely to write a post complaining then one that will actually help people who are going to go throught with the procedure. I had my tonsils out 10 days ago and it went much smoother than I had expected based on what I have read.

      While I was in the hospital recovering from the surgery I stuggled to get water down. I made an effort to keep drinking the water from the time I got home right throught the next morning. I also chewed gum, which produces natural saliva to keep the area moist. I couldn't stand the thought of swallowing the pain medication so I didn't take it. By the second/third day I was feeling way better and was eating soup and ice cream. I found the ice cream left a mucus in my throat and sherbert would have been better. It seemed each day kept getting better. Chewing gum every day still.

      I was drinking iced coffee by day 4. don't use straws as it creates a vaccumm in your mouth and not good for healing.

      By day 6 I was eating pizza and day 7 hard crackers chewed well. The key is to chew your food very well. There is still is some discomfort and feels like food gets stuck in my throat area, but this is getting better and better.

      I have been out and about since day 4/5 at my sons sporting events.

      I am on day 10 and trying to figure out when I can start to play ice hockey and drink wine. Good luck to anyone who is going to have this done. Remember people are much more likely to complain about something then to speak positively about it.

    • profile image

      pierce03 6 years ago

      46 years old its May20th on April 6th I had a tonsilectomy 2 weeks after had a severe bleed had to have emergency repair surgery (SCARY) 35 days after that things still don't taste right and left side still really sore. This surgery sucked for me better luck to others.

    • profile image

      cool guy 6 years ago

      the first day i got out of the or i had me a morphine...i was feeling great!....i had some steak afterwards at the cheesecake factory hibachi to be exact..washed it down with some wine(hit the spot)....then i was all good by day 3 i popped all of my blood clots and scraped my scabs off..

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      Ash 6 years ago


    • profile image

      Kent 6 years ago

      I just underwent what my doc calls a radical tonsillectomy 5 days ago. I have tonsil cancer. He called it a tonsillectomy plus 5. To me it is brutal. I stayed in the hospital for 3 nights because I just could now swallow. I can swallow now but it's as if I'm learning anew. Roxicet is good but it tastes horrible. The worst is the anti-biotics that taste rancid. I have to find out what is best to mix them with. I've been given steroids and anti-inflammatories. It's just a miserable operation but one that for me was non negotiable. Now I have to just suck it up and get through it. I know I will but it's still going to be a tough row.

    • profile image

      Kraken 7 years ago

      I'm 28, on day 12, and eating spaghetti and macaroni and cheese just fine. I'll be trying pho tonight too.

      I hope you've been drinking a lot of water, the more water you drink (every 10-15 minutes) and the more healthy juices, sorbet, eggdrop soup, and chicken broth you ingest, the less the pain will be. I would wake myself every 30 minutes to an hour the first week to drink water and take my percocet.

      I feel like I just have a normal sore throat, the scabs are deteriorating, and I generally feel pretty normal. I've only lost about 4 pounds total.

      Yeah, the first week sucked, but it wasn't NEARLY as bad because I made sure to keep hydrated and "well fed" with lots of rest.

    • profile image

      DMahoney17 7 years ago

      I am 21 and am currently on my 5th day after the tonsilectomy, and so far it's been kind of miserable. I just ate my first food of mashed potatoes but every swallow I did but ached. I've been sticking to mainly water because anything with sugar or dairy makes the back of my throat a lot more gooky. As you put above the pain meds don't help all that much but it makes things bareable. Getting the tonsils out was no question though... I got strep 4 times last month and the doctors pretty much said this was my only choice. Currently i totally regret it though haha

    • profile image

      hmm5070 7 years ago

      Its been 7 days since my tonsillectomy. It is definitely painful at times. Very much an up and down thing and especially painful initially when I wake up. It has helped to keep my throat as moist as possible(drink fluids all day). I found this out the hard way because the first 5 days for me i just slept and didn't drink enough and ended up dehydrated. I haven't had any bleeding but i hope this surgery will be worth it in the long run because i used to get serious cases of tonsilitis at least twice a year.

    • profile image

      beverly 7 years ago

      hello, i am sorry u have to go thru that , it is not fun, the only thing i did like at the end was loosing 17lbs, but my daughter nothing. i had my surgery months ago. and the pain was hell, mine even burst open and i was bleeding like crazy and had to go back to the hospital... it was not fun at all. the pain was massive, and i stayed on the liguid that numbed my throat, that was all i could take by the 4 day, the other stuff made my stomach sick.. i cried a lot, i did not eat anythin, but drank warm tea for 6 wks. non stop that seemed to help me a lot, that was how i survived.,no milk, no ice cream , i hated pop cycles. they were too cold, i gargled a lot.. no i would not recommend this surgery to fun..

    • profile image

      Nikten 7 years ago

      I am day 6 post op and during the day I am fine and then during the night or when waking in the am I am in severe pain. I imagine it is from having a dry mouth from sleeping with my mouth open. Anyways, I have tried to mix regular foods with liquids for a variety and to keep up my strength. Only eat what you can - don't force it. Last night I had bleeding - a lot with massive clots that I was at least able to spit out. I imagine my scabs prematurely came off because where it was pink yesterday it is not scabbed over again. The pain is bad but I have been using Tylenol and not using the Roxicett because it will make me sick and then if I throw up I will bleed again. The recovery for this surgery is very depressing in my opinion - it just breaks you down with the ups and downs of pain. All I can say is keep eating and drinking the best you can. Get sleep when you can and make sure you go outside and get some air or walk around a bit so you can try to keep your energy up. I have to say that at this point I would say I deeply regret this surgery but I imagine in 6 months or a year I may feel differently. Good luck.

