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Gluten Free Food Brands For Your Grocery List

Updated on March 8, 2013

Gluten Intolerance and Celiac's Disease Sufferers Need To Know Gluten Free Brands For Their Normal Diet

For anyone that suffers from a gluten allergy or even Celiac's (coeliac's) disease, you know that almost everything either has gluten in it or has been processed in the same plant. Items like flour, chocolate, beer, gum, soda, rice, cookies, cakes, brownies, waffles and almost any baked good or breakfast food.

Living free from gluten is a difficult task and something that you must remain vigilant at. As you wean yourself off gluten, you find that even if a food has been prepared near a food with gluten that you have a reaction. This is why I wanted to make a lens about the different food brands that offer gluten free choices. Brands like Udi's, Bob's Red Mill, Annie's Homegrown, KIND, Pamela's Products and more.

As you read through the list and you think of another brand, please leave it in a comment, so that I can add it to the list.

Gluten Free Food Brands
Gluten Free Food Brands

Gluten Free Brands

Though not comprehensive, I have tried to include all of the gluten free food brands that I could find. I have identified 245 brands: (PDF Version)

1 123 Gluten-Free


3 Allergaroo

4 Alpsnack

5 Amy's

6 Ancient Harvest

7 Andean Dream

8 Anderson's Maple Syrup

9 Annie Chun's

10 Annie's Homegrown

11 Annie's Naturals

12 Arico

13 Arrowhead Mills

14 Authentic Foods

15 Bakery on Main

16 Barbara's

17 Bearitos

18 Better Batter

19 Better Than Milk

20 Bi-Aglut

21 Bionaturae

22 Biscottea

23 Black Ace Licorice

24 Blue Diamond

25 Bob's Red Mill

26 Books

27 Boomi

28 Bragg

29 Breads From Anna

30 Bumble Bar

31 Cake Mate

32 Calbee SnackSalad

33 Cali

34 Candice Foods

35 Candy Tree

36 Cargill

37 Cause You're Special

38 Celifibr

39 Cerrone

40 Chebe

41 Cherrybrook Kitchen

42 Chocolate Dream

43 ConAgra

44 Cookies...For Me?

45 Cook's Bison Ranch

46 Cornito

47 Cravings Place

48 Cream Hill Estates

49 Crunchmaster

50 Daddy Sam's

51 Dagoba

52 Dakota Lakes

53 Dakota Prairie

54 DeBoles

55 Domino Sugar

56 Dowd & Rogers

57 Dr. McDougall's

58 Easy Cake

59 Easyglut

60 Eco-planet

61 Edward & Sons

62 Eena Kadeena

63 El Peto

64 El's

65 Elyon

66 Endangered Species Chocolate

67 Ener-G

68 Enjoy Life

69 Enjoy Life Foods

70 EnviroKidz

71 Erewhon / US Mills

72 Fantastic Foods

73 Farmer's Market

74 Farmo

75 Featherweight

76 Fifty Stars

77 Flavorganics

78 Fleischmann's Yeast

79 Florida Crystals

80 FMC

81 Food Should Taste Good

82 Food-Tek

83 Freeda

84 Frontera Kitchens

85 Frontier Herbs

86 Frontier Soups

87 Full Flavor Foods

88 Garden Fields

89 Gillian's Foods

90 Glee Gum

91 Glenny's

92 Glow Gluten Free

93 Gluten Free Living

94 Gluten Free Oats

95 Gluten Free Sensations

96 Gluten-Free Naturals

97 Gluten-Free Pantry

98 GlutenFreeda

99 Glutino

100 Go Macro (Macrobars)

101 Go Picnic

102 Goody Good Stuff

103 GoPicnic

104 Green Mtn Gringo

105 Gulf Pacific

106 Happy Kitchen

107 Health Valley

108 Heinz UK

109 Hol-Grain

110 Hot-Kid

111 Ian's

112 Idaho Pacific

113 Imagine

114 Ingredients Solutions, Inc.

115 Jennies

116 Jessica's Natural Foods

117 Jimi Mac's

118 JK Gourmet

119 Josef's

120 Jovial

121 Just Whites

122 Katz Gluten Free

123 Kay's

124 Kay's Naturals / Better Balance

125 Kettle Brand

126 Kettle Chips

127 Kettle Valley

128 KIND

129 Kind Fruit & Nut Bars

130 King Arthur Flour

131 King Soba

132 Kinnikinnick

133 La Baleine

134 La Tortilla Factory

135 Lara Bar

136 Lay's Stax

137 Le Veneziane

138 Let's Do

139 Living Without

140 Liz Lovely

141 Lucy's

142 Luda H

143 Lundberg

144 Mali's

145 Mamma Mia!

146 Manitoba Harvest

147 Mariposa Baking Company

148 Martin's Marvelous

149 Mary's Gone Crackers

150 Maxwell's Kitchen

151 Mayacamas

152 Meister's

153 Mi-Del

154 Minn-Dak Growers

