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Glo Germ teaches hand washing

Updated on March 1, 2015

Glo Germ Kits for every industry

The Glo Germ Gel, Glo Germ Powder and related kits have been around for over 40 years! The Glo Germ Kits have been used in healthcare settings (hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, ambulatory care units, EMS classes, EMT classes, physical therapy units and so forth), educational institutions (college health, grade school, assemblies, EMT courses, First Aid, health professions, medical schools, janitorial lessons, nursing schools and so forth), food services (restaurants, food manufacturers, cafes, grocery stores, food handling classes, restaurant management courses, chef schools, cooking classes and so forth), dental businesses (dental hygiene courses, employee orientations, dental school, dental assisting school, equipment cleaning and preparation and so forth), banking (teller hand washing, dealing with germ infested money and so forth), manufacturing (clean manufacturing, processed foods, processed personal care items and so forth) and many more industries!

The list of organizations that use Glo Germ are impressive enough for people to at least try the germ simulation in their organization. Most of the major hospitals regularly purchase Glo Germ to help keep their hand washing numbers high, new employees on line, and their glove removal procedures perfect!

I realize that many people may still have skeptical thoughts on how well Glo Germ will work for their organization. But imagine using such a distinct visual reference to your hygiene and infection control lessons! If my testimonial alone can't convince you then you should try a trial kit.

The trial kit is only $9 (includes a 2 oz bottle and small key chain black light) and is the perfect tester for your organization. You are no longer required to buy a big kit and potentially be out over $50. The tester kit is perfect for convincing yourself, your staff and upper management that Glo Germ is the real deal for infection control trainings!

Glo Germ uses and ideas

Glo Germ is very simple to use. We found that participants as young as Kindergarten understood the concept of Glo Germ and cleaning. See the list below for many ways to use Glo Germ.

For hand washing, apply the Glo Germ on the hands of the participants. Turn on the UV black light to show how the germs are illuminated on their hands. Turn off UV black light. Explain how this is how real germs work. We cannot see them with our normal eyes, but they are still there. Instruct the participants to then wash their hands as they normally do. Turn on the black light once more, shine on their "clean hands" and point out all the areas that they missed. Discuss the importance of good hand washing.

Other Glo Germ ideas:

  • -Show proper cleaning of equipment
  • -Show the danger of putting hands around one's face
  • -Show proper glove removal
  • -Show how not washing hands can spread bad germs

There are really unlimited ways to use Glo Germ! You just need to decide which process or procedure to test/teach and then implement the germ training!

If you need help coming up with ideas to use Glo Germ then you can always email OUTFOX Prevention ( and they can provide a slew of activities, games and other lessons. The first step is getting the Glo Germ and then testing out how it will best be used in your organization. I have some that I teach my own kids with at home!

I guarantee you won't be disappointed with your purchase of Glo Germ materials.

Glo Germ Kit
Glo Germ Kit

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Let us know what you think of Glo Germ. We are always interested to hear your successes, struggles and examples of great infection control use. Please leave a few words and help others out that are looking to use Glo Germ. Make sure to indicate whether you used the Glo Germ powder, Glo Germ gel or the Glo Germ Oil. Each one is different and effective in its own way. For example:

Glo Germ Powder- Great for simulating coughing, hand shaking spreading, flat surface cleaning tests, glove removal testing, gown removal, dirty clothes simulations and so forth.

Glo Germ Gel- This is is great for hand washing, germ spreading examples, saliva simulation, blood simulation, environmental cleaning training and so forth.

Glo Germ Oil (Orange but goes on clear)- Great for blood simulations, hand washing demonstrations and so forth.

Sprays also available (mostly just a convenient way of spreading the germs)

Let us know which you prefer and why! Some people are very passionate about Glo Germ and the type they use. Don't mess with something that is working, right!?

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    • OUTFOXprevention1 profile image

      OUTFOXprevention1 4 years ago

      @benjamindlee: Thanks for the share!

    • benjamindlee profile image

      benjamindlee 4 years ago

      I've used Glo Germ! We love the powder. it spreads best and shows up the best under a blacklight