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Goal Setting Pessimist

Updated on April 28, 2015

No Goal Setting T-Shirt

Link shown below
Link shown below | Source

Start Your Anti-New Year's Resolution

Are you tired of setting goals and never achieving them? These are New Year's Day resolutions that a pessimist can live with and not expect disappointment, stress and broken promises.

To a one who has a negative view on life, resolutions are too hard to reach and meant to be unachievable. Some are within our control and we only have ourselves to blame. Inner achievements to reach for rely on outside forces to move them forward are not your fault. An example of this would be entering contests, expecting votes from others and a nomination by someone for your writing.

Nominating yourself does not work! Believe me, I know!

But then who will nominate me?

Majority of us have a positive and a negative side. We all should strive for success. This page is taking the funny side to goal setting of a loser. And to show off some negative gifs.

Click on the link below to purchase or see more. The No Goal Setting T-Shirt and more funny gift ideas can be found on

Funnyjokes Gifts on Zazzle - View Here.

(Type in goal setting on the left side search of the shop to find the t-shirt shown).

I Hate This Place

I Hate This Place: The Pessimist's Guide to Life
I Hate This Place: The Pessimist's Guide to Life
We cannot always be positive in life. This book is a humorous look at the negative thoughts that we all have had from time to time. Take this lighthearted approach to being negative. This book will make you laugh. It is good for the soul. Even if it is a negative look on life.

There is a Darker Side to Sandy

#1 Expect Nothing and Disappointment Will Not Follow!

No Lost and No Gain!

In 2011, my New Year's resolutions were set with color therapy. I did not achieve all my goals. Some were out of my control as listed above. Beginning with 2012 to the present, my resolutions are to set no goals. That way I will expect NOTHING!

Expect Nothing in Not Setting Gifts


Expect Nothing Shirts

The shirt design to the above left (No. #1) uniquely designed in my creative shop and the shirt to the above right (No. #2) is solely Zazzle fonts. Both are customizable in the fact that you can take the image off and add your own to Shirt No. #1 and change the font and wording for Shirt No. #2. Remember that either of these styles and sizes of clothing can change by you to fit your toddler to adult in your family (men and women).

I like to get fancy and creative. Not everyone likes it the same way. Many products made showing the first design and not the second. But upon your request, I will create the design that you like on any product.

Vote on the Above Shirt Designs - Which One is Your Preference?

If you were to buy shirts, mousepads, stickers, or any other product, which design would you most likely purchase? You may comment on your reason.

See results

Breaking Murphy's Law

No Goals Shirts


#2 Set No Goals and None Will Be Broken!

Repeat After Me...No Goals...No Goals...No Goals

Goes without saying! Repeat after me and you will soon feel better.

Awards are for Others Shirts

Type in "awards" when on the site.
Type in "awards" when on the site. | Source

#3 Don't Try for Any Awards! They Are For Other People!

Know You Have Done Your Best

Contests are not for me. At least not for writing,

I have won other type of contests. Zazzle has given me some awards for my designs. Occasionally, I will enter a local contest and win, though nothing very big. Therefore, I am not a total loser.

Writing contest on Social Networks and achieving awards...forget it! Okay, there have been some but they are few and far between.

I am happy for my accomplishments and presenting my best.

Note: Thank you to those who have always been behind me. You really make my day.

Work Harder Not Smarter Shirts

Link is at the beginning of this page
Link is at the beginning of this page | Source

More Work Harder Not Smarter Gifts

See link in the intro text above on this page and below
See link in the intro text above on this page and below | Source

#4 Continue Working Harder and Not Smarter!

Story of My Life

We can teach an old dog new tricks. But people are too set in their ways. Bad habits can be broken, if you work at it. As a hard worker, I tend to forget about the KISS method (Keep It Simple and Stupid).

No...I will continue to work hard for my money!

Front Page! Never! Gifts

Type in "Front Page" to the left side in the Funnyjokes Gifts shop at Zazzle
Type in "Front Page" to the left side in the Funnyjokes Gifts shop at Zazzle

#5 Front Page! Never! Except On My Own Pathetic Website!

Realistic target setting is knowing your limitation. If you have worked hard to see yourself on the front page of any browser and find that you are on page 1,000, then you can only expect to see yourself on your pathetic website when you type in the URL that no one else knows about it or even cares.

Sure you are on the front page of your own website, because you are in charge. But then if no one goes there, who cares!

Take social network sites. Will I ever see myself on the front page on any these network media sites? Some sites, YES! There are sites that rotate the new articles so everyone gets a chance to be shown on the main page. Other social networks, the rankings or ratings play a factor on whether your articles are on the front page or not.

Getting back to web browsers, I have to confess that one of my sites is on page one of Google. Type in ebooks and I see that is right up there.

You can type in your name and find that you are on page one. However, does that really count? How many people do I know who would type in Sandyspider and Sandy Mertens?

Are the Brains Wired Differently?

Best Kept Secret Online Gifts

Type in "Secret" in the left side when visiting Funnyjokes Gifts n Zazzle
Type in "Secret" in the left side when visiting Funnyjokes Gifts n Zazzle | Source

#6 Keep Being the Best-Kept Secret Online!

This Also Relates to #5

Someone told me once that I was the best kept secret online. What a great honor is that?

If you are a secret, how will anyone find you?

In all the years that I have been online, SEO is not in my vocabulary. I know that I am doing something wrong. Plus I won't BS about anything. Now that is a great selling point to most people.

Never Be Popular Online Gifts

Link is available in the beginning and towards the bottom of this page. Type in "popular" in the left search of the shop.
Link is available in the beginning and towards the bottom of this page. Type in "popular" in the left search of the shop. | Source

#7 Stay Socially Unpopular!

Is This You?

Life is one big popularity contest. Either you have it or you don't. What separates us by those who seemed to love by all and those who are not?

Are you the one with charisma? Or are you the one standing against the wall and blending in?

Accept Your Life As It Is

Type in "accept life"
Type in "accept life" | Source

#8 Embrace Life As it Is!

Satisfaction With Who You Are

Admittedly, this is more a positive message to embrace life as it is. Accept life for what it is. We cannot dwell on what we can't have.

Great Gift Ideas for the Negative Person


#9 Stop Chasing Dreams for They Turn Into Nightmares

Chase your dreams they can turn into nightmares. Relax and stop chasing your dreams. Which would tie this in #8 as well as accept yourself the way life intended it to be.

Happy as a Loser Gifts

Type in "Loser" when visiting this site. Links are shown here at the beginning and near the end of this page.
Type in "Loser" when visiting this site. Links are shown here at the beginning and near the end of this page. | Source

#10 Be Happy as a Loser

We All Can't Be Winners

New Year's resolutions, who needs them! Accept yourself for what you are. A Loser!!! Once you can do that, then you can be truly happy!

Remember that lower expectations means a less stressful life. Have a Happy New Year and enjoy it

Pessimism of Strength

Bring in the New Year Without Setting New Rules

Happy New Year cards in the Funnyjokes Gifts on Zazzle have the messages that are shown here. As with the majority of my designs on products, you can customize these with replacing it with your own images and/or text.

Ten Objectives to Sum It All Up


Ten Goals Poster and Link to All

Funnyjokes Gifts on Zazzle - View Here.

(Type in goal setting on the left side search of the shop to find all the anti-goals in gift products).

Losers and Non-Achievers

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Win-Win Fun

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Writer for Hire

I have been writing articles since 2008. If you enjoyed this article my services are available to write for you. Please contact me for more information.

© 2012 Sandy Mertens


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