155 Miracle Noodle

156 Miss Bev's

157 Molino Nicoli

158 Molly's Gluten-Free Bakery

159 Mother's Mountain

160 Mr. Spice

161 Mrs Crimble's

162 Mrs. Leeper's

163 Muir Glen

164 My Dad's Cookies

165 My Own Meal

166 Namaste Foods

167 Nana's Cookie Co.

168 Natural Nectar

169 Nature's Path

170 New England Naturals

171 New Harvest Naturals

172 New Morning

173 Nielsen-Massey

174 NoStik

175 Once Again

176 Organicville

177 OrgraN

178 Oskaloosa Food Products

179 Oskri

180 Pacific

181 Pamela's

182 Pamela's Products

183 Paskesz

184 Pastariso

185 Pastato

186 PatsyPie

187 Perky's Cereals from Enjoy Life Foods

188 Polypro

189 Popchips

190 Prairie Star

191 Premier Japan

192 PureFit

193 Real Foods

194 Really Great Food Company

195 Red Leaf

196 Red Star

197 Rice Krispies

198 Riega Foods

199 Road's End Organics

200 Robert's Gourmet

201 Rumford

202 Running Rabbit

203 SAF-Instant Yeast

204 Sanaví Harifen (Low Protein)

205 Sanaví Harisín (Gluten Free)

206 San-J

207 Saz's

208 Schar

209 Seeds of Change

210 Shabtai Gourmet by Cinderella Sweets

211 Shelton's

212 Simply Asia

213 Smooze

214 Snyder's of Hanover

215 Something Good

216 Sorella Bakery

217 Southern Homestyle

218 Spectrum

219 Spicetec

220 St. Dalfour

221 Star Lion

222 Steel's

223 Sunstart

224 Surf Sweets

225 Suzanne's

226 Sweet Dairy Whey

227 Tambo Bamba

228 Taste of Thai

229 Tate & Lyle

230 Thai Kitchen

231 Thai Pavilion

232 That's It

233 thinkThin

234 Tinkyada

235 Tom Sawyer

236 Triumph Dining

237 Tropical Source

238 Udi's - very good choice for bread

239 Utz

240 Vance's

241 Velvet Sugar

242 Wellaby's

243 Wholesome Sweeteners

244 WOW Baking Company

245 Zojirushi

General Mills

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Do You Know Of Any Other Gluten Free Brands?

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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Enjoyed examining this, very good stuff, thankyou. Talk sense to a fool and he calls you foolish. by Euripides. dddgeefddded

    • profile image


      3 years ago

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Teri's Gluten Free Mixes offers over 80 products - breakfast, soups, meals, baked goods, desserts, and side dishes. Just add liquids (meat, if applicable) and cook. Available at

      All natural. Made in Iowa. Celiac Sprue approved. And Yummy!

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Teri's Gluten Free Mixes are outstanding! There are over 80 products - breakfast, soups, meals, baked goods, desserts, and side dishes. Available thro Just add liquids ( meat if applicable) and cook. Creator of recipes is a celiac! Made in Iowa and all natural.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      2 great gluten free brands I eat are Vans and Lucys. Vans has waffles, pancakes and crackers and Lucys has cookies. I found them both at Safeway in my area. I am having a really hard time with what is safe and what isn't and so far most websites just have me even more confused but this list was great however most of the above brands are not available here.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Sam Mills Gluten-free Spaghetti Pasta is made from corn flour, tasty, and surprisingly has a low glycemic index!

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Does anyone know if there are rolls that are GF similar to Pilsbury (sold in the can)?

    • Jillynn profile image


      5 years ago

      Thanks for the helpful list!

    • Keeah profile image


      5 years ago

      I tried Le Veneziane pasta, in your list above. It was actually pretty good!

    • profile image

      mouse1996 lm 

      6 years ago

      Great list. I will be having to form one of my own soon.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Yes - FENIX Gluten Free

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Nice lens. Thanks.


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