    • profile image

      Rebecca 7 years ago

      I am sixteen and just had a tonsilectomy about a week ago and it doesn't hurt near as much as I thought it would or how much everyone told me it was going to hurt. An hour after I woke up I was eating Easy Mac and ice cream and went home about 2 hours afterwards. Before I went to the hospital I had already been coughing a lot and had a runny nose, so post-op I was(and still am) coughing, which I don't know affects the healing or not but I can't help it. The only thing I would really complain about is the pain in my ears and that even a little mucus in the throat caused difficulty in breathing and swallowing. So for any teens reading this, I don't know if I was just lucky or what, but don't expect the worst out of a tonsilectomy.

    • profile image

      pensylvanian 7 years ago

      the procedure itself was easier than pie but the first two weeks after was pure hell the pain was excrusiating and not being able to eat let alone swallow was horrible but after a week and half i started bleeding with monster sized clots it was very scary i went to my e-n-t- doctor and the rushed me to the o.r. i had to have it cauterized which wasn't bad at all then i noticed after that i could drink fluids and eat and the pain wasn as bad but still there im on the three week mark and its starting to get bright at the end of the tunnel less pain not takin pain meds anymore just atibiotic and eating watever i want except for red sauce

    • profile image

      beverly leblanc 7 years ago

      hello debi, i was 47 when i got it done, i had white scabs for a while as well, but u will get there, lots of vitamin c, and fluids,. no it was not fun, try eating a lot of soft vegetables, and beans cooked they have a lot of iron and vitamins, to build up your strength. they say it is harder on a person that is older, and i agree.

    • profile image

      Debi 7 years ago

      Well its been 3 months and I STILL have white scabs around the uvula area. Been on antibiotics for 20 days still cant taste and still have issues talking sometimes- NOT FUN!!!! I'm 46 and I'm afraid I will NEVER be the same.

    • profile image

      beverly leblanc 7 years ago

      yes it does cause bad breath, and your lucky if you can get a piece of toast down, i sure would not have tried it on day 4. or 5. i kept on gargling, that help and luke warm tea, was the thing that help, nothing cold, until i could finally get jello down.

      anyway those pics are common now because they burn them off,they don't do laser any longer because of increased hemmorage.

    • profile image

      Gill 7 years ago

      The best thing after the surgery is to eat food like toast, pasta, crisps, sugar free chewing gum, just use ice cream and jelly as a treat to coll your throat down after you eat. The chewing causes faster healing. I only got mine out on monday. Monday night (5 hours after my op) I was back on toast, in the morning I had more toast and rice krispies, im hardly eating icecream or anything, But i'm eating normally and its only my 3rd day. So bite the bullet and stick to normal foods =)

    • sikreyto profile image

      sikreyto 7 years ago

      That picture looks like a severe tonillitis! I usually experience sore tonsils due to sweets. If i don't gargle after eating chocolates, its 80% sure I will have tonsillitis. Anyways correct me if Im wrong, is the white speck in the image a huge tonsilolith? It actually causes bad breath. Nice info by the way!

      Check out more useful medical tips here!

    • profile image

      tina 7 years ago

      yeah i just had my tonsils out about 10 hrs ago today...i am experiencing bleeding still and blood clots too..they are just telling me to drank the ice water...i'm hoping i won't have to be collarized thanks for your input

    • profile image

      Blairity 7 years ago

      Well, why not whine about it so... It's all a mental thing, if you take such a negative view, of course it's going to freaking hurt! I was eating a toasted sandwich 3 hours after my operation. 4 days on and I'm back eating normal foods, albeit at a far slower pace. If anything the worst part was the reaction the pain meds had with my stomach, so I stopped them and now I'm taking paracetamol instead. My ears also hurt but it's not unbearable. You must have been a right pain to live with for months afterwards. if the tone of your blog is anything to go by.

    • profile image

      qwerty 7 years ago

      i was eating a tuna and cucumber sandwich the same day i had my operation done before i went home. after a few bites it did strain my throat but i just had a break then continued eating. The next morning when i got up i had a cheese toastie for breakfast. if anything eating solids and foods that scrape the back of my throat helped. I had less pain after eating than i did if i took pain killers and iced water.

    • profile image

      tulip girl 7 years ago

      i'm on day 12....i'm 26, the recovery was bad, but not was bad as they say... and to be honest, i was so faint feeling, that on day 4 or 5 i decided to eat normal foods... just cut up in very small pieces... not meat... but things like pizza and lasagna... anyways, i'm doing ok... i have to return to work in two days. my pain is minimal, but am still woozy... we'll see how it goes..ehh. so far no bleeding or complications.

    • profile image

      vahag 7 years ago

      Maybe its taking you guys long to heal because you are still sticking with the American method of soft foods. I did that for 5 days but i couldn't take it anymore. I felt my body needed nutrients to heal. On day five i ate 3 pieces of toast with butter on it. It hurt, but not as bad as i thought it would. The next day i ate toast with scrambled eggs. I'm on day seven now. The scabs seem to be coming off. I continue to drink plenty of water and pain meds. I just ate a cheeseburger. After reading a million blogs I noticed the English were healing faster than the Americans. Some people are too afraid to try it. Well, whatever you choose, good luck, i hope your better already...if not get well soon.